Things that make me happy...

*This boy on a swing! He loves it! It was such a nice weekend! We went to the park Friday evening (it was a bit chilly that night) and Saturday during the day. Both times, Camden went straight to the swings!

*Warm weather is finally here (and hopefully staying)! We didn't have any plans this past weekend, so we spent a lot of it just playing outside with Camden and getting a few things done around the house.

*Working on the nursery. We bought the crib and mattress for the nursery and Bill put up the black out curtains. The nursery is slowly coming together! I probably won't finish it until after baby arrives. We have a double bed in there right now in place of the crib so I can sleep with him for the first month or so before we start crib training. I just wanted him to get used to sleeping in the same room every night. I think that was one thing that threw Camden off in the beginning when we started crib training.

*Knowing we have a little over a month until baby #2 arrives!

*Scheduling a hair appointment. Seriously, it is time! These roots are out of control! Next week I will be 'blonded' for the last time before baby!

*Collaborating with some awesome baby brands! Details to come soon!!

*Camden having a perfectly healthy 18 month check up! Always nice to hear those words from his doctor!

*Spending time with my family of three. Bill and I have been putting Camden to bed together at night and it's one of my favorite times of the day. Bill has been reading to Camden at night since he no longer fits on my lap in the chair (#bigbelly). It melts my heart to see these two together.

And here are some more pictures that make me happy! :)

What's making you happy today?


  1. You guys are definitely in a great groove! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Great list! Warm and sunny weather is definitely making me happy this week! It's amazing how it can make such a difference in your mood! xo, Laura

  3. Awe, so much to be happy about! You have the sweetest little family.

  4. What a cutie!! Isn't it great what a little nice weather and sunshine can do to your mood. Thank goodness spring/summer is finally here!


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