Weekend Recap

First off, I have to address the terrible tragedy that happened in Orlando over the weekend. We woke up to the horrific news yesterday morning and have just been in a funk ever since. It's such a scary world right now and I'm feeling so nervous about bringing up 2 little boys in this type of environment. I am praying for the world and all that were involved.

This little space is meant to uplift and inspire, so on to more positive things that happened this past weekend (prepare yourself for Camden photo overload)...

(back of his hair before cut)

We took Camden to get his first haircut on Saturday. Poor guy was not happy the whole time, but he was a trouper for putting up with it! At the end, the lady asked if I wanted her to spike his hair and out of pregnancy brain or something, I just said, "sure!" 

Not really his 'style', but a fun little look to remember the day!

After the haircut episode, we went to Target for a few things and to help Camden calm down after the stressful experience. 

That night, Bill grilled pesto chicken and kebabs on the grill and we set up a little water park for Camden in our back patio. It was so hot out even in the evening! 

(better photos of his new haircut)

Sunday was a lazy, stay in our PJs day and it was just what the Dr ordered for this preggo! Bill worked on some landscaping projects and Camden and I ran around the house and played all day. His new favorite game is 'dump all the bins of toys out on the floor right after mommy puts them away.' 


This past Thursday was my last day of work, but we are still taking Camden to daycare 3 days per week for the next few weeks before baby 2 arrives. I'm going to use this time to prepare, nest, relax, etc. I can't believe we have only 2 weeks! Time is flying!


  1. he looks adorable with that haircut! I was laughing at the snaps :)

  2. I was cracking up over that picture on Instagram. It is the story of my life! I wish there was a machine that would just pick up all the toys for me every time they get dumped. Enjoy your first week home!!

  3. My poor heart was breaking for your little guy when I saw the snap of his haircut experience - hopefully that gets better! Have you ever seen The Incredibles? His hair seriously reminds me of the baby in that movie - it is so stinkin cute!

  4. Cannot believe baby will be here in TWO weeks! Wow!!! I love that splash pool you have! Such a fun summer toy!

  5. His little waterpark looks like such fun and that last photo is too cute!

  6. It really was SO hot this weekend! Totally wasn't expecting it to be so warm at the beginning of June, but of course it is this year! Love the little water park you set up for Cam!


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