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Wedding Wednesday // The Details (part 1)

This has got to be my favorite part about weddings (well, besides all the mushy, romantic, best day of my life, marrying the man of my dreams stuff)... 

I love when weddings have personalized details throughout that really captures the couples' personality. There are so many details from my wedding I want to share that I had to break it up into 2 posts :) 

The Invites

I had come up with the design concept and purchased the font "Carolina Pro Black" knowing I would use it through out the wedding for consistency. Peabody Papers in Grandview brought my invite concept to life! The return envelopes were a shimmery gold (although they look yellow in the above photo) and I personally lined every envelope with the black and white striped paper to add a little pizazz. Read more about the creation of our invites here

We included a graphic map of the venue, church and hotel to provide guests with directions. I also special ordered the cocktail napkins with the social media icons from to be used at cocktail hour and the reception.

The Flowers

My bridal bouquet was made up of all ivory flowers: roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, carnations and seeded eucalyptus. I carried my late grandfather's wedding ring on my bouquet as my something old (cue the tissues!).

The bridesmaid bouquets were made up of dark magic roses, pink carnations, pink ranunculus and seeded eucalyptus. They each had the same black and white striped ribbon at the base and I added the gold sequin ribbon to the bridesmaid bouquets. 

After Ceremony Noise Makers

Another fun detail I worked on were these gold noise makers for guests to blow after the ceremony when we exited the church. I added a little note on each reading "Make some noise! Lindsay & Bill are hitched!"

That's all for this week's WW post. Stay tuned next week for more details from the reception!

You can view my other posts all about our wedding herehere, here and here!

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Engagement Party + Weekend Projects

Happy Monday!

I had a very eventful weekend to say the least. Bill and I hosted an engagement party for his brother and fiance on Friday night. We rented out the space above Park Street Tavern for the event. Those that live in Columbus, this was a great venue for a party! We worked with their caterer and the food was great and so was the service! The pricing for food was not bad either. I highly recommend it for a party of 30 - 100 guests.

I had a lot of fun crafting for the engagement party, of course :)

I got the block letters from Michael's and added the flower appliques. The napkins are from Party City and straws are left overs from other events :) Their wedding colors are going to be navy and a light pink, so I wanted to keep with that theme. 

I also had fun making this "engaged!" banner using my circle cutter and chalk marker. I glued the circles to lace ribbon and added the flower appliques. Made for a great photo opp!

I made these ball jar center pieces for the tables using burlap and lace. I filled them with water and added a floating candle. They turned out really pretty! 

Bill made a fantastic speech in honor of his brother and his fiance, Angie. 
A great time was had by all!


Some other fun projects that we completed over the weekend:

We got our new dining room chairs! They are from Value City Furniture of all places. We have been scouring different furniture stores for the right chairs and when we found these, we bought them on the spot. They were delivered the same week! 

Can't wait to share more home decor projects with you all very soon! 
You can follow my home decor projects by using the #rumplehouse on instagram or follow my instagram feed for more :)

We also got a few potted plants for the front porch and I bought some herbs to make a mini herb garden! Bill plated them for me in a big black pot. I got chives, cilantro, basil and candy mint! The mint and basil are so fragrant! I can't wait to use them!

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That's all for now! How was your weekend?

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1 // Running outside! It has been so nice out and the perfect weather to go for a run outside. This is one of my favorite pastimes during the warm months of the year. It's a time for me to meditate and listen to music while getting a good work out!

2 // A husband that will hang things on the wall for me as I am challenged in this arena. He is always a perfectionist, measuring it out perfectly. Glad to finally have these hanging in our bedroom! Gold foil southern vows print via Lindsay Letters

3 // The most perfect breakfast smoothie that I've been enjoying almost daily. 
Handful of frozen berries, 1/2 of a banana, splash of Almond milk, tbs of whey protein powder (I use Vanilla flavored), handful of baby spinach (can't even taste it!), blend well! Sooo Yummy!!

4 // I'm going to go all Jimmy Falon style on this one and write a Thank You note... Thank you Giant Eagle for placing the pre-baked, pre-sliced pound cake and ready whip so conveniently next to the strawberries... I can't hate on that marketing genius!! I totally fell for it!

{All photos above via my instagram feed}

5 // I hate to repeat myself for those that read my last post... But, I have to give props to the maxi dress! I have a feeling I will be wearing these a lot this Spring!

That's all for this week! 
Sorry I missed Wedding Wednesday! Things have been a little busy around these parts! 
I will be back next week for more posts about the wedding!

Maxi Dress Obsessed!

I have an obsession for maxi dresses at the moment...

They are perfect for the transition to Spring and they are sooo comfy!

Top Row: ASOS green strapless maxi (only $30!)// ASOS blue maxi // 

Bottom Row: Gap ombre maxi // Gap navy twist-back maxi (now on sale!) // 
Gap striped maxi (now on sale!)

I may or may not have splurged on the Gap striped maxi and bought 2 more from H&M over the weekend :) I can't resist!

DIY Spring Wreath

Happy Friday!!

Or should I say Hoppy Easter weekend :)

I was craving a little DIY project recently and I decided our front door needed a little Spring flare...

So, off to Michael's I went for some faux flowers, Styrofoam wreath and ribbon. 

DIY Spring Wreath

Supplies: styrofoam wreath, faux flowers (you will need a lot! Grab a couple bunches of hydrandeas and other bunches of small petal flowers for fillers, a few larger flowers like peonies for focal points), wire cutters and ribbon for hanging. 

Start cutting the flowers at the base with the wire cutters with enough stem to stick into the Styrofoam. I started mine with one bunch of white hydrangeas on the bottom left side for a focal point. I added a few of the big green leaves around the bunch for added texture. Then, start building around the focal point by adding a few of the larger pink flowers on either side. I also broke apart the other bunch of hydrangeas and filled in the inside rim of the wreath to add fullness. 

You want to make sure you continue some sort of symmetry on either side. I added the two big pink peonies on either side to balance out the wreath. 

I continued filling in the wreath with the pink and white flowers until all the Styrofoam surface was covered on the front and sides. I did not fill in the back so it would leave a flat surface for hanging. 

Tie the ribbon around the top of the wreath and hang on your front door!

Ta-Da! It's Spring! :)

Now that wasn't too difficult, right?!

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Wedding Wednesday // Bridesmaids

Welcome to another installment of the Wedding Wednesday series :)

This week, I wanted to share photos of my beautiful bridesmaids!

I decided to have the girls wear all different styles of long, black chiffon dresses. I liked the idea of having them pick out a dress that matched their personal style and made them feel comfortable.

Most of the dresses were from David's Bridal, so it was easy for out of state 'maids to try on and get fitted. 

For the bridesmaid gifts I got them the pink quartz tear drop earrings which they wore for the wedding, a monogrammed black pashmina, heart sunglasses, gold sequined hanger and a bridesmaid tote to carry for the day. 

I also got myself some of the same matching gifts :) 

The heart sunglasses were a hit and they made great photo props!

I even gave some to my flower girls! 

That's all for this week's Wedding Wednesday.
Stay tuned next week for some detail shots!

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos

Today, I want to share with you an easy, healthy recipe for cilantro lime shrimp tacos.

This recipe was derived from the Pioneer Woman's recipe for Shrimp Tacos
I made a few short cuts by buying a pre-shredded bag of cabbage (slaw mix) instead of making my own and I nixed the jalapenos because I am a wimp when it comes to spicy food!

Here's what you need:

For the cilantro lime slaw

1/2 bag of slaw mix / shredded cabbage and carrots
1 small bunch of fresh cilantro (chopped)
lite mayo (about 1- 2 tbs)
splash of milk
splash of white wine vinegar
pinch of salt and sugar (I used 1 packet of Truvia)
sprinkle of cayenne or chili powder
Juice from 1/2 of a lime

Mix all the above ingredients together to make the slaw.

For the shrimp

Use about 1/2 lbs of uncooked, tails removed, de-veined shrimp (I found in the seafood freezer section)
Thaw the shrimp in the fridge over night. De thaw in the microwave if needed before cooking.
Lightly oil a frying pan and set on medium heat.
Add the thawed shrimp and saute for a few minutes until pink or opaque. 
Add some taco sauce and about a tsp of chili powder, cayenne pepper or cumin for flavor. 
Stir and saute for a few minutes until sauce covers shrimp completely. 

To Serve

Use some romain lettuce leaves for the lettuce tacos.
Place lettuce leaves on a plate and fill with a spoon full of the slaw mix.
Top with a few of the shrimps.
Add a lime wedge on the plate for some extra zing!

There you have it!
Easy, healthy and SO tasty! 

Thankful Thursday...

I thought I'd start a little weekly post called "Thankful Thursday". I have so much to be thankful for in my life currently. I think it is so important to remember how great we have it even when things don't seem so great. 

This week I am thankful for:

1 // SUNSHINE! It has been sunny the past few days and it makes me so happy! It is actually supposed to get up to 70 twice this week! Warm weather is around the corner! This gets me excited for running outside too, which is one of my favorite warm weather activities.

{left / right}

2 // Benadryl and Claritin... At night I take Benedryl and during the day I take Claritin. One downside to Spring weather is my allergies. These drugs help me stay sane through out the day and night! They are a lifesaver! 

3 // CHARLIE! Yes, ok he may wake us up in the middle of the night and he may have an accident in the house here and there... But, this little fur ball has brought so much joy into our lives! His little face just kills me and melts my heart! We just got him a new harness and leash and we went on our fist walk the other night! He was pretty good, but doesn't quite know what to think of those big metal animals that zoom past (cars).

4 // FLATS! That's right! NO MORE BOOTS! I am so excited and happy to put away the boots for the year. Hello comfy flats!

5 // Speaking of shoes... TARGET SHOES!
Confession time... I can't remember the last time I bought shoes anywhere other than Target. The price is right and the style is on point. Don't get me wrong, I have my eye on a pair of Tory Burch sandals... But, why spend that kind of $$$ when I can get 8 pairs from Target for that amount! A few weeks ago Target was having a buy a pair, get a pair for 50% off, so I took advantage!

{white sandals, black sandals, black heels, bow flats}

I was in need of new sandals for Spring/Summer and a new pair of black heels. And I just couldn't say no to those bow flats!

6 // Last but not least... STARBURST JELLYBEANS!
Not just any jellybeans... FaveReds! #soaddicting #yesIjusthashtaggedinablogpost

That's all for this week!

What are you thankful for? 

Wedding Wednesday // The First Look

Wedding Wednesday is back in action! 

This week I wanted to share photos from our first look. Bill and I decided to (well, had to) take photos before the ceremony since our ceremony started at 5:00 and reception followed immediately after. I was ok with doing a first look ahead of time. I liked the idea of Bill and I having our moment to ourselves before the ceremony and all eyes on us. 

After the make up was done, the hair was curled, the mimosas were sipped and the dress was on, it was time for me to see my groom!

It was a very windy day. My hair was a little tousled in the wind, but we made it work.

We both were a little teary and immediately embraced. 
I was so excited to see him on our wedding day!

After we had our moment, Bill gave me a spin. 

He seemed to be pretty impressed ;) 

I don't know why I love the above photo so much. I'm pretty sure we were just saying "OMG, we are getting married today!" or "Dang! We look GOOD!" Something along those lines I'm sure. 

Here are a few more photos of us after the first look...

{All photos by Together We Click}

That's all for this Wedding Wednesday!

Stay tuned next week for some group shots.