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Friday 5

1 || My baby is in size 3 - 6 months and size 2 diapers?!! What?!! He has been growing so much and has been very hungry the past week. I think he's going through a growth spurt! Please stop growing up Camden! I do love me some chunky baby thighs though...

| sleeper |

2 || My diet has taken a backseat to comfort food eating! HELP! I really need to get back on track. I have 9 pounds to go to get to my pre-preggo weight (as of this morning). I totally fell off the wagon this week and hoping to get in a little gym time this weekend. Who can resist Mc D's fries though?

3 || I already started spending my March clothes 'allowance', whoops! I ordered these Zella leggings and these converse shoes. I may or may not have ordered matching converse sneaks for Camden... :)

4 || This pin from my Closet Foodie Pinterest board has been re-pinned 130 times... I'm not sure why, but maybe it's because I pinned it from the original source and was not a re-pin? Anyways, I'm planning on making it tonight for dinner. Seems pretty easy!

5 || Season 3 of House of Cards is available today on Netflix!! It may be a binge watching weekend for Bill and me... we are obsessed!


Bootie Call

Yep, totally used that title for this post! 

I am really looking forward to some warmer temps (like even 30s and 40s would be nice) and for this snow to melt. I'm pretty sick of wearing my Hunters and snow boots!

I have been recently obsessed with finding the perfect pair of booties for the Winter / Spring transition. 

Which is your favorite?

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Family Room Decor

Currently, we are (slowly) working on redecorating our family room and I am having a hard time with decided what to do on the wall above our couch. 

It has been blank for over a year now and it's driving me crazy! Bill used to have 2 large art pieces hanging over the couch that I was not a fan of, so we sold them. When I moved in the room was so drab... Brown and tan everywhere blah! Since then, we've added our marble coffee table and I just got new teal blue curtains and throw pillows to bring in some more color. Next is purchasing a new grey sectional and getting rid of the ugly brown sofa and love seat. I will be so happy when that is done!

I want to wait to put anything on the wall until we ave our new sectional to make sure everything is centered, but I want to start brainstorming ideas now. 

Here are my top ideas for decorating the wall above the couch:

1 | Gallery Wall

| via |

| via |

I like this idea of the gallery wall because I can incorporate so many meaningful things like a wedding photo, artwork, random frames and decor, etc. I just don't know if I want the wall to be too "busy."

2 | Floating Shelves

| via |

I like the idea of floating shelves because it gives more structure to the look. You can also change out the art / frames easily with out putting more holes in the wall. It would take less planning and preparation than the gallery wall. 

3 | One main focal point

| via |

| via |

Or we could just have one main focal point like a custom art piece, large canvas portrait from our wedding or a large mirror like the one below:

Which is your favorite? 
How would you decorate a blank wall?

Weekend Recap + Oscar Favorites

I can't believe it's monday already! This weekend flew by!

Friday night I made it to the gym for a workout which felt great after a long week. Friday night we just stayed in, made dinner and caught up on Better Call Saul (anyone else watching this? I'm not sure how I feel about it yet). 

Saturday morning was spent cleaning up the house and getting ready for Bill's parents to come and stay with us for the night. They babysat for us while we went on a date night to one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus, Martini Modern Italian. My favorite dish there is the Butternut Squash Tortelloni. It is the perfect winter comfort meal!

I know we are really lucky to have both sets of our parents willing and able to babysit. I really love our date nights and hope to be able to keep up the tradition of date night at least twice a month. 

Sunday we spent more time with Bills parents while they were in town. We had a big lunch from Hoggy's. Bill's mom and I lounged with Camden while the men worked on mounting our flat screen in our family room and other little house projects. 

Sunday evening was spent in my PJs watching the Oscars! Did you watch them? What did you think?

Here were my favorite looks:

I know the necklace was a little much on Scarlet, but I love the dress!!

Bradley looked so daper and I really wish he would have won best actor!

(photos via here)

Who were your favorites?

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CAMDEN || 3 months!

He's more than doubled his weight in less than 3 months, able to chug over 4 oz of milk when he's really hungry, able to sleep for 6-7 consecutive hours at night in his crib, able to hold his head up right for minutes at a time, he can smile, laugh (in his sleep), coo and kick... 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's SUPER CAM!!!

This month has been so fun with Camden. He is really coming out of his shell! He loves to smile and does so all through out the day. It's so funny because he can go from crying to smiling in less than 2 seconds! He definitely has his Mom and Dad's moody temperament ;)

He loves to play "up down" with his Grandma and Grandpa. They lift him up and down in the air while sitting on the couch saying the words "Up! Down!" He will even kick his feet out and push off after he goes down as if to say "again!" My mom swears she heard him say "up" or "uhhh" as if to ask for more!

Camden LOVES to lay on his playmat and stare at the hanging animals. He will have conversations with them at night for 20 minutes at a time! Any hanging colorful objects, especially with eyes, really grabs his attention. He is tracking faces and objects so well and loves to survey the room when he's sitting upright. 

Camden loves to sit in his Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up monkey chair and gives me the biggest smile of pride when I put him in it! He loves to sit up like a big boy (with assistance) either in his monkey chair, on the couch or in his Bumbo seat. We still also love the swing and bouncy chair which are both great for naps during the day. 

Camden is so much better at diaper changes and changing clothes. He is a little squirmy during these times, but does not get upset anymore (thank goodness). He is currently in size 1 diapers (which are getting a little tight). We are using Honest Co. and Pampers Sensitive diapers because of his sensitive little tush. We are still loving all his button and zip footie PJs for daytime play and night time because they are so easy for multiple diaper changes and we don't have to worry about socks, which always fall off his little feet. Camden is wearing mostly size 3 months, but has started to grow to be too long for some of the smaller brands (Carter's). We have officially packed away all his NB and some of his 0-3 month clothes (sad face!). 

We just transistioned to using Halo sleepsacks (we love the fleece ones for winter) from our Aden + Anais swaddle blankets because he had been busting out of the swaddle every night. He is up to sleeping a good 6 - 7 hours at night which we are so thankful for! He recently pushed his own bedtime to 8 - 8:30pm and will sleep until 3 - 4am. Bill or I will "dream feed" him while he's still swaddled and sleeping and then put him right back in his crib. He then sleeps until about 6 - 7am. I will be so happy when he sleeps from 8pm - 8am!!

He loves "baby school" with his Grandma 2 days a week and Aunt Angie on Fridays. It has been really nice being able to be in the house with him while I work too. I just couldn't imagine dropping him off anywhere at this point with people I didn't know. I guess it's something you get used to, but I just love knowing he's under the same roof with people I trust in case anything (God forbid) happens. 

I will be honest and say that I had a moment of mom guilt thinking about giving up pumping because it was just too time consuming and tiring. After talking to some friends and getting some encouragement, I actually tried breastfeeding again when he was around 12 weeks and it worked for about 2 days. Then, I got mastitis :/ So, I'm back to pumping in fear that I may get it again. I think it was just from going back and forth from breastfeeding to pumping and not completely emptying out one side. Mastitis is not fun ladies! It's like having the flu while one boob hurts so bad and trying to take care of a baby at the same time. Yuck! Thank goodness Bill and my Mom were here to help while I rested and got better. 

I've decided to set a goal of 6 months of pumping and will try my best to stick to it. I've slowly started to supplement with some Similac for Supplementation and he seems to being doing well with that. I'm just mixing in a few ounces for the last few feedings at night and it seems to help him stay full through out the night as well. It has also given me some piece of mind in case my supply starts to decrease at any time.

Bottom line is, there is nothing better than that baby smile! So whatever keeps my baby happy and healthy, I will do! 

I am so excited to see what the next few months bring! He just keeps getting more fun and I keep falling more in love with him everyday!

Happy Friday Friends!

Recent Purchases

Happy Hump Day! 

It is a winter wonderland here in Ohio and if I'm leaving the house I look like this at all times...

{hunter boots | leggings | jacket | beanie - similar}

I just got my new Hunter boots in the mail from an instagram sale and I'm so glad I did! Perfect timing for the weather we are having. I think I'm going to get some of the sock inserts. Does any one have these? Are they worth it?

Last week I went to TJMaxx just out of boredom and I ended up leaving with some major deals to add to my wardrobe. I found not one but 2 Michael Kors tops that were on major sale, a pair of New Balance shoes and an Olivia & Joy nylon tote.

 {Navy blouse - similar}

I got both of these Michael Kors tops for $40 each!

This Olivia & Joy tote was also a steal for $40 marked down from $98. I love the tote because it can double as a diaper bag because of it's size and durability. It will also be a perfect travel bag!

I'm loving the bright colors of my new balance shoes (similar). I really want to get the gold ones I've seen everywhere! But, I needed more of a running/active shoe.

Have you found any great deals lately? How do you bargain shop?

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Weekend Recap

Sorry for being MIA at the end of last week. Still trying to adjust to my new part time work schedule and taking care of Cam. I'm sure we will settle into more of a routine as time goes on. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite things on Friday including the Sally Hansen miracle gel polish. This stuff actually works pretty well. I just did 2 coats of the color below (Dig Fig - more of a deep maroon with 2 coats) and one coat of the top coat. I did my nails on Wednesday night and they are still looking ok today. Just a little chipped near the top, but I could do a quick fix and add another coat of the top coat and I bet they would last another 5 days. Way better than regular polish and so much more cost effective than the real deal!

My babe turned 12 weeks old on Thursday! I can not beileve he is almost 3 months old! These last few weeks he has really grown and is showing more of his amazing personality. My favorite part of my day are morning smiles and snuggles with him!

We had sort of an uneventful Valentine's Day. We decided to just stay in since the temps were so frigid outside! The hubs did come through with these beautiful flowers though and they made my day!

Of course, I had to dress Camden for the occasion! My friend got him this cute onesie from Carter's. 

Can you handle those baby jeans? 

Saturday night I woke up with a fever and my left boob hurt so bad. I found out I had mastitis which is an infection from breastfeeding/pumping. I've been laying low and taking antibiotics to get better the last 24 hours so I'm hoping to feel back to normal soon. Ughh! What we go through for these babes!

Anyone watch the Bachelor last night?! What the heck is Britt's deal?

I have the SNL 40 episode dvr'd and can't wait to watch it tonight!

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Blanket Scarf

Are you sick of it yet?
'Cause I'm not! 

It's my first official 'outfit' post, so I thought I'd stick with something tried and true. This blanket scarf was perfect for the warmer (and when I say warmer, I mean like 30 degree) weather we've been having. I didn't even need to wear a coat this weekend with this warm scarf and my new favorite cardigan.

Would you believe me if I told you this is considered 'dressing up' for me recently? It feels nice to get out of the sweats and into jeans again, even for just a few hours to run to the mall or Target. 

The hair do is what I call "new mom, haven't showered in 3 days" chic... 

{blanket scarf - similar | cardigan - old navy | tank - target | distressed jeans - old navy | booties - old navy, similar | bag - marc by marc jacobs | aviators - peppers}

I don't know... These outfit posts could become addicting! And maybe they will force me to get dressed every now and then ;)

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Back to work (part time)

Yesterday I started back to work on a part time basis. I am lucky because I get to work from home 2 and a half days a week while my mom and sister-in-law watches Cam. 

It is bitter sweet that not all of my days will be filled with little baby snuggles and smiles, but that makes the time that we do spend together so much more meaningful. Of course, I know I have a great set up by working part time from home and that we do not have to pay for day care! I am so happy and greatful for that.

A part of me missed my job and the normal routine of working. Currently, I am a web marketing and SEO specialist for a real estate investment company and it is so fun to work on projects and learn more about the industry and online marketing. I really enjoy the problem solving aspect of my job and figuring out ways to streamline our web marketing and social media strategy.

The decission was not an easy one. Bill and I went back and forth for a while about it after we found out I was pregnant. The first thought being I would return to my job full time after my maternity leave. But, after thinking about having to work after sleepless nights, the fact that Bill travels during the week and analyzing the cost of daycare we decided it would be best for our family if I work part time. I am glad I do not have to completely give up my career in somehting that I enjoy. It will be nice to have some interation with the adult world too. :)

So, I have been working on setting up a comfortable little home office set up. Of course, I'm all about the white and lots of natural light for my workspace to keep me energized. 

I will spare you views of the rest of the room... Basically, just a queen size bed with stuff on it! This is our office/guest bedroom/storage closet room :) Doesn't every home have one?


desk | Target (I spray painted the knob gold)
rug | overstock
chair | Amazon
love pillow | Hobby Lobby
planner | Day Designer
gold accents (file holder, frame, box) | Target
iphone case | kate spade
'LOVE' print | Made By Girl
'Whatever is lovely' print | Lindsays Letters
pink wood 'L' | saved from my bridal shower!

Weekend Recap

This weekend was spent mostly at home with my little family of 3 (4 if you count Charlie, our pup). Bill had to leave to go to Austin for a work trip early Sunday morning so we spent some quality time together at home Friday and Saturday nights. 

Friday evening I attended my first Zumba class at my gym in over a year. I remember loving Zumba before I was pregnant. Growing up I was very involved in dance and miss taking dance classes a lot. Zumba is the closest thing to dancing that I've done in a while. It's great because it is a mind workout too! It's hard ot keep up with all the moves! I logged my workout in My Fitness Pal and it said I burned almost 500 calories in one class! This may be a weekly tradition if we don't have plans on a Friday. 

Saturday was spent at home just cleaning and doing some house chores. I was also getting my home office ready for me to return to work this week (more on that tomorrow). I also found the perfect curtains and some throw pillows for our family room so Bill helped to hang them. I seriously tried out 5 different sets of curtains and finally found some that I like in the room. We are still hoping to get a new sectional in there soon. I will post before and after pics when it's all done ;)

I also had fun playing dress up with Camden (Daddy is a fan of the TMNT, so he approved). I really need to start getting him in normal clothes everyday and out of PJs! :/

Saturday night I made this recipe for BBQ Chicken Chili. I actually simplified it a bit and only added black beans and also used a can on Rotel diced tomatoes and chilis instead of adding jalepenios. I used Sweet Baby Ray's Chipotle Honey BBQ Sauce which was perfect for the chili with it's kick of spice and balance of sweetness.

Mom and Dad came over Sunday afternoon to babysit while I ran some errands. I ended up at TJMaxx and spent the rest of my February clothes "allowance"... whoops! I got some good deals though, so happy about that.

I always enjoy getting out of the house for a little "me" time.

Sunday night was spent watching the Grammy's and the premeire for Better Call Saul. Anyone else what it? What did you think?

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Friday 5...

A little late, but better than never right?

1 | I made my first Instagram sale purchase from @shopthuyscloset yesterday eeeek! I'm usually pretty leary of social media sales and very rarely purchase things off of ebay even. But, I've been wanting a pair of Hunter boots for a while now and it just so happened that she was selling a pair that were my size and for $125. They are nwt (new with tags) orginal rain boots in Navy matte. Pretty excited to receive these babies in the mail!

2 | I'm loving my DIY Valentine's Day inspired manicure this week :) The colors I used are OPI's 'Kennenbuck-Port' and Salley Hansen's complete salon manicure 'Shell We Dance?'

3 | I'm pretty excited to start dressing Camden in these preppy little Ralph Lauren numbers now that we are in size 3M! 

{coverall, cardigan - similar, plaid shirt - similar on sale}

4 | Trader Joe's flowers always make me smile! Got these beautiful, colorful mums for just $4.99 the other day and they have been making me long for Spring!

5 | Last but not least, Jimmy Fallon's late night show has been keeping me laughing recently! Did anyone see Will Farrell's lip synch performance or the Saved By the Bell sketch? Both are hilarious!!

Happy Weekend friends!!

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I Heart Valentine's Day

{Click on the images below to view source}

Valentine's Day is a little over a week away! This year, Bill and I have decided to give each other the gift of a professional massage. I don't know what it is about taking care of a baby that makes your back ache (maybe it's the constant bending over to feed, diaper, pick up, etc), but we are both having some back pain recently. Hoping to work out those kinks!

What are your V-day plans?

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