Toddler Boy Shoes

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Now that Camden is walking (errr... running!) everywhere these days, I realize how important good toddler shoes can be! The list above is more of a wish list I put together for him and the bottom row are the ones he wears currently. 

I'm on the hunt for some good sandals and play shoes for the summer and I'm leaning towards these Native Shoes slip ons (which have great reviews) and how cute are these little Reef sandals?!

Since we are in Target nearly twice a week (no joke), I've picked up this pair of sneakers that he wears all the time and to school. We also have a pair of these shoes for more 'dressier' occasions (church, out to dinner, etc). I can tell he is able to walk really well in both pairs. I'd love to get him another pair of sneakers for play and these little Nike shoes are on the top of my list!

Any boy moms recommend any other brands?

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PS - We had a great Mother's Day weekend! Sorry I wasn't able to get a recap up earlier this week. Bill's parents were in town for the weekend and it was so nice spending time with them and Camden! Cam (and Bill) surprised me with flowers, a card and made us breakfast. I'm also planning to get a pedicure this week! :)


  1. We love the Native Jeffersons!! SO easy to put on and clean!

  2. We love Stride Rite, but need some more options! Who knew shoes were such a big deal?

  3. I love toddler boy shoes so much, so does Greyson! He is a Crocs addict, and they are the easiest to slip on and off and he wears them all Summer. We love Old Navy flip flops! They're not pricey and come with a back so they're easier to walk in!


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