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My March Favs Giveaway!

March is almost over, so that means time for my March Favs Giveaway!!
This month was all about GREEN for St Patty's day and hopefully some of you got to see some green grass and buds on trees...Not so much in Columbus, but the sun is shining today so there's hope!
Meg Morosco, Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot (check out her store here, and facebook page here), approached me to do a giveaway and I'm so glad she did! Meg is giving away these beautiful Serenity Stone Drops in Green earrings to the lucky winner!
 photo marchgiveaway_zpsf821d47b.png
 Aren't they gorgeous?

That's not all folks...The lucky winner will also get a GREEN $10 Starbucks gift card!

Just enter to win in the Rafflecopter widget below! The more entries you complete, the better your chances are to win!

I will announce the winner next Friday April 5th! Good Luck and TGIF!


4 Favs // Engagement Photos Shopping!

SOOOO....I may have splurged on shopping this week...OOPS!! At least I have a good excuse! Bill and I have our engagement photo shoot this weekend! I have been agonizing over what to wear. Of course, the cold weather doesn't help the situation either. I am longing to wear spring-y bright colors and flow-y dresses, but dreading the cold temps and praying it doesn't snow again. I mean, it's almost April and it snowed this week in Columbus! Especially being in all the stores and seeing all the pretty Spring fashions makes me yearn for higher temps... If is correct, on Saturday the high is 54 and sunny all day! I really hope it is true!
Here's what I found during my recent excursion...
 photo 2c1c8043-78a5-4044-9c09-2a34058b489b_zpsdd5c1fc1.jpg
1 // Found some mint colored denim from Francesca's a few weeks ago and have been trying to figure out what to wear with them. I found this pink colored blouse from Old Navy and the necklace from Francesca's that works perfectly! Definitely one of my photo shoot options...
2 // I found this lovely dress and earrings at Francesca's as well! Another option for photos...
3 // Target always gets me...I went in for something simple like toothpaste and ended up with make up and a new pair of earrings. I couldn't say no to this elf eye shadow make up book for only $6!
4 // How cute is this "love" sweater from Old Navy?! I couldn't say no to love! :)
You'll have to stay tuned to see if I do in fact wear any of these options for my engagement session!
I'm linking up with Ashlyn and Kristen for 4 favs!
Hop on over and check out some more of this week's favs!
Don't forget to check back this Friday for my March Favs Giveaway {featuring a beautiful pair of earrings from Stella & Dot}!

Advice for the Bride-to-be // Shower Etiquette


Ever since I got engaged, I have been more and more interested in the etiquette of weddings and the events are associated with them. There are so many traditions and idiosyncrasies that are involved with the American wedding now-a-days, that you could easily feel overwhelmed just googling the subject. One could reference the tried and true Emily Post Etiquette book. Her books are legendary and are still used and (re)published to this day. However, trends and traditions have changed over the past 100 years and it is important to not only make sure brides and grooms follow certain rules of etiquette and tradition, but also to make sure their special day reflects their lifestyle and personalities.
The subject of bridal shower etiquette has come up once or twice in my conversations with close friends recently. Who should host a bridal shower? Traditionally, it has been the Maid of Honor, a close family friend or neighbor. It should never be the mother or mother-in-law nor any of the immediate family members of the bride. This, I believe is pretty common. Now this has morphed into a joint shower hosted by all the bridesmaids, or there are some instances of an aunt or non-immediate family member hosting a bridal shower. Also, the co-worker shower has become the popular bonus shower these days. If you do happen to have multiple showers, one should never invite guests to more than one shower. This translates to "I want more than one gift from you" and that could leave a bad taste in your guests mouth. If you do have multiple showers, the only duplicate guests could be your mother or bridesmaids (who are made aware that they do not need to purchase a second gift). The guest list for your shower(s) should of course be of those invited to your wedding. This also rings true for engagement parties, bachelorette parties, etc. A shower should feel more intimate, so it is important to keep the guest list to a minimum if possible.
As a bride, you should never ASK someone to throw you a shower. This seems as though you are asking for gifts. You should also never be overly specific with any of the details of the shower like food or decor. You can of course make polite suggestions if you are asked by the host, but never demand anything. Of course, if there is a food allergy of some sort or if you have a handicapped relative or friend that may have specific needs that is understandable.
As a bride, you should make sure to greet everyone and say thank you for coming. Allow the host to direct the order of events. The bride should show their appreciation towards the host with a heartfelt thank you note and or thoughtful gift. This shows that you are grateful that they have taken the time (and money) to throw a party in your honor and that they are a valued person in your life.

For more information on wedding etiquette, visit the following sites:

Martha Stewart Weddings

Emily Post Weddings

The Knot

Of course you can always ask your mother or grandmother what traditions are important to them and what the correct etiquette may be. Just remember that a lot has changed over the years when it comes to weddings and wedding related events. It has become more acceptable to bend some of the rules to fit your current lifestyle and values. However, there is some nostalgia connected to a lot of the traditions and etiquette when it comes to weddings and like events that makes you feel more connected to the generations before you.

As the bride, your main job is to be happy and gracious! You just have to show up and look pretty :)

TGIF y'all! (yep, I just threw in a "y'all" after all that etiquette talk)


4 Favs // Maids and Mimosas

I wanted to give you all a little glimpse into my Maids and Mimosas brunch I hosted this past weekend, which is perfect to tie into this week's 4 Favs!
One of my best friends since grade school has been in town from Colorado, so I wanted to host a little get together with the other 3 maids that live here in Columbus. I thought a brunch with mimosas would be perfect! The dress code was PJs and the subject of conversation of course was weddings with a little touch of babies (I have a prego bridesmaid! Due in June!).
I included some of my favorite things into the decor...
 photo 4favs_zpsc8131906.png

I have major Spring when it came to picking out colors for the decor and flowers for the table, I went with a bright and sunny pink and yellow combo!

I have been eyeing these cute monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie for a while, so I thought a great excuse to buy myself one was to have them as favors for my Maids at the brunch! I set each one at there place setting as sort of a name card presentation. They were a hit!

I am a big fan of the striped straw...I seriously have an obsession. They are at every event I plan and style. So, of course I had to incorporate the pink striped straws into the brunch. These I found at Michael's.

Lastly, what is brunch with out a refreshing mimosa? I put together this mini mimosa bar complete with OJ, Grapefruit juice, Pomegranate Blueberry juice and of course champs!


What 4 things are you loving right now? I'm linking up with Ashlyn from Let it be Beautiful and Kristen from Fancy Things blog!

Spring Fever // Flirty Floral

 photo floraldresses_zps91583234.png

I am obsessed with floral prints at the moment! On dresses, pants, even wallpaper!
I think Spring Fever has official hit!

 photo floralwallpaper_zps95fad7dd.png
More photos from Key West and the Maids & Mimosas brunch later this week!
Happy Tuesday!

I'm Back!

Wow! What a week it's been...back form my vay-cay in Key West with a little sunburn (slowly starting to peel and turn into tan), a few pounds heavier, feeling refreshed and have a new outlook on life! I think it is so important to take breaks from the business and stress of the everyday grind and just enjoy the loveliness the world has to offer!
With that, my day today has been mostly filled with playing catch up with emails and projects for work. My friend is in town from Colorado, so we are having a little get together dinner with friend this evening. I've got a lot going on this week, so I'll make my posts short and sweet.
I will leave you with a few photos from the trip!
 photo beachbums_zps3d6c8b69.jpg
 photo beachmermaid_zps97f290e7.jpg
 {photos 1 & 2 from the Ft Zachary Taylor beach in Key West, FL}
 photo BLTbenedict_zps2fa9cff0.jpg
{BLT-bacon, lobster & tomato- Benedict from Blue Heaven...Highly recommend this restaurant!}
 photo keylimepie_zps08371814.jpg
{Now that's Key Lime Pie! Also from Blue Heaven}
 photo mimosas_zps64399d00.jpg
{Mimosas just about every fav!}
 photo parrot_zps672a0858.jpg
{Mr Parrot whom I actually held on my arm!}
More photos from Key West to come!
Also, a recap of my little "Maids & Mimosas" brunch I hosted for my bridesmaids :)
Stay tuned later this week!

Key West or Bust!

I just got back from Colorado for a work trip today and leaving early in the AM for Key West! I've decided to take a little vacation from blogging as well. Don't miss me too much! I promise to be back in action after next week.
Of course, I will NOT be taking a break from the social media world! :) You can keep up with all my vacay fun on twitter // instagram // and facebook!
Adios Amaigos! Have a wonderful week!

Color Inspiration // Emerald

 photo e7a9d7cb-2e03-42e9-bbf6-a5418fa681ea_zpse85c8e0e.jpg
{Sources: clockwise from top left - 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 - can not find original source, anyone know? // 7 // 8 - can not find original source, anyone know? // center}
I'm absolutely loving the new Pantone color of 2013! Green is one of my favorite colors and I especially love it in this rich bold hue.
I have no doubt that this color will be featured in some weddings this year. Would you incorporate emerald into your wedding, events, fashion, home decor, etc?

Hello March!

I can't believe it's March already! This means I have about 8 months until my wedding day...I better get a move on! Actually, I'm feeling pretty good with what I have accomplished so far. I have the church, the reception venue, the dress, florist and just found the most beautiful brides maid dresses this past weekend! I'm so excited to share all the details of my wedding, but you'll have to wait a little while to see... Oh, and I have a GROOM which is the most important part ;)
Here's a few snapshots from my very busy, but productive and fun weekend:
 photo 43f262b7-86c4-4a60-8c18-bd58ec5d088c_zps4ad9d7ff.jpg
{Follow me on instagram here}

 1 // Friday night Bill and I went out for a sushi date! It was just what the doctor ordered after a long work week for both of us.

2 // Painted my nails one of my favorite shades of Essie, "Bahama Mama" in honor of my upcoming trip to Key West for a destination wedding (I am aware Key West is not the Bahamas, but it's an island south of FL, so close right?)! We leave this Saturday!

3 // I had my first wedding client consultation this weekend and it was so exciting/nerve racking! I love this client and her ideas are beautiful! I can't wait to get started on all the lovely details!

4 // Got pretty and attended a 30th birthday party on Saturday night for one of my favorite couples! {shirt and scarf via Old Navy}

5 // Enjoyed Bill's Mom's homemade chicken tortilla soup! It is so delish and perfect for a cold Sunday afternoon!

6 // I've been pretty good with the work out routines lately. My main motivation at the moment is knowing I will be in a bikini in less than a week! Eeeek! I have really loved the Zumba classes I have been attending at my gym. Such a fun and challenging workout! The instructor's routines are so fast that I feel like my brain gets a work out at the same time!

This week will be a busy one, packing for Key West and also traveling a few days to Colorado for work. I have a few blog posts scheduled for the week so don't think I will neglect you totally!

How was your weekend?

I'm linking up with Leeann from Join the Gossip for Monday Morning Gossip!


And the WINNER is....

Juliana Akers!!

Yay!! Congrats on winning my Feb Favs Giveaway! This lovely little package will be coming your way very soon! Look for an email from me shortly!
 photo 3b3b093e-e331-4034-b416-3bf20a80ecce_zps9476ce63.jpg
Thank you to everyone that entered in the giveaway! This was my first shot at a giveaway on the LLSE blog and it was a HUGE success so I am hoping to do one like this once a month! Stay tuned for the March Favs Giveaway in a few weeks! :)
I will leave you today with a few of my favorite wedding blogs that I have book marked. I usually post some of my favorite posts from the week, but I wanted to give you a little insight on the blogs I read DAILY. I have been so inspired by so many blogs and look forward to reading and seeing what they post everyday. It keeps this little engine going :)
1 // I've said it before and I'll say it again... Hey Gorgeous Events is not only an inspiring blog, but Rhiannon has an amazing way of creating and maintaining a BRAND which is so important in this overly saturated wedding industry! This past week she realized that another over seas, skin care company had ripped off her logo and it is blatantly obvious. This type of creative theft makes me feel so violated. To think she spent so many months, blood, sweat, tears and dollar bills on this very brand and logo to have someone steal it and use it right under her nose... Enough to make you wanna punch someone right?! I'm all about inspiring, but obvious theft of your creative ideas is just wrong...Spread the word!
2 // Ok, now that that rant is over...Another daily read is Wedding Chics. Not only do they post daily wedding inspiration, but they also provide DIY projects, bouquet recipes and have their own little on line shop! If you are looking for wedding favors or bridal/groomsman party gifts definitely check them out!

3 // Ruffled is also a daily wedding inspiration blog. Ruffled is focused more on the vintage style wedding and also posts some great DIY projects.

4 // Last on the wedding list is Revel. Not only does this site post awesome color palette inspiration collages, but it also lists the source and cost for each item! I love exploring this site for different wedding ideas! It is so easy to get lost!

More daily wedding inspo blog list:: Every Last Detail, 100 Layer Cake, Oh Lovely Day and Green Wedding Shoes just to name a few!

Hopefully these lovely blogs will keep you busy this weekend... Any fun plans?

I'm having date night tonight with Billiam and tomorrow I'm headed to a couples' joint 30th birthday party {yes, another one! I swear I don't have that many friends...}

Have a fabulous weekend loves!