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Well, hello!

I swear I am still alive blogging world! It's been over a month...goodness, almost 2 months since my last post. I will be completely honest with you, it just got to be too much. My day time job has been very demanding (in a good/challenging way) and on top of that, this wedding planning business is no joke! All of my free time has been focused on following up with vendors, scheduling meetings and crafting (the fun part). I don't mind it at all, I absolutely LOVE the crafting and seeing all my ideas come to life. However, work + wedding + social life + hubby-to-be time + house chores + trying to fit in exercise and balanced diet does not give me much room for blogging...

Oh, and did I mention my new Etsy shop has been keeping me very busy as well! I have already racked up 30 sales in the past month! If you have not seen it yet, hop on over and check it out here. My biggest seller by far are the Bachelorette Party straws! It must be wedding season because as soon as I finish an order another one comes in! They are such a fun addition to the final fling event! I am hoping to add more flagged straws and other party decor items as soon as I can find the time. Stay tuned!

Back to the blogging thing... I hope you are not disappointed that I will not be posting as much; at least, not over the next few months. We are nearing 100 days until the wedding! I have a lot accomplished for the big day (11.9.13), but still so many little details to nail down. I have been working on invites currently and can not wait to share them! I have a lot of fun DIY projects that would be perfect for the blog. I do plan on sharing these projects in the future. Hopefully, by October things will be back to normal and I will be posting regularly again. 

Until then, please follow along with me as I tackle my wedding projects on my instagram feed (aka my mini blog). I will also try to keep my twitter and facebook page updated with current projects and wedding details! 

That's all for now! Sorry there are no fancy photos to keep you entertained. I am hoping to get back into photography some day soon as well...One thing at a time :)

xoxo, Lindsay