Life With 2 So Far...

Bennett: I can't believe this little snuggle bug has been with us for almost 2 weeks! He is such a good baby! He got a healthy report at his one week appointment. He was down to 6 lbs 8 oz (7 oz from his birth weight) but, the pediatrician ensured us that it was in the normal range for the first week. We go back on Wednesday for his 2 week appointment and I'm hoping he has surpassed his birth weight. He has been BF'ing like a champ so I hope he's gained weight! I am so relieved that breastfeeding is working out this time. I still do pump once or twice a day just to be able to start storing some for the future, but baby B has not had to use bottles yet.

He has also been sleeping really well at night (*knock on wood*). The first week while we were at the hospital and a few nights after we got home, he was cluster feeding at night and would be up from 8pm - 2am. After talking to the pediatrician about it, we realized it was happening because he was so sleepy during the day and wouldn't wake very easily for feedings. He wasn't getting full feedings during the day, so then when he did wake up in the evenings, he wanted to feed all night. Now, I have him on a pretty good schedule of waking up at 6:30am to feed him, then I wake him up every 3 hours for feedings. I've been keeping him downstairs during the day with all the noises and light so he's more awake. I try to get the last feeding in around 9pm, I turn the lights low in our bedroom, swaddle and rock him to sleep after the last feeding and put him in the Dock-A-Tot (full review post on this soon!) on our bed. He's been sleeping until about 1:30-2am, then again from about 2:30am-6:30am! I will take it!!

We also moved Bennett's glider and changing dresser in our bedroom for convenience sake while he is sleeping with us at night. I had originally thought I would just sleep in his nursery for the first month or so before we transition him to the crib. But, once we got home from the hospital I realized that I would still need help at night with diaper changes so we could minimized the amount of times I get in and out of bed. I guess I kind of forgot about the recovery part! I am hoping to transition him to his crib around 6 weeks like we did with Camden. That age seemed to be the sweet spot for the transition.

Also, I realized I never wrote about where Bennett's name came from! It was on our short list for a long time and one that Bill actually brought up. I was loving the name Beckett, but saw a lot of Becketts being born recently and started thinking it might be one of those names you think is unique and then become popular (like Camden ;) ). Whenever we brought up the 2 names to family members, they always loved Bennett more. So, we went with it! I'm so glad we did! He's definitely a Bennett! His middle name, David, is after my grandfather and my brother's first name is David (but, he goes by Kyle his middle name).

Camden: If there's one thing I wish I could change about this whole transition to having 2 under 2, it would be to have the ability to pick Camden up and play with him more. We have been so lucky to have the help of our parents over the past few weeks. Camden's grandmas have been getting up with him, feeding him, changing his diapers, playing with him during the day, giving him baths and putting him to bed. They have been so wonderful! But, I can tell when I try to play with him during the day he is resentful that I am not spending as much time with him. He has been acting out a bit more than usual, which I know is most likely normal behavior for a toddler his age (19 months) especially with all the change that has been going on for the last few weeks. I know he probably won't even remember this time, but I can't help but to feel major mom guilt. It's really the only thing I've been really upset about since B arrived.

Camden is interested in Bennett when someone is holding him. He will come over and point to him and say 'baby!' We are working on teaching the word 'gentle' when he's around Bennett so he's not tempted to grab at him. He loves to point out Bennett's nose, eyes, ears, etc and then points to the same part on his face. It's so cute! We also tell him to give the baby a kiss and he leans his head on Bennett and says 'mwah!' It's the cutest thing ever! We were able to get a few good photos of the 4 of us since we got home from the hospital, but I haven't gotten a good one of just the 2 boys yet. Trying to figure out how to accomplish that one without Bennett losing an eye or a meltdown from Camden...

(on 4th of July, Bennett's due date! Don't mind how tired I look or our messy kitchen in the background...)

(Always wanting to touch the baby!)

Recovery: The recovery part has been a bit more difficult this time around. For some reason, I don't remember it being too bad with Camden? But then, we lived in a smaller, ranch style home with no stairs and I didn't have a toddler to worry about! I'm still a bit sore, but it's gotten so much better over the last few weeks. The nurses gave me an abdominal binder which helps to support the area around my incision and I really think it's helped tremendously. There were a few days that I realized I had pushed my self too much going up and down the stairs, walking around too much, etc. At night I would be so sore, so I would try to take it easy the next morning. Bill has been really helpful with diaper changes at night and during the day after I'm done feeding Bennett so I don't have to get up.

I have my follow up appointment tomorrow, so I'm hoping everything is healing correctly and I will feel back to normal soon!

Thankful for: Help from our families! Bill and I got so lucky with our parents. They have been so helpful over the past few weeks with this whole transition and I don't know what I would have done without them! If there's one piece of advice I would give to those having their first, second, third baby is to take the help!! Don't try to be independent and think you can do it all on your own. It truly does take a village!

Now I will bombard you with photos from the past few weeks at home:

(This is pretty much what I lived in for the first few days at home. I love this robe from this etsy shop)

(On 4th of July, baby B's due date!)

(My first glass of wine in almost 10 months! Rosé of course!)

(Before my first solo trip out of the house to Target! This dress is so great for post baby! Taken from Snapchat, username: LindsayRumple)

 (soaking up all the newborn snuggles!)

I have been loving dressing Bennett in all Camden's hand me downs!

That's all I have for now! I promise to get back to a normal blogging schedule very soon!

(read Bennett's birth story here)


  1. Bennett is adorable!! Hang in there, the balance of two is tough. There will be good days and bad days and the mom guilt will get better. Try to rest as much as possible, that was so hard for me too, but you want to get back to playing with Camden as soon as you can!

  2. So glad to hear that everything is going well! Bennett is so adorable, and he sounds like he's a great baby so far. Even though you said Camden is acting out a little bit, it's nice to hear that he still seems kind of interested in his little brother! I'm sure that only will get better with time. You, my friend, look gorgeous and am glad to hear that you're healing well!

  3. Bennett is so adorable and you look amazing! Definitely a big yes to taking all of the help you can get, especially since you are recovering from surgery. You're doing a great job mama!


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