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Taking a little blogging break...

Hello blogettes! I've decided to take a little blog hiatus for a bit. Trying to keep up with baby, work, home, family, social life is keeping me pretty busy these days and blogging has definitely taken a back burner unfortunately. I do love blogging and I especially love connecting with all my bloggy friends, so I will pop in from time to time to read and comment on your blogs. 

Does this mean I am going to quit blogging altogether? No!!

Every now and then I feel as though I need to take a breather to refresh. Most of the time I come back full swing with new, creative ideas for posts. I'm hoping to work on a revamp of the design of my site as well.

Until then, you can keep up with me on instagram (aka my mini blog)!

Love you all! 

CAMDEN || 4 months!

{polo and shorts: carter's | mocs: c/o Sweet N Swag}

Weight: guessing around 14 + pounds
Height: ?? (will fill in after our 4 month appointment on Friday)
Diapers: size 2
Clothes: mostly 3-6 months and some 6 mo

I can't believe my little dude is 4 months already! I am loving this stage. Lots of smiles and even a few giggles here and there (when mommy is really funny). 

He has been eating like a champ and is definitely bulking up! We won't know his exact weight until his 4 month appointment this Friday, but from our guestimations and weighing him at home, I'd say he's about 14 + pounds! That head of his will not stop growing as well! Poor guy can hardly keep that noggin upright while sitting in his Bumbo or Monkey chair. He's getting a lot better at tummy time, but he can't quite hold his head upright on his arms yet. He has, however, started to roll from his back to his side and vice versa. He's always squirming and waving those arms (I couldn't get one shot of him still!). He's so ready to stand and crawl! His legs seem to be so strong. I need to get him an activity walker (recommendations welcome) so he can stand. I can tell he gets so anxious in his chairs. He just wants to stretch his legs out!

We are on a great routine now. Up at 7 and eating and he goes to bed no later than 8pm. He eats at 7, 10-10:30, 1-1:30, 4-4:30 and last feeding at 7:30 with a big bottle (he's up to eating 6 oz now). We started taking his arms out of the swaddle and as long as his hands are covered (so he doesn't scratch his face), he does pretty well.  Sometimes he gets a little 'grunty' between 4-5am, but I just go in and put the paci in his mouth and he falls right back asleep. He's such a good sleeper once he is down. 

His reflux is pretty much non existent anymore which is great. He still spits up a little, but is a 'happy spitter' as they say, so nothing to worry about. He is eating 50% formula (we are using Enfamil Gentlease as recommended by a few friends for his gas issues) and 50% breast milk right now and I am starting to ween myself off of the pump (whoo hoo!). We have a pretty good stock pile of breast milk in our deep freezer that should get us through until he's 6 months or starting to eat more solids/baby food.

He has definitely found his voice! He loves to squeal and is babbling constantly! I'd love to know what is going through that baby brain of his sometimes. He especially loves to have conversations with the monkey on his activity mat. He has also started grabbing at objects and shakes his rattle. He is starting to want to put things in his mouth, which I was wondering if that may mean he is starting to teeth, but no signs of teeth yet. 

I also just picked up a fairly new Graco jogging stroller that fits our carseat for $50 off of a local neighborhood buy and sell page on facebook! I'm pretty excited to try it out! 

I am so excited to see what the next month of Camden's life brings us! So many firsts on the way for this little bundle of joy! We just love him to pieces!!

Friday 5...

I'm going to do Friday 5's a little different going forward... I really liked the Currently post I did a while back and thought it would be fun to incorporate them into my Friday 5 posts (since they are changing all the time)!

1 || Eating: Lots of hummus and pita chips. It's my new favorite snack! I also made this recipe for skinny crock pot chicken pot pie on Monday and have been enjoying the left overs all week!

2 || Watching/Reading: Still slowly catching up on House of Cards with Bill when we are able to watch TV together. Also, really into some new shows: The Royals and Southern Charm (anyone else?)! Of course, you can catch me watching any of the Real Housewives shows on any given day on Bravo. As far as the reading goes... Do picture books with Cam count? I really need to get back into reading again... Anyone have any good suggestions?

3 || Wearing: These leggings (which are on sale now!)... Yes, I know I keep mentioning them. I love them! Also wearing these sneaks and sweatshirts on the daily. Looking forward to dressing up for Easter though!

4 || Loving: Even though it's still a little chilly (in the 40s and 50s this week besides our random 70 degree day), I am loving that the sun has been shining and all the snow is melted! Hallelujah!!

Also loving spending time with Cam this week. He just makes me smile all the time! I can't believe he is 4 months (today) already! We had a really fun photo sesh yesterday for his 4 month post (coming Monday). It may or may not have included an outfit with my new favorite baby mocs from Sweet N Swag!

5 || Looking forward to: Spending the weekend with my little family! We have another dinner date planned for tomorrow night. I am loving our date nights and always look forward to our quality time. I'm hoping to enjoy the nice weather and maybe do some Spring cleaning? Also, planning to pick up a new jogging stroller! Whoo hoo!

What are your plans this weekend?

Thoughts for Thursday | Easter Outfits

I'm on the hunt for the perfect Easter outfits for baby, hubby and me!

We are spending Easter weekend in my husband's home town of Rockford, OH (small town about 2 hours west of Columbus). It will be the first time a lot of his family and friends back home will be seeing Camden, so we want to look nice.

I'm also on a pretty tight budget now that we purchased our new sectional and still saving for the rest of the family room re-do. Here's how I plan to dress our family with new Easter outfits for less than $150!

For Dad | I love the look of fitted oxford shirts for Bill and this light blue color always looks so great on him. I paired the shirt with some casually fitted navy khakis and this matching blue and navy striped tie.

For Mom (me) | I found this floral shift dress at Old Navy and I just love the colors and the fact that it has sleeves. I was looking for a maxi dress, but found this one instead. I'm hoping it's not too chilly for bare legs, but I'm ready to risk it for the sake of wearing this dress!

For Baby | I really can't get enough of the baby bow ties for boys. This pink and pale blue ensemble from Target had me at 'hello!' 

I may or may not have also purchased some white bunny ears to put on Charlie (our dog) in the dollar section at Tarjay :) :)

I'm linking up with Natalie and Annie for Thoughts for Thursday!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!!

Gone are the days of green beer drinking (for now...). I'd rather spend this holiday with my little Lucky Charm :)

We are enjoying my day off out in the sunshine and maybe taking a trip to Target? I don't know... I don't know if we'll have enough time ;)


Weekend Recap

Another weekend came and went just like that! At least this weekend we saw hope that Spring is finally here and the worst of the winter is over (can I get an AMEN)!

Bill had been traveling most of the week and got home late Friday night, so we just laid low. Saturday morning I was up and at 'em ready to work out! I went to a Body Works plus Abs class at my gym. It was all stregth training and core work which is what I need. Let me just say that this girl can not hold a plank for very long! :/ I'm hoping to continue to work on strength training to help firm up my core and also to help my sore back.

Saturday evening my parents babysat Cam so we could have a date night. It was in the 50s and I decided to boycot the boots and coat in celebration! 

{flats - Target (old) | Old Navy jeans | sweater Michael Kors - TJMaxx | Kate Spade watch similar | Kate Spade iphone case}

We had a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill. We actually gave up a table to sit at the bar. I don't know what it is about sitting at the bar at a restaurant, but sometimes I love it. You feel like you're in the middle of the action. I guess I'm not so romantic ha!

Sunday, we decided to take a family outing to the grocery store and to shop for a new sectional for our family room. Camden did really well the whole time and didn't make a peep. He just kind of looked around everywhere.

We found a sectional that we like, but just need to order it in a different fabric. I really wanted something in a light grey for the room. I think it will be perfect! Only downside is that we have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for it to arrive... sad face!

Left fabric is for the sectional and the other 2 are for accent pillows.

My parents, grandma and brother came over for dinner last night. Unfortunately, since Cam didn't nap very well during the day he was really fussy at night :/ I've noticed that if he doesn't get good naps during the day that it affects him in the evening and he becomes increasingly fussy right before bed. He was so upset that he didn't even finish half his bottle. We were thinking he may be teething too since he has been wanting to chew everything and has been drooling a lot, but it seems too early for that?!

Sorry for posting this so late in the day! I was having some internet issues this morning!

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How was your weekend?

Thoughts for Thursday


I have some random thoughts for you today. Mostly baby related... Go figure!

1 | I'm getting more confident with taking Camden out of the house with me alone. On Tuesday we went to Babies R Us and Carter's together! He was such a good boy and just slept or quietly looked around. Only got a little fussy in the car on the way home most likely because he was hungry. I'm excited to start spending more time with him out of the house on my days off, especiall now that the weather is getting nicer!

2 | Speaking of shopping, can you handle the cuteness of Camden's Spring wardrobe (thanks to Carter's)? This isn't even half of it :/ I'm so excited for warmer temps so he can wear these! Can we say seersucker is the new black? :)

3 | A family friend of ours gave us the cutest outfit for Camden a while back and I finally got him into it! They are the softest, most adarable baby PJs I've ever seen (similar outfit here)! Ralph Laren is quickly becoming one of my favorite baby brands! Shop all Ralph Lauren baby boy clothes here.

4 | I had to start leaving the house on work days because it was too hard hearing Camden in the background :( I even tried to run a space heater for noise, but I could still hear him. I was not focusing very well on work. So, now my mom comes over in the morning and I go to my parent's house to work! Ha! Hopefully, when Camden is a little less high maintenance and my parents' dogs get used to him, I can just drop him off there and work at home. For now, this set up has been working a lot better.

5 | I'm sooooo ready for Spring!!! The temps have been warmer and the sun is slowly melting all the snow away. I haven't had to wear my big Northface jacket, but just a light jacket when leaving the house! I hope this means I can put away the parka for good!

I have been living in these leggings the past few weeks... They were a great purchase!

That's all I have for now! 
Happy Thursday!

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A Letter to Myself 3 Months Ago...

Dear Lindsay from 3 months ago,

You are just a few weeks into this new motherhood thing. I know you are feeling so overwhelmed with so many different emotions and feelings. You were not prepared to have your baby at 37 and a half weeks. You were not prepared to be induced, be in labor for 27 hours or to have a c section. You were also not prepared for the recovery of this major surgery and change in your body.

I know you are feeling so run down. You are a zombie. Your brain is running on co-pilot. The only things that are running through your head now are: "When did we feed him last? Check the app... How much did he take? Did we change his diaper? Why is he acting fussy? Should we try gas drops? I really want another cup of coffee, but will that affect my milk? When did I last pump? Check the app..."  (The app in this case is Baby Center for all you moms to be! It's great to keep track of all that fun stuff in the beginning)

You are also wondering if he will sleep better tonight. Maaaaaybe you will get a stretch of 3 - 4 hours this time. You are also wondering if you will be able to shower in the next couple of days without worrying about being away from him for longer than 10 minutes. But, boy does that shower feel great when you do get it!

You are crying. You are crying A LOT! Some happy tears, but mostly from being overwhelmed. You are crying while you rock him at night praying for him to sleep. You are crying because your hormones are so out of whack. You are crying out of frustration, exhaustion, and love. You are worrying that you are not a good mother because you just want to take a break and go to Target for an hour. You feel guilty all the time. The mother guilt is the WORST kind you have ever felt.

Your nipples are on fire. You want to take the breast pump and throw it out of a moving vehicle or smash it with a baseball bat Office Space style while 2 Pac music is blaring in the background. You despise the pump. You feel guilty for despising the pump because you know it is what is best for your baby.

You hate your body. You want your old, post-preggo body back. You feel sorry you ever complained about it. You want your stomach to shrink back down over night and you want your boobs to go back to their firm, perky selves. You realize that may never happen without surgery. Your stomach may never be completely flat again (not that it really was before, but now it really won't be). You realize you will have a scar on your lower belly for life. It is still sore and there are some numb areas that will probably be there for a while too. You feel as though your body is just a vessel; a feeding vessel... a soft, round, mushy, feeding vessel.

I promise you that it does get better. I know everyone has told you this. Trust me, it does. Eventually Camden's reflux will get better. He will not strain and grunt as much after he eats. He will sleep for longer periods of time. You will get the hang of the night time routine. He will get used to sleeping in his crib. He actually loves to be swaddled in there now. Don't be afraid to try it. And now, he sleeps through the night. We are talking 8pm to 7am!

The first 2 months are pure survival mode. It is all trial and error no matter what anyone tries to tell you or what advice you hear or read. Every baby is different and every parent's way is different. You have to figure out what works for you. Although, you should take what you hear and read and try to apply it comfortably in your own way. Because there is some truth to a lot of theories.

It does get better. The moment he makes eye contact with you... The moment you see that first real baby smile... The moment he realizes you're in the room and he smiles with delight. The moment he starts cooing at you as if to say "I love you mommy". These moments will completely melt your heart and it will break it in to a million pieces. It is the heaviest love you have ever felt in your life. A love like you would do anything and everything for this little boy. You would give your life... easy.

Soon you will be crying rocking him to sleep not out of frustration, but because you are realizing how fast he is growing. You will realize that these moments with your baby are fleeting. That you won't always be able to nuzzle the back of his neck after you burp him or have conversations in your own language on the changing table. You won't be able to kiss those chubby cheeks a million times a day when he's 16... Or even 6 for that matter. He will grow up and you will long for these days back again.

I promise that these dark sleepless days will end and you will start to feel your normal self again. But, you will never be the same again. You have something amazing to live for now. You have the most adorable son. And he adores you.

You are lucky. You are loved. You are a mommy. Never forget.

Weekend Recap

I'm just popping in quickly for a little recap of my weekend! My In-Laws were in town Friday through Sunday evening and I had not one but TWO baby showers for my friends! 2015 is the year of babies for sure and I can't wait for Camden to have more baby friends to play with! 

Needless to say, it was a busy weekend so didn't really have time for a full recap, but I will leave you with this cuteness...

I mean... Can you even with this outfit?? 

He went with me to the shower on Sunday and he was definitely the Ladies' Man! 

I'm trying to get better about taking him to new places so he gets used to different surroundings and people. Of course, there was no lack of arms to hold him!

Happy Monday friends!

| Snow Day |

Shop the look:

Yes, it's still winter.
And there's still snow on the ground.

I am sooo ready for Spring!

I can't wait to take Camden on long walks and to the park.
I think at this point in his life he believes that the ground outside is permanently white!
I can't wait for him to see the grass and play outside!

I'm glad I have my Hunter boots to trek through the snow. These jeggings have been a life saver as I transition back to my normal pre-preggo sized jeans. I love this hooded vest I got from Old Navy a few months ago. It's a great layering piece and you can remove the hood. Unfortunately, they are sold out now, but you can find a similar one here and here. This beanie has been keeping me warm all winter and it helps to hide the new mommy bed head.

What are some of your winter weather fashion staples?

I'm linking up with Morgan for Mid Week Muse. 

Weekend Recap

Sorry for posting late! Time got away from me this morning...

I started my weekend with a 3 mile run at the gym on Friday evening and we ended the night watching the first episode of the new House of Cards season! what does everyone think so far? We only got through the first 2 episodes this weekend so no spoilers please!

On Saturday I met a few of my girl friends for brunch/lunch at Katalina's Cafe Corner. I had heard great things about this place and it definitely lived up to the hype! Although the space is tiny and the line was out the door when we got there, the food was worth the wait! I had the Pueblo BLT sandwich with their famous sweet and spicy bacon. This was THE best BLT (if not sandwich) I've had in my life! We also shared some of their very famous Pancake balls which were a little piece of heaven in my mouth! They are essentially pancake balls filled with Nutella with a warm syrup dipping sauce... Yummers!!!

It was so nice having some girl time this weekend while Bill babysat baby Cam. 

The rest of Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with my baby boy while Bill attended a diaper party. We worked on some tummy time. He's getting pretty strong, but still has some trouble lifting that big ol' head of his! :)

Sunday we went over to a friend's house for a little play date with our babes! My friend Erica had a baby early January, so they are pretty close in age. It was so fun to have them meet each other and play together :) 

Of course, I wanted to get Camden dressed up for his play date, but he was not happy when I took him out of his comfy PJs! I need to dress him up more so he gets used to it :/

I'm so excited for more play dates with the MANY new babies that are going to be born this year! I feel like there are so many 2015 babies in my life which makes me happy to think about all our future play dates! I'm excited to see Camden and the babes grow and become great friends!

How was your weekend?