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Etsy Shop Giveaway!

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday to you! I have something fun and exciting to end your week. Since I just launched my new Etsy shop last week, I thought it would be appropriate to do a giveaway with one of my favorite Etsy shops Pearls and Pastries. If you have not been following Lauren's perfectly styled instagram feed, do yourself a favor and start now! Her posts always brighten my day and also make me want to paint my nails with all different colors of Essie nail polish! On top of that, her shop is full of wonderful, sparkly, confetti decorated items such as this sparkly hanger that would be a perfect bridesmaid gift, no? Or this adorable little gold polka dot dish that would be a perfect catch all for your jewelry or lip glosses. I also thought it would be very fitting since I just switched my iPhone case to {this one} and working on something similar for my Etsy shop {here}...

Well ladies, you're in luck because Lauren is giving away one of these pretty little dishes to a randomly selected winner! All you have to do is complete as many entries in the Raffle Copter widget below (the more you complete, the better your chances are to win!). 

Not only that, but today only Pearls and Pastries is giving all Lovely Life Styling readers 20% off your entire order! Just use the code "Lovely20" at check out!

I will announce the winner next Friday! Good luck! 

4 Favs // Summer Is Here!

Well, hello bloggettes! Long time no post, huh? I had a fabulous lazy/relaxing/fun 3 day Memorial weekend. So lazy in fact that it was too much for me to even post a recap yesterday! Really though, you would have been bored out of your mind... Just to sum it up, there was a lot of drinking, eating and couch exciting!
Now that I'm back in action, I wanted to share with you a few of my favs that I've had my eye on recently. I must say that I did fall off of the wagon with the 3 months of no shopping deal...I found some shorts and a few tops that I just couldn't pass up from Old Navy. Also, grabbed this iPhone case on sale! Time for this baller on a budget to hop back on the "wedding saving mode" horse. However, I will say that these items are all must haves for the Summer!
 photo 488124d1-5e7f-4692-b4b4-082c6383d07b_zps76a604fb.jpg
Of course, one can't have too many flowy, comfy, casual maxi dresses for the Summer! I'm loving this cotton chevron print one from Hive & Honey via Piperline.
I've been seeing these sunnies everywhere! I'm loving the tortoise shell and the shape of these Warby Parker sunglasses.
Oh, hello conversation piece Kate Spade bottle opener ring?! No doubt you will be the most popular gal at all the BBQs this Summer with this puppy on your hand.
Your Summer wardrobe is not complete with out the perfect tote bag. I'm loving the soft tan shade of this C. Wonder tassel leather tote.
What pieces are you loving for Summer?
I'm linking up with Ashlyn and Kristin for 4 favs! Hop on over and check out some more fashion finds! Don't forget to check back this Friday for a giveaway featuring a great deal from one of my favorite Etsy shops!

Friday Cocktail // Moscow Mule

Happy Friday Loves! I'm leaving you this week with a very tasty and refreshing drink that would pair perfectly with any BBQ's you may be attending this weekend.
I had my first Moscow Mule while on date night at a new restaurant in downtown Columbus called The Pearl. I was immediately hooked! The tasty burst of ginger beer mixed with the refreshing lime juice poured over ice and served in a frosty copper mug... It may be the perfect Summer cocktail!
Unfortunately, I do not have copper mugs {If anyone is looking for wedding gift ideas, you can buy us these ;) }...However, a frosty Ball jar works just as well :)
 photo f2f59d3c-7b36-424f-bc0d-67b2686acb58_zpsd091a933.jpg
 photo 618df4a9-54ce-4480-b616-31375c8136fb_zps4af52d63.jpg

 To download and print this recipe {click here}
 photo 134cbc4c-38b9-4d31-9092-89196c055178_zpsa7f51511.jpg
I'm also leaving you with an ensemble that would be a perfect transition outfit from the pool to a BBQ party you may be attending...
 photo 113111d4-77a4-4f71-8906-363981145c2e_zps0f12e59a.jpg  

I'm linking up with {av} for Friday's Fancies! Hop on over and check out some more Memorial Day inspired outfits!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

DIY Tassel Garland {SPD}

I have wanted to try {this DIY} for a while now and I'm so glad I was able to make one for the Love Sweet Love bridal shower I co-hosted this past weekend.

 photo 3b288efd-5cb6-49dc-a2bd-ffb53ed51449_zps1d29fe85.jpg

It is surprisingly not as tough as it may seem. The trick is to find a higher quality tissue paper that is thick enough to not rip or tear while twisting and gluing.

{Materials needed}

3 packs of preferred color of tissue paper
twine or string of choice {make sure it is not too think so you can string it through the tassels}
hot glue gun

 photo 5ed3d757-4a18-43dd-b8c0-a407ba783350_zps0184020e.jpg    
1 // Start with one sheet of tissue paper on a flat surface.
2 // Fold it lengthwise.
3 // Then, fold widthwise.
4 // Then, fold again widthwise.

 photo 9f14a9f0-340d-404c-b754-3294736dcff7_zpsff6e7bf4.jpg

5 // Cut strips into the tissue paper leaving 2 inches of space at the top.
6 // Unfold once and cut down the middle section.
7 // Unfold again and cut so you have 4 separate fringed pieces {one sheet of tissue makes 4 tassels!}
8 // Roll each piece lengthwise. Make sure not to get the fringe tangled. 

 photo b46271e3-64f9-49c4-8929-3843b69c0233_zps3e44ad7f.jpg  
 9 // Twist each tassel in the middle section and bend to create a loop.
10 // Dab a few dots of hot glue to keep loop in place. Hold in place while the glue dries for a few minutes.
11 // Line up tassels in your preferred color order.

Lastly, string and enjoy!

 photo b88e0e40-83a0-4dac-86fb-ba694280a3b5_zpsa9cd043d.jpg

This red, pink and white garland worked perfectly in front of the sweets table at the shower.

 photo 448baeb3-7b24-4764-8f88-9af80b5d4565_zpsdd102b3b.jpg
If you don't have time to make your own, I am selling this tassel as well as other items from the shower on my new and improved Etsy Shop!
I'm linking up with Steph for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it! Hop on over and check out some more Pinteresting projects!  

4 favs // Current Obsession...

I am currently obsessed with studded accessories....
First of all, this dress needs to be in my closet STAT! Loving the tie-dyed effect and the cut-out back.
Secondly, these gold studded earrings would be the perfect little accent. Top this outfit off with this studded cuff.
Oh, and HELLO cute little studded Michael Kors crossbody. I need you in my life!
I'm linking up with Ashlyn and Kristen for this week's 4 favs. Also, linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday. Hop on over to check out some more favs and random fun!
Happy Hump Day!

Love Sweet Love Bridal Shower

My weekend was consumed with crafting and decorating the house for a close friend's bridal shower. The theme was "Love Sweet Love", so the M.O.H. had the brilliant idea of having a little sweets table. She found the adorable "Love Sweet Love" banner form a shop on etsy and we decided to tie in the colors of red, pink and white through out the shower décor.
 photo c98a6426-5f71-4586-ba2c-4e1b92f7dd85_zpsb995dec8.jpg
 photo a95a5afd-f4b6-44b1-88c4-e6c8af8878f3_zpsa44fce0b.jpg
 photo f4c03c44-f6a4-423e-8978-bafa80466c55_zpse8615a0a.jpg  
 photo 2058b64d-b715-4629-9eb4-8ff8d9035251_zps2642737c.jpg
 photo b6567e6e-641f-4dda-8230-61b6f721331e_zpsce140887.jpg
 photo fc92a025-44ef-4365-be19-ddf3451781ec_zps0f5169d3.jpg
 {ribbon photo backdrop}
 photo da0f6102-f85c-4d5a-b5ee-2bf372be9cbf_zps48b9084e.jpg
 photo aafd15c5-2fad-4a62-b671-227aeb62c5ce_zps98aeacb0.jpg
 photo 7ce469f5-af7b-4175-8d2a-874fa0c84285_zpsa82d98e7.jpg
 photo 448baeb3-7b24-4764-8f88-9af80b5d4565_zpsdd102b3b.jpg
 photo f239ffb6-ef19-43d6-8465-cb12c354d21d_zpse9b90b79.jpg
{Delicious strawberry cake balls made by the M.O.H.}
 photo 4bcdd6f3-5b4d-4678-9297-ace3a90e1bd0_zps7db094dd.jpg
 photo eb8d6abe-f8b9-4b63-927c-10b3b77f423d_zps04f840e3.jpg  
{the beautiful bride-to-be!}
 photo 80e27004-7e7b-4bb4-9d70-954cee7ebde7_zpsee0b461b.jpg
I had so much fun styling this shower! The bride-to-be was very happy and thankful :)
If you are looking to add a little style to your next bridal shower or event, please contact me at for more information.
Also, I may be selling some of the items from this shower on my etsy shop. More info coming soon!

I'm linking up with Sami today! Hop on over and check out some more weekend shenanigans!

Friday Cocktail // Champs + Berries

So sorry I was unable to post the DIY tassel garland yesterday like I promised. I was having some technical difficulties with my computer that hopefully have been resolved as of today. I am really excited to share the tassel garland with you because it is something I've wanted to try for a while. I will save it for next week and will group it with a few other little DIY projects I've been working on for the upcoming bridal shower I am co-hosting this weekend. 

For now, I will leave you with a sweet little cocktail in honor of the "Love Sweet Love" red, pink and white themed shower mentioned above. This is what I like to call a K.I.S.S. idea....aka Keep It Simple Silly {I would never call you stupid!}. Sometimes, we go a little over board with the themes and the color coordination and all the gadgets to make a party great and creative. However, sometimes we need to just dumb it down and take on the "less is more" approach. That is what I am doing with today's {and the shower's} cocktail...

It's a simple recipe...find your favorite champs {anyone watch Real Housewives of OC? Heather is my fav!}, add some frozen berries and voilà! You have Champs + Berries! The frozen berries start to melt and their juice starts to mix with the champs in your glass. Plus, the cold berries keep the champs cool! It is refreshing and delicious!

 photo 26462cc4-37a7-4563-86c8-bdc3831fa5bf_zps1325a5ee.jpg

I used frozen strawberries and raspberries here. I think we are going to be using frozen raspberries this weekend. We may even add a splash of pink lemonade to add some color and to go with the red and pink theme.

 photo d83dd438-fdac-4d6a-9616-3cfa9349c94f_zpsc87cadeb.jpg

Hopefully, I will get a post together with photos from the festivities this weekend and will share with you all Monday for a little Weekend Update! 

I've still got some work to do this weekend to get the house ready and finish up some projects...

 photo 81133bc6-875e-45e5-b87b-8ebb92e334f3_zps552cad0a.jpg

Wish me luck! 

As always, you can follow along with me this weekend on instagram and twitter

Happy Friday!

4 Favs...Beach Dreaming!

 photo 10ab57f6-b31f-40e2-a0ca-1369424daad6_zps6aa25301.jpg

Currently, I am on a shopping freeze for another month...but, that doesn't mean I can't day dream about buying some fun beach items for my honeymoon in 6 months!
I am obsessed with this maxi beach dress from ASOS...I can definitely imagine myself strolling down the beaches of Hawaii in this and a floppy hat...
I am loving the jewel tones of these gem drop earrings and cuff...perhaps a little much for the beach, but they go with the blue maxi perfectly :)
I'm gonna need to buy these jeweled sandals from Nine West as soon as this shopping freeze is over!
I'm linking up with Ashlyn and Kristen for 4 Favs! Hop on over and check out some more fab 4's!

Berry Smoothie Recipe

This year I am focused on becoming healthy and am constantly on the quest for healthy easy recipes I can make. Breakfast is always tough for me because I typically don't get hungry until about 10am, yet I know that breakfast can be the most important part of your diet as well as a boost to your metabolism. This is a recipe for a quick, easy and healthy smoothie that I LOVE and could drink everyday for breakfast...
 photo c8a33bb9-a162-4187-b9a6-8b274d2b39ef_zpsa07b5448.jpg
 photo c97b10fd-dc38-46c0-ba93-e22212be9bbf_zpsa03671c7.jpg
1 c. of frozen mixed berries
1/2 of a banana
1/2 c. baby spinach leaves
1 tsp. flax seeds
1 scoop of protein powder (not pictured - I use vanilla flavored)
1/2 c. Silk Pure Almond Milk
Blend together until smooth in blender or smoothie maker. I use {this} guy to make single serve smoothies in the morning. It's the best!
*This recipe yields 1 smoothie. Double recipe to make enough for 2.
This week I am busy crafting and preparing for a very special bridal shower I will be co-hosting this weekend. I will share some of the DIY crafts later this week!

Friday Cocktail // French 75

As I have been saying this week, I am starting a new cocktail series on the blog. What sounds better than a nice cocktail to end your week, right?
The first cocktail of the series is called the French 75 in honor of The Great Gatsby movie coming out today and is a throw back to the roaring 20's. This cocktail is smooth and and sophisticated, just like Mr. Gatsby himself!
 photo 0fe949a9-e1e1-43fc-ab63-ec6f1e0e05e6_zps43039772.jpg

 photo 541d9a5e-241f-4d61-b586-11bb96c3dc11_zps954984e2.jpg
Printable version of this recipe {here}
 photo aa092772-588a-45a0-b22f-d45d7350bb94_zpsdf8b3930.jpg
Will you be seeing The Great Gatsby this weekend? I'm hoping to catch it Saturday night.
Also, happy Mother's Day weekend!
If you need some last minute gift ideas, check out this post and this post from a few of my daily reads.
Happy Weekend!

Tomato Mozzarella Grilled Cheese

I have been longing after {this pin} for a while now. I am a big fan of Panera's Tomato Mozzarella Panini, and this is a pretty close copy cat!
2 slices of Italian wheat or panini bread
a few thin slices of fresh mozzarella cheese
2 or 3 slices of fresh tomato
3 or 4 basil leaves
1 tsp. EVOO {extra virgin olive oil}
 photo bc2c967c-834a-4fba-98c2-c16a828bff0e_zps1b506ea9.jpg
Heat skillet or Panini press on medium and drizzle with oil. Allow oil to simmer and place 1 slice of bread, cheese, basil, tomato and top with last slice of bread. Cook for about 5 minutes, depending upon how brown you want your sandwich, then flip and cook additional 3 to 5 mins. Enjoy!
So quick, easy, healthy and delicious!
I used some fresh basil form my mini herb garden...
 photo 3f96521d-6a59-42f9-b49c-fd2718d96ebd_zps5a538574.jpg
This was an easy DIY with small clay pots that I painted with chalk board paint. I got the herb plants at Trader Joe's. They are getting so big, I may have to condense them into one big pot!
I'm linking up with Katie for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it. Hop on over and check out some more Pinterest inspired projects!
Check back tomorrow for my new Summer Cocktail series! :)

New Camera Love + Minor Changes

I just wanted to share with you a few amateur photos I have taken since the new purchase of my Nikon D5100... because I'm slightly obsessed...
 photo f7e29a68-d1da-4804-bbe9-3d195d888f64_zps2e57ae73.jpg
One of our pretty yellow tulips before they died :(
 photo 7d88272e-2e14-4ae0-a7b2-fd0fbe17fb49_zps21254d1b.jpg
A little on-going project I have going on with some Good Will vases and some pink spray paint for an upcoming bridal shower! Reveal of this project coming soon!
 photo 1c476b6c-da0a-415d-a4af-544a78e12405_zpsa7060b77.jpg
Another little "project" that is taking up room in the garage is my vintage champagne coupe glass collection. Can you believe I found these beauties from Good Will?! I'm thinking of cleaning these up and starting a cocktail recipe series here on the bloggity-blog...thoughts?
These were all between $ .50 and $ .99 each! These little coupe style glasses are all the rage at the current moment and the starting price on some of the popular sites are about $5 a piece. {World Market, BHLDN and Crate & Barrel}

And of course, I took some artsy styled photos of my Cinco de Mayo flowers :)
 photo 294745c6-f8e8-468e-8c40-ed175eea0737_zps52f351f9.jpg
 photo 56f4a1cf-7f66-44ea-8913-2ba8ea0e0fce_zps44336dea.jpg
 photo ddaa0037-9c7e-4b92-807a-357cac83a7a9_zps6946fad8.jpg
Pretty right? I'm slowly learning the settings and all the little gizmos on my camera. It's so fun!
So, side note - You may have noticed that I changed up the name of the blog...I've decided to focus on the original content of the blog which is event decor and styling, entertaining, recipes, DIYs and little bits of my life... aka a "Lifestyle" blog... I am still working on my event planning and styling business on the side and am so excited for my upcoming events and my first wedding coordinator client in July. I just have so much going on in my life at the current moment with my full time job {which I am thankful for}, planning my wedding, my event business, family, friends, trying to make my fiance happy and convinced that he made the right decision proposing to me {this job is not too tough ;) }, and trying to stay fit and healthy. Also, throw into the mix, a few of my friends and I are working on starting a business together {more on this soon, I'm very excited about it!}.
I've decided that this year I need to focus on ME. Yes, that sounds very selfish, I know. This is the year I will be getting married to my best friend and the man of my dreams. I want to focus a lot of my extra energy into making sure this event goes off without a hitch. I will continue to blog about wedding inspiration and look forward to posting all about my upcoming nuptials. Perhaps after my wedding, I will refocus my energy back into wedding planning as a business. I do love the wedding industry and continue to be inspired by so many wedding blogs that I can't imagine myself NOT a part of the industry at some point in my life. For now, I will live my life and feel BLESSED to have this life...
That is all...just wanted to keep you guys in the loop!
Thank you all for following along with my personal creative journey!