Mother's Day Gifts

It's Mother's Day week! Can you believe it?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for my mother and mother in law, I'm all about trying my best to make sure they are personalized and from the heart. Now that I'm a mom, I want to show my appreciation for them even more! I've put together the list above that includes some more personal items that express my love like the "I love mom" pearl pendant necklace and the Alex and Ani "I Love You Mom" bangle. I also really love the "First my mom, forever my friend" pillow!

One idea I had for a great personalized gift would be to send them a copy of our chatbook of Camden's first year (hopefully she's not reading this and spoils the surprise...). I made a chatbook filled with instagram photos and other photos I had saved on my phone of Camden during his first year of life and every time my mom is over she looks at it and says, "I would LOVE a copy of this!" 

Have you tried chatbooks? It's great if you have kids that you take pictures of constantly and don't know what to do with all the pictures on your phone. You can upload them to the site (and you can link to your IG account and they pull all the photos for you), and create a photo book that includes one photo per page. You can order them monthly or make one big book (like I did) for the year. The book I made has over 166 photos/pages and cost me less than $30! PS - This post was not sponsored by chatbooks, I just really love the service and product!

What sort of unique, personalized gift ideas do you have for Mother's Day?


  1. I've been looking to do a big photo book of Logan's first year and there are so many options! The chatbook looks pretty simple though since I'm in a time crunch for Mother's Day!

  2. That nightgown looks super comfy. I really like the idea of chatbooks.

  3. i need to try out chatbooks!! it sounds like such a good idea. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I have that necklace and wear it all of the time!

  5. I definitely need to check out Chatbooks - even though I don't have a kid, I take enough pictures of our dog to fill an entire book! Lol! These all are great gift ideas - I gave my mom that pearl Dogeared necklace a couple Mother's Days ago, and she wears it all the time.


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