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I'm still here and pregnant! This week I decided to take it easy, relax and sleep as much as possible since I know that will all be very scarce in my near future (like as of this TUESDAY!). So, even though blogging was on my to do list, I didn't get to post as often as I would have liked this week. However, I did want to at least finish out the week with another installment of my 'Newborn Essentials' series. This week it's all about feeding baby. This is geared towards newborns (0-3 months), so mostly items that help with breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 

Also, thank you all for your comments on Monday's post about becoming a SAHM. I got a ton of great advice!!

So, here are my top newborn breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding products:

1. Burp cloths (cloth diapers): These I used all the time with Camden, not only as burp cloths, but to lay under his head while changing him in public places, while on his play mat and bouncy seats. They definitely came in handy and I'd say we have about 20 of them since they were constantly being used! One of my friends gave me a bunch with cute patterned fabric sewn down the middle of them (here's a DIY tutorial on how to make them), which are my favorite!

2. Medela pump in style electric pump: I was lucky enough to get one of these before I had Camden for free through my insurance. It is still in great condition and I plan on using it again with baby 2. It is pretty compact and comes with a small cooler and attachments. Of course, I'm hoping to breastfeed in the beginning, but eventually pumping and storing breastmilk will come in handy when I'm ready to venture out of the house without baby or to have someone else feed him.

3. Medela pump and save bags: These were definitely used a ton since I was pumping full time with Camden for the first 5 months of his life. They are the perfect size and actually fit right on the Medela pump attachments. I would pump right into these bags, write on them the oz amount and date and store them horizontally in our freezer. I actually have a few boxes of these left over from Camden which I'm really happy about because they are not cheap!

4. Covered Goods nursing/car seat cover: This was one product that I knew I wanted to purchase for baby 2 and wished I had with Camden. I've heard great things about this product and I love that you can use it not only as a nursing cover, but also as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf! I found this similar version for about $10 less on Amazon as well.

5. Medela steam sterilizing bags: We used these bags a lot for sterilizing pump parts, bottles and pacifiers. They are so easy to use and you can use each bag multiple times. I actually just bought this Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer which seems like it will save some time and we won't have to keep buying the bags.

6. Boon grass drying rack: We still use this for drying Camden's sippy cups and I ended up buying this bottle drying rack so we could just use it for baby 2's bottles.

7. My Brest Friend nursing pillow: With Camden, I only had the boppy pillow that was gifted to me at one of my showers. The boppy came in handy later when we used it for tummy time and for support when he started sitting up. However, it did not work for me as a nursing pillow. I am short waisted and the boppy was a bit too bulky for me. I bought this nursing pillow in hopes that it will work a bit better for breastfeeding this time around.

8. Dr. Brown's bottle warmer: This thing was used a TON with Camden since we were constantly warming breastmilk bottle from the fridge and freezer. I actually continued to warm his bottles when we transitioned to formula because I would make several bottles in the beginning of the day and just keep them in the fridge for easy access.

9. Dr. Brown's bottles: We ended up using Dr. Brown's bottles early on with Camden to help with his gas and reflux issues and just continued to use them through out the first year of his life. They have extra parts, but I do believe they helped to reduce gas and discomfort with him while bottle feeding. We will be using the same ones for baby 2!

Of course, there are so many products out there to help with nursing and bottle feeding, but these were the products (and a few new ones) that I believe I will use the most this time around after my experience with Camden. 


My parents arrived yesterday (Thursday) and will be staying for 2 weeks to help with Camden and baby 2! Bill's parents will also be here next week for baby 2's arrival! I can't believe we are going to meet him (finally) on Tuesday morning!!

I'm going to try to have a blog post up on Monday, but after that it may go a bit dark here on the blog for a week or so while we all adjust to the new addition to the family. 

Make sure to follow me on Snapchat (LindsayRumple) and instagram (@lindsaykr11) to for updates on baby 2's arrival! I can't wait to meet him and finally reveal his name! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Yay baby week is almost here! So excited for you and can't wait to "meet" him!


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