Wedding Wednesday // Flower Power...

So, I'm having a hard time deciding on flowers for my wedding. I have been so smitten with the soft pinks, greenery and ivory flowers that I've been pinning on my wedding board. I love the color combo of black, white/ivory, gold mixed in with accents of soft pink/mauve...
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However, with the wedding date set for 11/9/13, I may want to warm it up a bit with a deeper pink color mixed with reds instead of the lighter pink hues...
Choices, choices!! I'm torn! Which do you prefer?
On another {wedding} note...I think I said "Yes" to the dress last night! I can't believe I found it so fast! I was planning on going to several bridal gown stores here in Columbus, but I found the one at my first trial last night! It was the, "yep, this is it" moment!
Of course, I will not be sharing any photos of it and would like to keep some surprise aspects of my wedding...especially for the groom ;)
We are off to Michigan for the weekend on a ski trip for Bill's 30th birthday! I am excited to get out on the slopes! I think it's been about 5 or 6 years :/ Wish me luck!
I will be back on the blogging scene next week! Have a great weekend!

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  1. oh I LOVE gold accents in wedding flowers :) have a great trip!

  2. congrats on finding your dress - so exciting to find it at the first store!! can't wait to see. your blog is great and i nominated you for the liebster award - check out my blog to see what to do!

  3. I prefer the soft pinks, they are so pretty and romantic. Congrats on the dress! So exciting. Check out my "trip down the aisle" every Monday
    your newest follower :)


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