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Sorry again for the lack of posting over the last week. This 3rd trimester is definitely catching up to me and I'm finding myself wanting to rest/sleep when Camden is napping, which is usually when I can work on posts. I'm also starting to get more sleepy at night and have been going to bed about an hour after Camden goes down! Growing a human in your belly is exhausting! Anyways, here's a little recap of what we've been up to...

This past weekend was the first weekend we were really able to enjoy the warm, spring weather (and that no one was sick)! It's crazy how much a little sunshine and warm temps can really change my mood and overall energy level, anyone else?

Not only did we enjoy a lot of outside time together as a family, but we were also very productive on the baby #2 front. Bill put together the dresser for the nursery and our new double stroller. I started washing all of Cam's old NB clothes (ok, and some new ones I have bought... can't help myself!). I seriously forgot how teeny nb clothes are! 

Update on the playroom: we moved it upstairs to the empty room by the dining room. I was getting a little tired of going up and down 2 flights of stairs with a toddler while pregnant and just thinking about having a newborn too, I think this will be an easier set up for now. It's a smaller space, but it's perfect for just Cam for now. When the boys get a bit older and need more space to play, I'm sure we will move it back down to the basement.

We (ok, Bill...) also put together the new playroom shelving and I'm loving the bins I bought for organization! Of course, those bins only stay put for a few minutes. Camden loves to pull them out and dump everything out of them as soon as we get in the playroom.

We also found a glider/recliner that will go perfect in the nursery from a local outlet furniture store, so we don't have to move Camden's out of his room.

Besides all that, we've just been enjoying being outside and going for family walks! Sunday afternoon we went to downtown Naperville and strolled around the riverwalk and shops. We also stopped at Jimmy's had had some dinner before heading home. There were so many people out! It seems like such a family friendly area which we love.

I'm hoping to get a few more fun posts published this week including a day in my life (SAHM).

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I was enjoying all your snaps while you were out walking around! It's amazing what sunshine and decently warm temperatures does for everybody in the Midwest. Glad all of you are feeling better, too!

  2. Yay for organizing & baby room progress!! Organizing toys is on my list of to-do's for tomorrow!!


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