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I have struggled with dry/damaged hair for a long time. I'm pretty sure it started in high school when I started highlighting/color treating my hair. I have naturally dry hair and skin and it gets even worse in the winter. I've definitely tried a lot of different shampoos, conditioners and products to help smooth out my dry hair and I have finally found a hand full of products that work! Here are my top 5 favorite dry hair products:

1. Morracanoil Blow Dry Concentrate - This was a more recent product that I've started using. It's great because it helps to smooth out my frizz while blow drying my hair. I put a dime sized amount into wet hair after I shower and then blow dry and style as normal. Sometimes I will finish my dry ends with a small amount just to help smooth out any frizz.

2. Morracanoil Dry Shampoo - Ok, I know you're thinking 'How does dry shampoo help dry hair?' Well, the truth is I don't wash and dry my hair everyday. In fact I may only wash, dry and style my hair 2-3 times a week, especially in the winter when my hair is extra dry (because it strips your hair/scalp of it's natural oils). Therefore, a dry shampoo on my roots is a must in between shampoos. I love this one because it comes in 2 different types specific for blonde/light or brown/dark hair. The blonde/light one has a violet tint to it, which also helps to brighten my dark roots.

3. It's a 10 miracle leave-in conditioner plus keratin - I have been using It's a 10 for years now! It's got to be hands down my favorite hair product. I recently started using the kind with keratin added to it and I can definitely tell a difference. I use it right after I shower to help comb through my wet hair and after it's dry to help smooth out the frizz. From the product description, this product replaces lost protein, protects against heat, detangles, defrizzes, adds shine, seals cuticles for extra silky hair, and restores hydration balance... It does so much for such a little bottle!

4. Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner - I change up my shampoo and conditioner often, but currently I am loving this shampoo and conditioner combo. Coconut milk and oil are remedies for so many things including dry hair. This shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair smooth and I just love the scent!

5. Tea Tree Oil Skin and Scalp Treatment - This was a random product find at Target, actually! I've read about how tea tree oil can really help dry scalp problems so I thought I would give it a try since my scalp always gets so dry and flaky in the winter. All you do is massage a few drops of the oil onto your dry scalp areas at night, and in the morning wash and dry your hair as normal. I have done this a few times and it definitely works! My scalp is no longer flaky!

Do you have any favorite dry hair remedies/products? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. Tea tree oil is a lifesaver for me in the winter, too! And dry shampoo is always a must have. I need to try the Moroccan Oil!

  2. Morracanoil Dry Shampoo is my absolutely favorite - they are the only brand I can use on my dark hair!!


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