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Pink Peonies!

Happy Friday loves! OMGoodness am I glad it's Friday...I will not go over the gory details, but it has been one crazy week! I am ready to wind down this weekend and spend some much needed QT with the fiance. 

I do not have a Friday cocktail prepared for you today {as mentioned above, this week has escaped me}, however, I DO have some pretty photos of my Coral Charm peonies that I planted in front of our house this spring. I have been meaning to edit them for weeks and finally got around to it last night. I am pretty impressed with some of the shots I captured. There are a few from when they were still planted and newly bloomed. They were the prettiest coral / fuchsia / hot pink color! Then, once I picked them and placed in the gold mason, they turned a soft, pale pink. I will definitely be purchasing a few more peony plants in the future.

 photo c796fa43-df5b-4b42-80a1-5e87e93742d8_zps7c19ace0.jpg

 photo d552106f-5116-4994-829d-45bd904644de_zps965f5669.jpg

 photo 27ae02ec-8637-48ea-a66e-d62d3e5728cd_zpsc39935a7.jpg

 photo f8d4cc6e-365b-4e6f-ba58-494a374243b0_zps7b15d4d3.jpg

 photo d5130a39-0d48-4fe0-9d2f-02842917de06_zpsb7b7eb90.jpg

Can you believe they were the same flowers? Such a beautiful color transformation!

See more photos {here}.

Have a Lovely weekend!

Flowers + Photography

I have found 2 new loves in my life...Flowers and Photography! I wanted to share with you a few photos I took of a pink and white carnation bouquet I created recently. There is something so simple and pretty about a bunch of fluffy carnations...

Pink Carnation bouquet

 photo 26e3626e-fc91-47b3-8a4c-e11800e78afb_zps4270202a.jpg

 photo 8429d1bc-dd4f-490e-8704-83bd76e5331e_zpsadc9e656.jpg
I found these pretties at the grocery store and started arranging them in a vase. I realized how pretty they would be as a bouquet so I gave it a try! I grabbed some pretty pink tulle and tied the stems together and boom! Pretty little pink fluffy carnation bouquet success!
I also took some snap shots of my new Etsy shop item using the pretty bouquet as a backdrop.
 photo f3fd96b7-10e5-4991-9f56-6af2863a5857_zps77c2018d.jpg
 photo 6a3e772e-cde4-4fac-9696-43ef8b5e481e_zpse3c4d745.jpg
Who doesn't want a pretty striped straw to drink from on their Bachelorette Party? Now available on my Etsy shop, I have gold/white, pink/white and black/white striped straws flagged with "THE Bachelorette" and "Final Fling".
 photo cc35eb8c-e881-4a6b-b7da-dddd0918d78a_zpsb3156d89.jpg  
I am so excited to announce that I made my first sale last week! I am hoping to add even more Lovely goodness to the shop very soon!
PS - Have you entered in My Etsy Shop Giveaway yet? If not, hop on over and do so now! I will announce the winner on Friday!