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Plans for the Playroom

We have lived in our new home here in IL for about a month now and I'm slowly starting to scheme decor and organization ideas for each room. I have prioritized them by order of how much they are used each day (besides the kitchen, that one we will work on next year). The first on my list is the playroom in the basement. When we were house shopping, I knew I wanted a home with a designated playroom for Cam. Whether that be a finished basement, loft or bonus room. I was so happy to find that this house had a nice sized finished basement with a full bathroom attached. So, we set up all his toys in the basement with a small tv and the easy chair we had in our old basement. We blocked off a large area by stretching out our old play pen across the wall. There's still a nice sized area right when you come down the stairs that will be eventually an adult TV area. 

Here's what it looks like now:

It's kind of a long and narrow shape that curves in the back to a little 'nook.' I think the back area would be a perfect little reading or craft area. I'm hoping to get Camden a little toddler table and maybe one of those teepees for reading at some point.

First things first... we desperately need some toy organization! I'm still using some of our plastic bins we used for moving to hold his toys. And now he has figured out how to climb into them! I think these ikea shelving units and different colored bins would be perfect for toy storage and organization. I would move the small tv to sit on the top of the shelving unit and get rid of the small tv stand. 

The lighting in the basement is not ideal (I hate over head lighting) and the fact that there's really no windows doesn't help either. I'd like to add a few more lamps to the room to add to the ambiance and lighting situation. 

We would also like to add a kid friendly couch for better seating along the side wall facing the shelving units/tv. Of course, I'd love to add a fun rug and some wall decor at some point as well. 

Here are a few photos I've pinned for inspiration:

sources: 1 | 2 | 3&4

Here is my current wishlist for the playroom:

ikea shelves | grey and white stripe bins | number bins | bookshelf | map poster | bean bag chair | map rug | play teepee | toddler table

I'm really hoping we can get most of it done before baby #2 arrives!
I will post progress as we go!

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Transitional Pieces for Spring

It's officially spring! Which means, it's time to start incorporating some spring fashion into your wardrobe. Late March and April are typically still pretty chilly around these parts, so in order to be prepared for the chilly weather, it's important to layer up top. 

Here are a few items to have in your spring fashion wardrobe this season:

1. Lightweight button up shirts and cardigans - I'm loving the gingham and buffalo check shirts for the spring season. This Old Navy shirt is light weight enough to wear over your favorite tee for layering. Having a variety of lightweight, button up cardigans in your spring closet is a must. I'm loving all the spring colors of this Halogen three quarter sleeve cardigan.

2. Blazers - I love the look of a fitted blazer over t shirts or even tank tops with jeans. It's a stylish way to dress up the everyday outfit! This chambray blazer from J. Crew factory is on my list as well as this lightweight, knit blazer from Old Navy.

3. Military jackets - Another spring trend that I love is the military style jackets and vests. They are so versatile and can go with almost anything. I love this cotton twill military vest and this 'Outsider' field jacket.

4. Denim jackets - This is one item I do not have in my closet for the spring, so I'm hoping to find the perfect one soon. Denim jackets can be worn with so many different outfits. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, etc. The key to wearing a denim jacket with jeans is to make sure your denim isn't the same wash or color. I love the look of a denim jacket with white jeans (like these). I love the look of this Madewell jacket, but may opt for this less expensive J. Crew factory version.

As far as jeans go, it's time to put away those dark wash skinnies and pull out your white and light washed, distressed denim. 

What are your favorite transitional pieces for spring?

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Easter 2016

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend at Bill's hometown with his family. 
Camden enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt! He was a little slow with the gathering of the eggs, but loved playing with all the plastic eggs he collected. He is still finding them so entertaining and yells "egg!" anytime he sees one. 

There was lots of food, candy and family gatherings that kept us busy for the 2 days we were there. We also attended Easter Sunday church service at his home church. I had Camden all dressed up and everyone in church was oohing and ahhing over him!

Of course, he would not stay still for a good picture of just him in his outfit, but I will cherish the above family photo! 

I'm still coming down off the Easter candy high and getting back into the swing of the week. 

I absolutely loved seeing all the family photos and cute posts of the kiddos in their Easter best over the weekend! Hope you all had a great holiday as well!


Our Week in Review

It was a pretty good week that seemed to fly by! 

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and will be 26 on Monday. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! Although, I'm starting to feel more like 30+ weeks... I'm hoping the 3rd trimester isn't too rough on me!

My parents were in town this past weekend and it was so nice having them around. My poor mom, however, caught the stomach bug while she was here and was down for the count for a good 24 hours. I felt so bad because I knew it was killing her not to be able to play with Cam! She was feeling much better by Saturday night, so Bill and I were able to sneak out right before Cam's bedtime for a date night! It had been a while since we went out to dinner just the 2 of us. We went to Catch 35 in Naperville and shared the crab legs and fillet meal. It was soon good! I completely forgot to take any photos of my date night outfit, but ended up wearing this tunic with my maternity skinny jeans and booties. 

On Sunday after my parents left, Bill, Cam and I went for a little afternoon home decor shopping at a few stores. We ended up getting some new kitchen table chairs at World Market and I'm loving them. They are definitely more sturdy than our old ones and will hopefully last through having 2 boys!

This week I signed Camden up for swimming lessons starting April 2nd! I'm so excited! I got him a few new pairs of swim trunks to celebrate (from Target of course).

I'm slowly starting to scheme some ideas for his new room too. Below is what it looks like now. We decided to leave the paint color since it's a pretty neutral tone. I'm keeping all his grey and white decor the same, but hoping to add some pops of blue and green in there at some point. Since we had to leave all our window treatments at our old house (part of the contract), I had to find some new curtains for his room. I found these cute grey and white striped curtains at Target that go perfectly!

I also picked up a metal, industrial looking letter "C" from Hobby Lobby (below image) to hang above his crib instead of the wood letters that spell out his name that we had in the old nursery. I'm hoping we can hang some decor in his room this weekend or next. 

On Wednesday, we finally had our blinds installed on the first floor! Hallelujah! We no longer feel like we are living in a fish bowl!

I'm so looking forward to the holiday weekend!
We are leaving for Bill's hometown this afternoon and will stay there through Sunday. I can't wait to get Cam all dressed up in his cute little Easter outfit! Oh, and eat all the Easter candy... :) 

I hope you all had a great week!
Happy Easter weekend!

Random Thoughts for Thursday

Just thought I'd share some random thoughts/rants/confessions with you all on this Thursday...

1 - I am absolutely sick of cold weather. I'm so ready for the temps to get up in the 70s and 80s. Looking at the average temps for IL, it looks like that won't happen until June! Ugh... I know we've had a mild winter, but I'm ready for summer weather!

2 - It's been really difficult to drop off Cam at daycare 3 days a week. He almost always cries when I leave and it breaks my heart. I know this is just a tough age and he is just in a 'mommy' stage. I went to daycare/baby sitters when I was his age and I'm not emotionally scarred (at least I don't think so). And I know there are so many parents out there that take their kids to daycare 5 days a week. I guess I just have to toughen up and hope that he will soon adjust.

3 - Although drop off is the worst part of my days during the week, once I get home to an empty/quiet house I feel like I am so productive! I'm able to get all my work done and house chores, errands, etc. I  hate feeling selfish about taking him to daycare and not staying home with him, but the trade off has been great for me mentally and physically (chasing around a toddler at 6+ months pregnant is exhausting!).

4 - Speaking of exhausting... Camden has been cutting a molar this week, which has not been fun for anyone. His nose is a constant drip, which also makes him cough at night. He's extra whiny and has been waking up at 5:30am for the past 3 days... Pass all the coffee... oh wait, I can't have too much caffeine... Torture! Seriously, teething is the devil.

5 - Picking out paint colors for our house has been a much more difficult task than I expected. Maybe it's because we are hiring painters to do it and I know once the color is up we are not going to be able to repaint even if we wanted to. It's like picking a name for your unborn child! I've got our master bedroom color picked out (SW Evening Shadow, a very light/cool toned grey.), but still have to decide on the family room, entry, halls, dining room and our master bathroom. Hoping to finalize our colors this next week! Painters are coming the 2nd week of April!

6 - I'm coming to the realization that we probably won't have the nursery done by the time baby #2 gets here and I'm ok with that. Being that this is our 2nd, I know you don't necessarily need to have a complete nursery the day the baby is born. Camden didn't even try out his crib until around 2 months and even then it was only for a few hours at a time. I'm hoping to at least have a glider in the room. That is the one piece of furniture I know I will be using a lot. I'm also contemplating putting our extra double mattress in the baby's room so I can sleep in there with him for the first few months until crib training starts. That way he can get used to sleeping in the same room every night. We'll see!

7 - It has been decided that I will be staying home with our babes after baby #2 comes. Putting 2 kids in daycare with my part time salary just doesn't make sense. I am extremely nervous/anxious about being a full time sahm with 2 babes under 2!! Any advice from current stay at home moms of 2 is welcome! Mostly ways to keep my sanity... I know we will have a lot of help from family the first month or so after baby gets here, but I'm nervous for after the help is gone and I'm alone with the 2 of them. It's hard enough to wrangle a toddler and our dog when I'm alone with them. I did just order this wrap and I'm hoping to have better luck with baby wearing this time around bc I think it will really help with being alone with the 2 of them.

8 - I am officially in a fashion rut. I have used the excuse of being pregnant and moving for not buying any new clothes recently. I've bought a few tops and one extra pair of maternity jeans in the past 2-3 months. I've been living in maternity leggings and over sized tunics and sweaters for pretty much my entire pregnancy and when I'm home, that changes to over sized sweats and Bill's t-shirts. I used to be so excited about getting dressed on work days and even trying to look put together on days I'm home with Cam. Then, this winter with being pregnant and everything else going on, I just gave up. I'm hoping the warm weather that hopefully we will have soon will help motivate me to beef up my spring wardrobe!

9 - I have been so bad about planning meals for the week. Bill has been out of town the past few nights for work and I just used that as an excuse not to plan for dinner. I had gram crackers and animal crackers for dinner on Tuesday night... no joke! Plus, I've been getting some pretty bad heartburn at the end of the day, so I'm trying not to eat too heavy at dinner anyway. But really... I need to get better at planning meals! Can someone please write a post on how you plan meals for the week?

Those are my random thoughts/rants/confessions for now! I'll be back tomorrow with a little recap of our week! 

PS - I hope I wasn't too much of a Debbie downer in this post. I really feel so lucky to have the life I do! Just feels good to vent every now and then, right?

Target Swimwear

Top Row: one || two || three || four
Bottom Row: one || two || three 

Ah, swimsuit season... You know it's coming.

This year will be especially fun because we now have a pool at our house! 
I have a maternity suit that I will most likely be sporting until baby #2 gets here, but after that I'm hoping to be back in some 'normal' looking suits.

I'm mostly looking at one piece suits because I know I won't be in bikini shape right away after baby #2. Most of the suits above are black (which is probably the color I would order), but a lot of them come in fun summer tones as well. 

Target has been killing it in the swim department. All of the suits above are especially flattering for those of you that don't feel like working too much on those ab muscles before the weather gets hot. What's even better about these suits are the price tags. All the suits above are under $60 and most are around the $40 price mark! You can't beat that!

I also rounded up some fun pool attire accessories to add to your shopping cart...

Top Row: hat 1 || hat 2 || hat 3
Bottom Row: sandals on top || sandals on bottom || cover up 1 || cover up 2 || cover up 3

*Right now, Target is offering buy 1 get 1 50% off select women's Merona swim, clothing, shoes and accessories!

Have you purchased any new suits for the summer season yet?
Would you sport a one piece?

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What's in Camden's Easter Basket

I've seen a few other blogger/toddler moms post this, so I thought I would go ahead and share as well! It is hard to come up with ideas for what to put inside a toddler's Easter basket since they aren't quite ready for all the candy and sugary goodness. Instead, I opted for practical and fun items that I know he will love!

I found his Easter basket in the Target dollar isle for $3... You can't beat that! I know one day I will want to splurge on the monogrammed PB Easter baskets for the boys, but for now... This one will do!

* He LOVES baths right now, so I knew I wanted to add a little bath toy to his basket. I found these O Ball Scoop 'N Spill bath cups. He loves stackable toys and I know he will just love scooping the water with these!

* I also got him some water/swimming shoes! I am hoping to get him started in swimming classes next month, so I know these will get some great use this spring and summer!

* In keeping with the 'water' theme, I also picked up a water proof football. We can use it in the tub or pool. He is all about any type pf ball right now. In fact, I think his favorite word at the moment is "Ball!" (besides Dada...)

* Bubbles are always a hit with Cam, so it was a no brainer to add some to his basket. He loves to shout 'Bah Bah!' (for bubble) when I blow bubbles for him! 

* Of course, I couldn't completely leave out some tasty treats. He is always snacking on puffs and those yogurt melts. They are great for car rides or for taking with us when we have outings to keep him occupied. 

* Last but not least, a furry bunny! He loves stuffed animals and I know his eyes will light up when he sees this cute little guy!

There you have it! I can't wait to give him his basket this weekend!

What would/did you put in your toddler's Easter basket?

Our Week in Review

Although, the weekend and beginning of the week were shot due to the plague of 2016, I will say the last half of the week ended quite nicely. 

* We had our paint consultation and I am so excited to get started with the paint process. Since we basically want to paint our entire house, it will take the crew a full week to get it finished once they start. We are hoping to pick out colors and finalize plans this weekend! I think a fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference! (PS - Yes, we hire painters... I guess you can say we aren't big on home DIYs...)

* I have succumb to the Easter candy... I was doing so well with resisting, but that huge seasonal candy isle at Target finally got to me. Anyone else binging on Easter candy this week? Just me?

* I made crock pot chicken nachos this week, which is always a hit around these parts. I simply throw in a few frozen chicken breasts, a jar of salsa and I cut up some extra onions (bc my husband and I both love them). I set the crock pot on low and let it cook for at least 4 hours or so. Then, I shred the chicken with 2 forks. To make the nachos, I pile a plate full of tortilla chips, melt some shredded cheese on top and layer on the shredded chicken, some extra salsa, sour cream, etc. So easy, delicious and filling!

* I decided that our little kitchen area needed some Spring time pep, so I grabbed some pretty flowers from the grocery store and also got these placemats for our kitchen table. Oh, and I picked up this happy mat for our front door. It's amazing what a few little brightly colored decor and fresh flowers will do for your spirit!

* How horrible is it that I did not dress Cam up in anything green yesterday? I have been so focused on his Easter outfit that I completely forgot about St. Patty's day! He seriously only has grey, blue, red and striped clothing in his closet...oops! #momfail

* My parents are in town for the weekend which I am super excited about! We are hoping to even have a date night this weekend while they babysit! It's been too long!

* I'm starting to get really excited about warmer weather. Spring and summer are just around the corner now. Camden can not wait to try out his new pool :)

Hope you all had a great week!

Happy weekend, friends!

Spring Dresses

I have been craving a spring shopping trip recently. I love all the spring-y colors out in stores right now! I realize that my options are limited at this point in my pregnancy (the belly is out of control you guys...). For Easter, I will most likely be wearing a maternity dress that I purchased last time I was pregnant with Cam. However, I hope to live vicariously through all of you when it comes to spring dress shopping, mmkay?

Here's a little round up of some of my favorite spring dress options:

1) I love this Floral Scuba Mesh Fit & Flare dress by Gabby Skye. The print is so light and pretty and perfect for Easter service!

2) Another floral option is this Crepe High/Low Trapeze Dress. It looks so comfortable and flattering on any figure.

3) A lace dress always adds a bit of class to any occasion. This BB Dakota 'Rhianna' Illusion Yoke Fit & Flare dress comes in so many pretty spring hues!

4) Last, but not least, you can never go wrong with a good shift dress. Just dress it up with some fun heels and accessories! This boatneck shift dress comes in several color options and is on sale right now for $32.40!

Shop this post and more Spring dress options below (click on the image to link to the source):

Happy Spring shopping!

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The Great Plague

I'm reusing this IG photo for a little glimpse of inspiration after what was a very rough weekend for our little family. 

I had high hopes for the weekend. Plans to visit near by parks and explore more of our new town, clean the house and put away those last pesky boxes, organize a few rooms, start scheming some paint colors... Wouldn't that have been nice?!

We are all slowly coming out of what I will refer to as the 'great plague of 2016'. I shared with you all on Friday that Camden had a little bout with the stomach bug last week. Well, the bug spread to his parents over the weekend. I started getting sick Friday afternoon and it lasted until Saturday morning. Then, all day Saturday and most of Sunday I just felt like death. No energy, no appetite. I know I may have got the short end of the stick because of being pregnant (thanks pregnancy immune system!). Then yesterday, Bill started running a high fever. Luckily, he has not got sick (knock on wood) and seems to feel a bit better today. 

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of working and house chores today. I promise to be back in blogging action very soon! 


Our Week in Review

I've decided to start posting a little review of our week every Friday (in place of a weekend recap), since it seems our weeks are more exciting than our weekends these days. Here's what we've been up to this week...

* Well, it was a big week for Camden (and for his parents). He started daycare 3 days per week and we've all been slowly adjusting to this big change. When we were in Ohio, my mom/parents watched him 2 days a week and Bill's mom/parents watched him one day a week so I could work and run errands. Now that we live further away from family, we had to look at some daycares as an option for childcare during the week. 

Drop offs have been a little difficult (mostly for me), but the smile I get when I pick him up is so wonderful! I love the reports and photos I get at the end of each day. It amazes me that they track eating, sleeping, activities and take photos of each child through out the day and send a full report to each parent/guardian everyday!

Of course, daycare does have it's downsides... On Wednesday night Camden woke up about 10:30pm throwing up and it lasted until after 1am. Seeing your baby get sick like that has to be one of the saddest things in the world. I just basically sat in the bathroom, holding him with a towel to his mouth for a while. We finally put the pack n play in our room with a towel down instead of sheets and he went to sleep about 1:30 and slept until 8am (which is late for him!). I'm not sure if it was the stomach bug or just something he ate? Bill and I feel fine (knock on wood), so I don't think it's that crazy contagious stomach bug going around. But, who knows! I kept him home on Thursday to recuperate and then took him today for a make up day since he was feeling much better.

All in all, our experience so far with his new daycare has been so great. The staff there is amazing and is one of the reasons we decided on this place. I plan on posting about finding a good daycare and what to look for in a daycare very soon!

* We had our window treatment consultation and are hoping to get them professionally installed in the next few weeks. We went with some white wood, 2" blinds for most of the bottom floor. We will be installing curtains in the dining room and most of the upstairs bedrooms after we paint (don't worry our bedroom and Camden's have temporary window treatments!).

* I made this crock pot lasagna and it was a hit! It was seriously one of the easiest crock pot recipes I've tried. I've been craving all kinds of pasta and Italian food, so it really hit the spot. I served it with a big salad and some garlic bread on the side. That's about as far as I got with making dinners this week.. I am struggling to find the time and energy to cook these days! Trying to get better at planning meals!

* Even though I am really trying to limit my spending over the next few months to focus on house updates, I had to take advantage of a few sale items I've had my eye on for a while from Nordstrom. I ordered this tunic in olive (on sale for $27.90! I also have it in the wine color and LOVE it!) and this cowl neck sweatshirt tunic (on sale for $28.80!) which looks super comfy. Both are non-maternity and seem to be bump friendly, so that's a plus! I'm hoping these are the last few cooler weather clothing purchases I'll make this season! Bring on the maxi dresses, t-shirts and shorts!

* Lastly, I finally got my hair highlighted and trimmed. It had been since before Christmas! I was nervous going to a new salon and hairdresser, but I LOVE the results! There's something about a fresh hair do that makes you feel so much better, am I right?

Well, that pretty much sums up our week! We are just going to have a low key weekend again. Maybe work on a few house projects, grill out if the weather stays nice (it's been in the 50s / 60s here), maybe take Camden to a park or explore our new town! 

Hope you all had a fabulous week and happy weekend!

Baby #2 Nursery Inspiration

Now that we are starting to settle into our new home, I've started scheming decor ideas for each room. Of course, the one that is on the top of my list is Baby #2's nursery. I decided this time around, I wanted a more neutral toned nursery. One that can be easily transitioned into a toddler room down the road. 

I've been pinning images of some neutral nurseries that I love for the past few months so I will be using these as the main inspiration when painting, furnishing and decorating the room. The room we are going to assign to baby #2 is already painted with a white primer, so it is ready to be painted with our color of choice.

Here are some of my inspirational images:

image sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I love the neutral toned wall colors of each room from above. We also have white molding and door frames, so that will go perfectly with the lighter color. 

I contemplated purchasing these adorable Animal Print Shop prints for Camden's room when we were decorating it, but decided to go a different route for his decor. I am highly considering framing a few of the cute little baby animal prints for baby #2's nursery. Camden may be jealous because he LOVES animals!

I put together a little collage of some of the items I have on my wishlist for the new nursery below:

chambray animal mobileanimal printswoven seagrass baskets | moroccan leather pouf | PB kids declan rocker | grey fog jenny lind crib | geometric area rug

Most likely we won't even start painting until next month, so it may be a while before I share the results, but wanted to share my inspiration!

I hope you all are having a good week!

Settling In...

Hello blogging world! I am still here, I promise! We moved into our new home in Plainfield, IL a little over a week ago and we've been slowly working on settling in ever since. I do not know how we would have accomplished this move without our movers or the help of both of our immediate families this past week. Especially being pregnant and trying to take care of a toddler all the while... It's definitely not an easy task!

We said goodbye to our first home together on February 25th. It was a bitter sweet day watching the movers pack and load all of our items and furniture out of our home and into the truck. We were able to take one more look around the empty rooms before we had to leave. It felt so surreal to know it would be our last moment in our home.

We took one last photo in front of our home before we had to leave.

That Thursday night we stayed at Bill's parents house and Friday the 26th was our closing day for our new home. We stayed in a hotel Friday night in Naperville and movers showed up to our new home 7am Saturday morning. The following weekend was crazy, but we were so lucky to have help from Bills family. They helped us clean, get settled and helped to watch Cam as we unpacked. 

Although it was sad to say goodbye to our first home, I was excited to get into our new house and get settled. I am loving all the space and the layout is great! I will say that I am not used to these 2 story homes and going up and down stairs everyday. I am extra worn out at the end of the day from not only being pregnant, but also from carrying a toddler up and down the stairs multiple times a day! I have started to make Cam crawl up the stairs now because I am so out of breath if I try to carry him.

Of course, we've been a bit thrown off from the one hour time change which I wasn't expecting. Cam was waking up between 4:30-5am the first few days even with pushing his bedtime back to the normal time (7-7:30pm). I think he just knew he was in a new place. The past few mornings he's been waking up closer to 6am, so I think he is slowly adjusting (thank goodness). 

We have a lot of plans to get the house all set up and decorated the way we like. First order of business is buying and installing window treatments throughout the house. We had to leave our window treatments in our old house as part of our contract. This house had almost no window treatments when we moved in and there are a lot of windows on the first floor, including a 2 story wall of windows in the family room. It kind of feels like we are living in a big fish bowl at the moment! Hopefully, we will be able to get blinds/curtains over the next few weeks.

Also on the top of our list is painting pretty much the entire house. I don't really love any of the paint colors, so we both agreed to hire painters to repaint everything. Hoping to start the estimate process this week as well.

There are a lot of little projects I hope to complete over the next year and I can't wait to share the results!

For now, we are enjoying our new space and looking forward to getting back into our normal routine.

Camden actually starts daycare (3 days a week) this week and I'm super anxious about it! Any mommas out there that have advice for integrating your toddler into daycare would be much appreciated!

Thank you all for your kind words and congrats on my IG and Facebook posts regarding our move and new home!


PS - Did I mention our new house has a pool?! I can't wait for this summer! :)