3 Years

Today is our 3 year anniversary! 

Boy, have we been through a lot in 3 years!

2 babies, 1 dog, and one big move across 2 states. Our life right now may be a little crazy, but I honestly would not want to share it with anyone else in the world. He is my rock, my best friend and my sole mate. 

He is also not one for mushy, public displays of affection so I'll keep it short and sweet... ;)

Here's a few of my favorite wedding photos:

Happy Anniversary to my love!

We are celebrating this weekend with a little 'stay-cation' in downtown Chicago for a night! Aka, my first night away from my baby... Wish us luck! :) :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Stay-cations are sometimes the best!! Enjoy celebrating!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, you two!!! Hope you have the BEST weekend!

  3. Happy anniversary! You guys have had such a full three years!


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