Life Lately

Hello blogging world! Sorry for the absence lately. Life with 2 under 2 is keeping me quite busy. Not to mention that we've all had colds for the past week (except Bill, I don't know how he got away with that one!). Both Camden and Bennett have been waking up at night with coughing fits which means that this mama has not been getting a ton of sleep...zzzzz

(Camden is obsessed with pumpkins! He carries these around and calls them 'daddy pun-kin', 'mama pun-kin' and 'baby pun-kin'... It's pretty freakin' cute!)

Where was I? Oh, yes. Life with 2 under 2... We really only have a little over a month to continue using that excuse! Can you believe my little Camden will be turning TWO on November 20th??!! How is this possible? We aren't planning a big party like we did for his first since all our friends and family are back in Ohio. My parents will be visiting the weekend before his birthday, so we may do a little birthday celebration for him then. But, I digress...Back to what we've been up to...

We took it pretty easy this past weekend since we weren't feeling 100%. Just spent a lot of time in jammies and cuddling. We did get out to take a walk to the park both Saturday and Sunday. I was also able to decorate our front porch for fall which made me happy. Camden had a great time picking out the mums. He wanted a 'pur-pul' one and a 'yey-yo' one so that's why we have both. ;)

Other than that, the past few weekends have been filled with football watching (our Buckeyes of course!), chili making/eating, and taking too many pictures of my babies before they grow up too fast! Did I mention Bennett is now wearing 6-9 month clothes??! I had to get a picture of him in his Halloween PJs before he grew out of them!

Bennett started daycare this week and I have been such a wreck with anxiety about dropping him off. But, I'm hoping every day gets a little better. At least it's only 3 days a week. I know so many other working moms that have to drop off their babies all 5 days of the work week and may only see them for a few hours a day total. I completely commend those mothers! It is tough! #momguilt is the worst.

(Bill and I had a breakfast date after we dropped of the boys and before we had to work on Bennett's first day of daycare. As you can see, I was totally eating my feelings yesterday! And yes, those are pumpkin pancakes!)

Speaking of Bennett, I do plan to post a 3 month update on him soon! Time is slipping away from me! Hopefully I will get it posted before he turns 4 months!

I will continue with my #WIW Wednesday series next week, promise!

PS - I hope all you southern bloggers and readers are safe and sound away from the hurricane damage! Prayers for all that have been affected!


  1. I'm loving the fall front porch! But boo to colds - they are definitely going around right now, not fun! Hope you're all feeling better soon!

  2. Those cute little pumpkins! Halloween outfits are so cute!


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