Our Weekend + Family Photo Sneak Peek

We had a pretty low key weekend which was just what the doctor ordered. The boys have both been sick with a nasty cough/cold (seriously, this cold season can be over now) that has been keeping everyone up at night. Luckily, no one has had a fever so far so I'm hoping it won't escalate to anything worse. 

We had our family photo session with the wonderful Lindsay of (www.chicagolandphotographybylindsay.com). The weather could not have been more perfect and with the fall foliage in the background made for some awesome photos! She sent us a few sneak peek photos which makes me so excited to see the rest! I just love the candid shots of the boys! I'm hoping to have family photos taken every year around this time. It will be fun to compare photos from years past. We took family photos last year around this time when Camden was just 10/11 months old. It's crazy to see how much he's grown!

These photos came at such a great time. When I'm awoken at 4:30 am with a coughing babe (even earlier now, thanks daylight savings!) and I feel like I'm never going to get a full night's sleep ever again... I look at these photos and realize that everything is a phase and I need to relish in these moments when they are so little. I just love our little family so much!

family photos outfit: dress | boots | plaid scarf

Besides taking it easy, we also (when I say we, I mean Bill) put together our new bed/headboard. It was an early anniversary present to both of us. I'm also on the hunt for new bedding and throw pillows. I will share the finished product when it's all put together! 

We also took a family trip to the park to enjoy this weather while it lasts and enjoyed a family dinner outing at Panera (currently craving all the autumn squash soup!). 

I hope you all got an extra hour of sleep this weekend! Of course, if you are a parent that's not always the case... Why don't these kids get it?!!


  1. The photos look beautiful! What a happy family that you have. Love the new headboard that I saw you share!

  2. These are GORGEOUS! Looks like it was the perfect day for it! And I'm loving your outfits. We are taking ours over Thanksgiving weekend and I'm starting to stress about what to wear!


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