Snow Day

We had another snowy weekend in IL! Camden had so much fun in the snow! He even helped 'dada' build a snowman! I'm so glad we I was able to take a few good photos of his first real experience in the snow. I'm really going to try to take more photos with my dslr camera (I have this one and use this lens) especially for capturing memories like these.

Besides playing int he snow, our weekend wasn't too eventful. Bennett actually came down with RSV at the end of last week and it's been tough seeing him uncomfortable. It is not easy trying to give a 5 month old breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. Luckily, it seems like he is getting better and hopefully we will get a chance to see Santa this week. 

I have a few more fun gift guides ready to be posted for the week. I hope you guys aren't sick of them yet! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I'm hoping to finish mine this weekend. 


  1. What a fun snow day! Glad you were able to enjoy it. :)

  2. Loving all of the snow! I've been trying to be better about using my camera, too... I just downloaded the app called Collect and it 'reminds' you to take a picture every day, so it's motivation for me to drag the camera out, ha!

  3. aww he is so cute!! i hope bennett feels better soon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Oh my goodness, Camden is so big and so adorable!!!


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