Toddler Boy Spring and Summer Style

Here it is! The long awaited Boys' clothes for Spring and Summer post! I've had a few requests to share where I find my boys' clothes and shoes, so I have rounded up a bunch of our favorite styles for the boys for Spring and Summer. This post is specific to boys ages 1 - 5 (or sizes 2T to 5T). 

Some of my favorite brands/retailers for the boys' clothes are Old Navy, Target, Kohl's and Carter's. If I'm being honest, I actually do not like spending money on their clothes. First of all, they are boys and they are tough on their clothes and shoes! Secondly, they grow out of their clothes and shoes so quickly at this age! Luckily, Bennett is exactly one year behind Camden in size, so he will get a lot of Camden's hand me downs, but the shoes are always so worn out once Camden is done with them!

So, I ALWAYS check for sales before buying my boys their clothes. I recently bough a bunch of t-shirts, tanks and shorts from Old Navy because they were having a big sale. I would suggest waiting until there is a big sale and stocking up on a bunch of tees, tanks and shorts for the spring and summer. I also love Kohl's for the boys because it seems they are always running some type of sale!

For the spring and summer, I like to make sure they have a lot of comfy tees, tanks and shorts that they can wear to school and just everyday play. I also like these athletic sets for playing outside, at the gym, etc. Kohl's usually also has these cute sets if they need to be more dressy for an event or church, etc. I also love these PJ sets from Kohl's the best! 

Now, let's talk shoes. For the past 4 years I have bought Camden a new pair of Native shoes for the summer and they are 100% worth the price! Last year both the boys had matching native shoes and they wore them all summer long! And this year, Bennett will get Camden's pair from last year and they look barely worn! These shoes are so durable and they are just perfect for summer when it's too hot to wear socks, but the flip flops just don't cut it at the playground! They are also water proof so they are great for water play too. I just ordered Camden new pair from Amazon! But, you can also get them from Nordstrom with free shipping. I always price check both sites first before purchasing because Amazon changes their pricing based on supply and demand. 

I also usually buy the boys a new pair of Nike athletic shoes for school and for just general everyday wear. I love the Nike shoes because they just fit them the best and the quality is really good! I also will buy the boys a pair of dressier shoes they can wear to events or church, etc. 

As far as swimwear goes, I usually buy them each a set from Target or Old Navy. I love the matching sets! I've linked to several options below.

I have all of my favorite toddler boy spring and summer clothes, shoes and accessories linked below! To shop, just click on the image!






All About My Botox

Botox... There was a time when I said 'I would NEVER do that!' 

Trust me, the thought of getting a dozen little tiny shots in your forehead doesn't sound too appealing. BUT, I am very VERY pleased with the outcome of my first treatment of Botox. Just scroll down and look at that before and after photo (YIKES)! 

When the Skin Center in Columbus, Ohio contacted me for this collaboration, I must say I was a little hesitant. However, the more I talked with my friends and family members, I realized that Botox is actually much more common these day than I thought! There are women in their 20s getting Botox regularly as a preventative measure! I have been self conscious about the wrinkles on my forehead and in between my eyebrows (called 'elevens') for a while now. I'm pretty expressive when I talk, so I started noticing these lines in my 20s. Obviously, these lined get worse with age. So, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge!

At my initial consultation, my RN (Stephanie) really helped to make me feel more comfortable about the process. She told me what she would do to help smooth out my wrinkles and just give me a more 'awake' look. Stephanie was so informative and friendly! So, I went ahead and scheduled my appointment.

The day of my appointment I was super nervous! As you can see in the before and after photo below, I was so red right before I got my injections! My blood pressure was definitely high! I think I was mostly nervous of the needles and the unknown. But, I am here to tell you that it was not bad at all! I got 10 pokes (29 units) and there were just little pokes. And that was it! I felt so silly being so nervous for nothing!

The redness went away immediately after I got my injections and I looked completely normal by the time I got to my car. You could not even tell that I had just got Botox! One thing that I didn't know about Botox is that it doesn't really take into effect until about a week to 10 days AFTER you get your injections. 

The left photo below is right before I got my injections, and the right photo is 10 days after my injections. It took a full 10 days for mine to really kick in!

The Most Asked Questions About Botox

How much does it cost? Stephanie informed me that the initial cost for your first injections is $10 per unit. After that if you need a touch up or any future injections it could be $10 - $15 per unit. 

How many units did you get? Every one is different and you may need more or less than what I got. I got 29 units this first time (10 pokes).

Does it hurt? Not nearly as bad as I thought it would! They are actually really small needles and it was really more like a 'poke' than injections. 

Does it wear off after a while? Again, everyone is different and will metabolize the Botox at different rates, but Stephanie said typically it wears off every 3 to 4 months. Some people can go 6 months in between injections. 

I really hope this information was helpful! If you are looking into getting Botox in the near future and you are in the Columbus area, I highly recommend scheduling your consultation at The Skin Center in Gahanna!