Camden is 2!

I still can't believe my baby Cam is TWO years old! Didn't I just have him? Didn't we just have his 1st birthday party?! This past year has flown by!

We had a much more low key birthday for Camden this year. My mom and dad came to visit the weekend before his birthday (to watch the boys for our Chicago 'stay-cation') and we did a little celebration with cake and presents while they were here. We also had our own little family birthday with presents and another cake (never too much birthday cake) for his actual birthday on the 20th this past Sunday. We also started the day with balloons in his crib (which I think are his favorite gift he received, he's obsessed!) and a 'happy birthday' banner!

(PS - He would NOT take his paci out for these photos...something we are working on weaning! He only uses it now for naps and bedtime)

(had to distract him with this block to get him to take it out!)

Camden has grown so much not only in the physical sense, but he has learned so much in the past year! He basically talks all the time and it is so great to finally be able to communicate with him for the most part. He's working on pronunciation of most words of course, but usually tries to mimic me if I try to teach him a new word. He's also speaking in 2 and 3 word sentences and will say, "Hi mama" or "Mama milk" (meaning my milk or whatever drink I have) and then will point to his sippy cup and say "Camden milk" (well, he can't quite say his name perfectly, but we are getting there!). Everything right now is 'dada, mama, baby'... meaning big, medium, small. My mom taught him this and since then he has been non stop pointing out things that are big, medium and small. We will blow up balloons for him and he will pick out the big one and say 'dada loon' (dada balloon) and then will find a medium and small one and will call them mama and baby! He also loves to associate objects with colors. So, he will say 'Red loon, green loon, yellow loon!' etc. 

He loves colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet! He can count to 10, knows all his colors and most shapes. And he is pretty familiar with all the letters of the alphabet. He loves music and pretty much will only watch tv or videos with songs or else he gets bored. We love the Little Baby Bum and Mother Goose Club videos on YouTube (we try to limit screen time as much as possible). Of course, he's also a big fan of the Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

He is also becoming such an affectionate big brother and loves to give baby Bennett kisses and hugs. He will bring him a blanket or his paci when he thinks he needs it. He loves to try to tickle him too which is adorable! I can't not wait to watch their relation grow over the next year!

He's becoming a little bit of a picky eater, but we are slowly working on trying to get him to eat his veggies and meat. He loves yogurt, cereal, bananas, strawberries, applesauce, veggie straws (that counts as a veggie, right?), shredded cheese, bagels with cream cheese, bread w/ butter, french fries, chicken nuggets and pizza (yep, no shame here). We are working on trying to get him to eat what we are eating, but it doesn't always work. Of course, he is still chugging his milk! 

Camden is really growing to love 'school' and playing with his friends and teachers. I love the social interaction he gets from his time at school and love receiving his daily report cards of what he did with photos and even videos! He just recently moved up to the '2s' classroom where they start to teach him to drink from a regular cup, wean from the pacifier and start potty training (Lord help me!). We got him this potty to start the process, but we are taking it pretty slow for now. I'm hoping over the next year to have him potty trained, but we are not rushing it by any means! Any tips from toddler moms with potty trained little ones welcome!

Obviously, I could go on and on about how much we love him and and how great he is! Of course, he has his toddler moments... But, we definitely lucked out with this one! He's a keeper :) 

Happy 2nd birthday Camden William Rumple! We love you more than you will ever know!!

(last 2 photos by Photography by Lindsay)

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  1. Love the balloons in the crib - totally stealing that for the future! Happy Birthday, Camden!!!

    1. We did balloons in his crib last year for his first too! I think I'll make it a tradition!

  2. Totally stealing the balloons in the crib idea too! Love it! And seriously how fast have these two years gone!!!!!!!! Potty training tips...I waited until cooper was 2 1/2..we did the 3 days at home..set a timer for 30 minutes and every time he peed in the potty we faced time someone so he could tell them! Worked great!! Hope Brody is as easy!!! :)

    1. I love the face time idea!! I will have to try that!


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