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If you take a look at my recent Pins on the main page of my Pinterest Profile, you may notice that I'm mostly pinning meal and recipe ideas (aka pregnancy cravings...). I've decided to slow down on the pinning and look back to try to actually make some of these things. I've got a bad habit of just pinning things that look tasty! 

Besides that, you'll find random baby things, toddler meal ideas, organizational pins, home decor inspiration with some fashion finds mixed in. Here's a look at what I've been pinning lately:

1. I totally plan on preparing some freezer meals this time around. It was on my to do list when I was pregnant with Cam, but I never got around to making any! Luckily, we had a lot of friends and family that brought us meals last time, but this time we don't have too many friends and family close so I want to be prepared!

2. OK, this recipe looks simple enough for even a cooking novice like myself! I have been craving Mexican food lately, so may have to make this soon!

3. I'm really trying to get my life and home organized before baby 2's arrival (nesting much?). I am putting together a 'Life Binder' that will hold everything I need to feel more organized (I plan on posting about it when I'm finished!). I have found a few free printables that I will include in the binder and will update weekly. House chores always seem to be the last priority these days and I want to get back on track with scheduling weekly chores. Hopefully this one helps!

4. Another great printable I found, is this weekly meal planning printable. I've been using it for the past few weeks and it's been a big help!

5. I've been trying to find some decor to go above our mantel and I love the idea of hanging a big wood pallet clock like the photo above and adding some other decor elements around it. We really need to soften up our family room because it just feels like a big grey box right now!


6. I'm in the midst of nursery decorating and I love the neutral tones of the one above. I actually decided to add some navy accents and natural wood accents to the nursery as well. We have the same dresser as the photo above in the nursery right now and I love the decor they have hanging above the changing area. 

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What have you been pinning recently?
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  1. Love the look of that mantel! We have that same dresser in our nursery and love it!

  2. I love that easy fajita bake recipe; I have make it multiple times and even added extra veggies like zucchini and squash with the peppers and it's always delicious. I'm with you, I would love to get some freezer meals ready before our baby arrives in June too-- look like you're in the nesting mode too! good luck

  3. This is pretty much all of the same stuff happening on my Pinterest, too! Love the idea of a Life Binder and can't wait to hear more about yours!

  4. I love the life binder idea - can really keep you organized!


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