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White Desk Envy...

I have been crushing over glossy white desks lately...Here are some of my inspiration images via Pinterest...
{images:: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4}

I even bought some cute desk accessories {via Michael's and Target} to go with this imaginary white glossy desk that I have in mind...

desk supplies
{via my instagram, follow me here}

Bill just cleaned out half of his office to make room for my home office! First on the agenda is to find said white glossy desk...Here are some options...

Parsons Desk from West Elm {in white} - $349...This desk has been all over the blog-o-sphere and is the actual desk in the 2nd image above...It's a little pricey for me, but I like the sleek look and that it has drawers.

The MICKE desk from Ikea is an affordable option at $69...But, then there's the ever so frustrating task of putting it together. Maybe I'll make Bill some fancy dinner to bribe him. :)

The MALM from Ikea {$129} is also a great option and has a pull out panel for extra workspace.

I'm also loving this Braxton Trestle Desk via Target {$170}...It's not the modern looking glossy white, but I love the shape. This one would probably have to be assembled as well.

Which is your favorite? I will hopefully be making my decision this weekend and ordering! I will post the progress of the home office transformation! Stay tuned!


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Happy Wednesday!


Valentine's Day Soiree!

Since this weekend was pretty uneventful, I thought I'd share with you some inspiration I've been putting together for a friend's Valentine's Day cookie decorating party! There's nothing better than a pretty decorated red or pink V-day cookie, right?!
One of my friends had the idea to host a mother/daughter a cooking baking and decorating party for Valentine's Day! Isn't that so sweet?! I am helping with decor and other fun theme ideas!
Here's what I got so far:

Cute heart straws via etsy...

This pretty pink heart garland via etsy...

I'd like to get a cute mug like this one {via West Elm} and fill it with goodies for all the guests...

Thinking about doing a little crafty and making a hanging X's and O's sign {much like this one} over the treat/drink area...

I'm excited to share photos of the event with you in a few weeks!

Do you have anything fun planned for V-day?

Happy Monday!


Friday's Fancies // Black + White...

Black + White

{ sources:: Black + White }

Lately, I have been obsessed with all things black and white! So I was happy to hear that this Friday's FF was all about my favorite color combo...

I love it so much, I am including these colors in the form of stripes for my wedding...I also have put together a little inspo-board to showcase how you can incorporate the bold pattern in events, in your home and in fashion.

{sources:: here}
I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend after this hectic week I had!
What are your weekend plans?
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Weekend Recap...

Time flies when you're having fun! This weekend flew by!
I was able to finish and send/give my bridesmaids their little nifty-gifty! I "popped" the question to them with a hand written card, a mini can of Sofia champ, stripped straw and hand painted champ glass! This was so fun {and easy} to make!

We went to Boyne, Michigan this weekend for a ski trip with Bill's friends. It was a lot of fun. I was a little nervous to get out on the slopes, since I had not been skiing for about 6 years. I did just fine though! Didn't fall once!
{Cozy little main lobby of the ski resort hotel}
{Going up the lift! It was a snowy day!}
{view from the ski lift}
The girls and I opted out of the 2nd day of skiing and went to the spa for massages! Best idea ever!
How was your weekend?
I'm off to Colorado tomorrow for the rest of the week for work...Hopefully, I will have some down time to blog!

Wedding Wednesday // Flower Power...

So, I'm having a hard time deciding on flowers for my wedding. I have been so smitten with the soft pinks, greenery and ivory flowers that I've been pinning on my wedding board. I love the color combo of black, white/ivory, gold mixed in with accents of soft pink/mauve...
 {images: 1 // 2 // 3}

However, with the wedding date set for 11/9/13, I may want to warm it up a bit with a deeper pink color mixed with reds instead of the lighter pink hues...
Choices, choices!! I'm torn! Which do you prefer?
On another {wedding} note...I think I said "Yes" to the dress last night! I can't believe I found it so fast! I was planning on going to several bridal gown stores here in Columbus, but I found the one at my first trial last night! It was the, "yep, this is it" moment!
Of course, I will not be sharing any photos of it and would like to keep some surprise aspects of my wedding...especially for the groom ;)
We are off to Michigan for the weekend on a ski trip for Bill's 30th birthday! I am excited to get out on the slopes! I think it's been about 5 or 6 years :/ Wish me luck!
I will be back on the blogging scene next week! Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday Tablescape // Award Show Party!

I have been lusting over sparkly tablescapes and decor since NYE! Continue the glitter and glam through February by hosting an Awards Show watching party!
Camille Styles does is right with gold glitter as a table runner and fun, sparkly drink stirrers...

Or, what about this Oscar inspired soiree via Brunch at Saks?


How cute are these single serving popcorn holders?
Will you be hosting an Awards Show watching party this season? What's your favorite Award Show to watch?


Well, it's been a busy few weeks around these parts! Here are a few images of my life recently via Instagram {follow me here}

Last Week::

1 // Started reading a new book and I'm really into it!
2 & 3 // Enjoyed some girl time, wine and cupcakes during the season premiere of the Bachelor!
4 // Jumped back on the work out wagon...I did my first Zumba class over the weekend and I'm hooked!
5 // My uniform skinnies, boots...just change out the top!
6 // Getting my life and schedule organized with color coded pens!
Over the Weekend::


1 & 2 // Scored some sale deals a la Target! And picked up some new fun Essie nail colors!
3 // "Popped" the question to my MOH and she made me this cute Power Point presentation  - "Top Ten Reasons Lindsay is Excited to be Engaged"! She's amazing...
4 // Hung out with said MOH on Friday night with her Mr...Fun night!
5 // Took bill out to dinner for his big 3 - 0 birthday! We are going on a ski trip this weekend with his friends for more big 3 - 0 celebration!
6 // Really enjoyed watching the Golden Globes last night, but these two funny people stole the show for me! I love them so much! PS - Anyone else left confused and blindsided by Jody Foster's speech? I mean, I think I get the gist of it...but, weird?

Also am obsessed with Jessica Alba's dress!!
If this dress came in white (and I could afford it) I would buy it for my wedding dress! Just gorgeous!!
Did you watch the Globes? Who was your best dressed?

Operation Healthy 2013...

 {images:: 1 // 2}
I have always struggled with diets. I was never a big fan of trying to eat the same thing everyday or cut out everything that tastes good. I am a foodie at heart and I love a good savory meal at the end of a long day, a diet coke in the afternoon to wake me up and a glass of wine at night to wind down. I am a complete freak about cheese! I love cheese! And not just your run of the mill Kraft singles...I mean fancy, smelly, expensive cheese! The kind that costs $8 for an oz block. New York Sharp White Cheddar, Gruyere, Asiago and Parmesan Reggiano to name a few...I love baking brie on top of a crostini with some strawberry or raspberry sauce! Yum!
Alas, these loves of my life do not in turn love my waistline...So, it's time to cut down on the guilty pleasures of life and get healthy for 2013! There are so many reasons why it is important for me to shed pounds this year.
1 // We have a destination wedding for one of Bill's friends in Key West in March - That's right, I have less than 2 months to get my body bikini worthy...I know, don't feel too sorry for me...
2 // Wedding! Hello! Trying on big white dresses...white, especially shiny white, is not very forgiving...I know, I know, there are girdles and lace up dresses that can suck me in. But, I want to feel like I could wear the dress and look perfect in it with out all the "suck in the gut" gadgets out there...
3 // Because healthy + strong is the new skinny! I'm starting to realize that I have way more of a girl crush on ladies with toned muscles and curves than stick figures with nothing more than skin and bone...Does anyone else feel this way? I would much rather keep my curves, flatten out the stomach area and tone my arms, than loose them all together...I have learned over the years that starving yourself (by itself) does not produce results...You have to include some sort of physical activity and (in my experience) has to include strength training.
So, I give you my daily diet and work out routine...I'm not posting this to recommend you do the same...I think everybody is different and every BODY is different, so you should consult your doctor or a professional if you are seeking to loose weight.
I'm also writing this down and posting it to the public to make myself feel more accountable. Now everybody knows and I've got to stick to it!
// Diet Plan //
What I hate most about diets, is the restriction. Instead I am going to focus on what I can eat in moderation and ideas for each meal and snacks...
Cut WAY down on:
-Starchy carbs:: white bread, pasta, potato products, etc.
-Any fried food
-Sweets/Sugar:: I'm not a big sweets person, so this one is not difficult for me.
-Processed food:: this one is tough because I rely on easy to cook food because I rarely have the time to...
Have in Moderation:
-Cheese:: stick to low fat hard cheeses , low fat cottage cheese is good.
-Alcohol:: I typically will have a glass of wine at night to wind down from the day. White wine is my favorite which is loaded with sugar. If I can limit myself to 3 glasses a week, that should cut out a good 400 calories from my weekly diet. A bottle is typically 700 calories.
-Whole Wheat products:: I have learned that sometimes wheat products are not as healthy as they are made out to be. Yes, whole wheat is better than white bread, but it contains gluten. Gluten, (Latin word that literally means"Glue") is a substance that sticks to your intestines and makes you feel bloated.
-Diet Soda:: I am addicted to Diet Coke...Like, I have a problem...I am limiting myself to one a day only if I work out as a reward...
-Eating out:: I love to go to a restaurant with Bill or friends for dinner and drinks to relax and catch up. However, food from a restaurant is always higher in calories than if you would make it at home. The portions are larger, you don't know what type of oil or other fatty ingredients were used to make it. It's just better to eat at home as much as possible.
PORTION CONTROL! A portion should be the size of your fist, no larger...And for me that's really small because I have baby sized hands...
Load on the (low fat) protein and veggies!! As much as you can eat!
Breakfast: whole wheat toast w/ low fat peanut butter // Low fat cottage cheese with fruit // Eggs (mostly egg whites) with sautéed veggies, ketchup/salsa/hot sauce // low fat instant oatmeal w/ berries or nuts // low fat cereal w/ skim milk and sliced bananas.
Lunch: tuna salad made with low fat mayo, onion, celery, relish w/ whole wheat crackers // cup of low fat chili loaded with protein // salad with meat, protein and low fat dressing // soup , non-creamy loaded with veggies and some protein // deli meat sandwich on whole wheat deli thins w/ low fat mayo/mustard/pickle.
Snacks: hand full of wheat thins // nuts // fruit // pop chips // low fat cheese and crackers
Dinner: large portion of protein and veggies, small portion of carbs (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc)
Drink 8 glasses of water / day
// Work It Out 2013 //
Bill and I have started a work out challenge together. It's easy and simple...Who can work out more times / week. The workout has to be at least 30 mins and has to include some weight training and some cardio.
I typically like to run or bike for about 10 mins and then go straight to weights and machines. My main goal is to tone up, so I need to focus on my core muscle areas. I work on abs for about 10 minutes / session as well.
If I can't make it to the gym, I will sit in front of the TV at the end of the night and do push ups, sit ups and lunges for an hour (Taking small breaks here and there). I will also work on stretching my muscles and incorporate some yoga positions.
I am also starting Zumba with some friends this Sunday! I've heard some great things about the class and I'm excited to dance, sweat and have fun while I work out!
It always helps to include friends or significant others in your workout routines so they can hold you accountable.
Well, that's it. Doesn't seem to tough, right? Totally do-able! I am going to record my weight and body shape today and see where I end up by mid-March...
Wish me luck!
How are you staying fit and healthy in 2013?

Wedding Wednesday // Wedding Update + Inspo Baord

Well, we booked our wedding venue last night....We chose the Ivory Room for November 9, 2013! It was my first choice and I'm so glad our date opened up. I felt like it was fate! I took my parents to see the space last night and they loved it. My mom was having trouble picturing where all the tables would go (it was empty at the time), but I assured her I have a perfect vision in my head.
  {1 & 2 via}
Now the wheels are turning with colors, flowers linens and details...I put together a little collage of the color scheme I am thinking of based on what I've been pinning recently...
{images clockwise from top left: 1 - source unknown? // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 & 8}
See the rest of my "Our Wedding" Pin board here! I have a ton of ideas that have been saved over the years, so I will be pairing it down...
The color inspiration was derived from the bottom left corner photo and the one to the right of it. I love the black and white stripes mixed with the gold and dark pink accents. I'm going for a whimsical, elegant, romantic, somewhat vintage look...Does that make sense?
I love the flowers and colors mixed into the bouquet on the bottom right corner. I think the palate would be so pretty against long black chiffon bridesmaid dresses.
Flowers I am thinking of using are black and white Anemones, dark pink Ranunculus, and perhaps mixing in some ivory and light pink Peonies as well as some fall inspired greenery...I'm hoping to make it to the flower market this weekend to put together an inspiration bouquet :)
I actually scheduled 2 appointments for dress trials for the next few weeks. I was going to wait until February or March to start trying them on, but a lady at the Bridal Show I attended this past weekend convinced me I should start now. Apparently, it takes about 9 months to order a dress? Depending upon if you have to custom order and alterations I'm sure...But, I'm not risking anything and I don't want to feel rushed.
Well, that's my wedding update for now! So glad to have the venue and the date set!
This weekend I will be working on a little nifty-gifty to "pop" the question to my bridesmaids! :)
More wedding updates to come...hope you don't get sick of it ;)
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Monday Mix...

Recently, I've been inspired by...
1 // This "LOVE" wall decor DIY...via urban nester
2 // This genius DIY for chalk holders...via Dimples & Tangles

3 // This gorgeous grey/silver/red tablescape...maybe for Valentine's Day?

4 // This beautiful black and white shelf gallery wall...
5 // This 3 day Military diets actually seems do-able...I am attending a destination wedding in Key West in March and need to start the de-bloat from the holidays before I even think about getting in a bikini! Oh, and before I try on a BIG WHITE DRESS!
What's inspiring you this week?

Home Styling Project // Elegant Guest Room

Elegant Guest Room

Elegant Guest Room by lindsayktwentysomething on Polyvore

Just a little inspo-board for a guest room styling project I'm working on...It's actually my parents' guest room.

The aspects of the room that will not change are ::

// off white carpet //
// wood trim //

I wanted to incorporate the purple curtains that I already have.

I am hoping to find a taupe/gray color for the wall.

I wanted to warm up the room with touches of gold, like the gold painted night stand and the sunburst mirror over the bed.

I love the look of the silver fabric tuffed headboard. Something that may be able to be made by hand? It would be a serious project, but I would be so happy if I could pull it off.

My parents have a large six drawer dresser from decades ago just sitting in the basement that I would love to re-finish and paint a nice antique white color and install new pulls.

I'm hoping to finish this project by the end of February...on top of working and planning a wedding! Weee!

Hope you have  good weekend!


I Resolve To...

 {via pinterest here...original source unknown}
Better late than never! Here are my 2013 resolutions...
1 // Plan my dream wedding with in our budget with out driving my parents or my fiance mad...
2 // Put some money in savings every month and pay off debt. My motto is "Debt free in 2-0-1-3!"
3 // Complete 5 home styling projects.
4 // Plan and style 8 events {not including my wedding}.
5 // Completely 'wow' my boss with my marketing skills and get a promotion/raise.
6 // Move in with Bill. Organize my stuff. Try not to go crazy with the lack of closet space.
7 // ONLY buy clothes for a specific occasion or if I am in need of a specific item. No more of this "I'm bored...Let's go shopping!"
8 // Lose a solid 10 lbs....I tried to do this before I turned 30. 5 lbs were lost while I was training for the half marathon...since then, it's all come back. Consistency is key!
9 // Become a member at my church. Bill and I have been visiting the same church for over 2 years and have yet to become members...I think a wedding is a good excuse!
10 // Be a better friend. Stay in touch. Send random "How are you doing" cards every now and then.
11 // Seriously take the time to learn Photoshop! I bought Elements and even downloaded a few tutorials...The hard part is finding the time!
12 // Purchase a DSLR camera and learn how to use it...
13 // Try not to over book myself...Say no to things...Under commit and over deliver! Less is more! Keep my work quality vs. quantity!
How are your resolutions coming along?


Wedding Wednesday // Venues...

Well, it's 2013! The year I will get MARRIED! Crazy!

Being the planner that I am, I have already started the planning process...

I am spending my day today looking at wedding venues with Bill. I have always pictured a downtown chic styled wedding. The venues we are seeing are my top 3 choices located in downtown Columbus. They are The Ivory Room, The Westin and The Smith Brothers Loft (aka doc 580).
We are hoping for availability for November 9, 2013. We picked this date because we are both OSU football fans (Bill was the mascot, Brutus Buckeye, in college by the way), so we wanted to reserve a Saturday with no game scheduled (As of now...Hopefully, that won't change. We are crossing our fingers). However, if we love a venue, we may have to be flexible with the date.
Here are some photos that I have been stalking on line from each location. Hopefully, they will be just as beautiful in person!
The Ivory Room // I fell in love with the photos of this venue right away. It is fairly new and not a lot of people know about it yet. It is located in the Marinova building downtown (a luxury condo building, also home of the up-scale Cameron Mitchell restaurant, "M"). I love the dark hardwood floors, the sparkling chandeliers and the large floor to ceiling windows that over look the Columbus downtown skyline.

The Westin // The Westin is known as a historical hotel in downtown Columbus. Built in 1897, the Westin has kept a lot of the historic details and exudes luxury and elegance in it's grand ballroom where weddings are hosted. The plus about this venue is that our guests could stay in the hotel and we would not have to worry about transportation to and from the venue to the hotel. Since most of Bill's family live 2 hours away near his hometown, most of them would be spending the night. We want to make sure the location of our venue is convenient for our guests. The only downfall would be is pretty pricey.



The Smith Brothers Loft (doc 580) // I love the exposed brick and industrial feel of this venue. The photos on line look so pretty. The ambiance of the dark brick and twinkle lights would be very appropriate for a late fall/early winter wedding. There are 2 venues in this building that are used for weddings. The Venue is on the lower level that opens up to the outside, which seats 180 max. The loft is a two story space with the dinner and/or ceremony area on the top floor with the bar and dance floor on the bottom floor. The Loft seats up to 220. I would probably choose the Loft area just for the extra space and we would not be utilizing the out door space of the Venue that time of year. Only downside would be worrying about our elderly guests going up and down the stairs.



And I just love the light fixtures hanging above the stairway...


Three totally different venues with so many possibilities for decor. I am excited to see which space we like the best! Wish us luck!