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Friday Five

Five things from this week:

ONE || We finally had dinner alfresco on our new patio set on Monday! I made this Creamy Lemon Chicken Piccata and it was a hit!

TWO || My baby is going through a major transition stage at the moment. He is really starting to be so aware of his surroundings. It was a rough week with his sleep. Each night it took 30 -45 mins for him to calm down at night before falling asleep. I was worried we were going through a major regression, but then yesterday I noticed he popped a tooth! The bottom 2 middle teeth have been bothering him for a while and finally one of them broke through. Hoping the next one will break through soon!

THREE || Cam is also starting to sit up on his own! I picked him up from my parents house the other day and he was just sitting up by himself (with my mom behind him) playing with toys! I can't believe how fast this boy is growing! Sloooooow down!! 

(Snapchat: LindsayRumple)

FOUR || I bought these high waisted destroyed denim shorts last week and I love them! They are a new summer wardrobe staple. 

FIVE || I've also been living in these slub knit tanks. They are super soft and come in a lot of different colors. 

We are headed to Bills hometown of Rockford, OH this weekend for his dad's retirement party. It will be Cam's second over night at their house! I hope he is able to sleep well! :) 

Happy Friday Friends!

Favorite One-Pieces

This summer I have decided to go with a good one-piece bathing suit. I'm still only a handful of lbs away from my goal weight and am feeling pretty good about that. However, rocking a string bikini around my baby boy (who is grabbing at everything these days) just doesn't seem right. I also am working on toning that stubborn mid section, so I feel as though the one-piece suits help to flatter that area as well.

While at Old Navy the other day, I found this suit
(only $35! They are having an awesome sale right now!):

It is extremely flattering! There are padded cups for added support on top and the side rouching really helps to slim my waist line. The straps are also removable, which is a nice option.

Here are my runner up favorite one-piece suits that are post-baby body friendly:

Trina Turk 'Kon Tiki' One-Piece (still on my wishlist)

Shop all my favorite one-pieces below:

Pair them with these to complete the look:

Happy shopping!!

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Camden || 7 months

(Charlie was feeling a little left out of these monthly photos, so we included him this time. 
USA onesie from here)

My baby is 7 months!!
He is slowly starting to look like a little boy instead of my little infant and it makes my heart ache!

He is really starting to have a little personality now. He knows what he wants and how to get it! He is starting to whine at night until we come into his room to soothe him back to sleep. He has been rolling all over the crib and at times it seems like it takes him forever to find a spot that's comfortable. I'm just chalking this up to a new trick that he's found and hopefully soon he will get into a groove of finding that spot a little quicker! Recently, he's been sleeping on his belly with his little lamb lovey under is arm and it is the cutest thing!

We are still trying to keep a good schedule for him during the day which seems to help him sleep better at night. He is typically waking up between 6:30 - 7am (with some exceptions of random 5:30 wake up calls...ouch) and bedtime is anywhere between 6:45-7:30ish just depending on what we are doing and how he's acting at night. I've started to just read his cues as to when he's tired to start the bedtime routine.

Naps are getting a little more challenging as well. I may get a good 30 - 45 min nap in the morning, about 1.5 hour nap in the early afternoon and if we are lucky a 3rd between 3:30 - 4:30, but I feel as though he may be moving towards dropping the evening one.

|| EATING ||
We still feed him 5 bottles a day (btwn 5-7 oz each). I tried to go down to 4 with little snack bottles with his baby food, but that is just so much more work (washing bottles). So, we do morning bottle, 10:30, 1:30-2, 4:30 and 7pm / night time bottle. The morning and night bottles are 7 oz and the middle ones are 6, but he typically only takes 5 from those.

On a typical day he may get 2-3 feedings of baby food and I just treat it like it's a fun activity, or more like a snack in between bottles. No set meals yet.

Camden is turning into a little foodie like mama :)
He LOVES anything with sweet potatoes, apples, pears, etc. He loves the sweet stuff! I have still been feeding him some of the food I've made, but also using the Ella's kitchen pouches for convenience. He loves this one and this one! I'm hesitant to try any banana, melon and avocado because there is a history of mild allergies to these foods in my family. So, just trying to be cautious about those. I'm planning on making a batch of carrots and green beans in the Baby Bullet this weekend too. I also thought it may be time to try out little pea sized mushy bites of food to get him to start using his hands to eat. Any advice from you seasoned mommies welcome!

Well, he is definitely rolling a lot more over the past month and uses this form of motion to get to things! He is starting to army crawl a bit, but hasn't quite figured out how to lift himself. He is sooooooo close to sitting up on his own. When he sits in between my legs, he will sit up and lean forward on his own to play with toys for several minutes at a time. If I don't watch him though, he'll lean backwards and fall.

He is still talking (babbling) up a storm and has been screeching at the top of his lungs which is fun when we're in public.

We also spent this first 2 nights away from Camden while on our stay-cation. My parents stayed at our house to watch him and it seemed as though everything went just fine! I'm hoping that will be the case when we leave for Germany for 10 days in July... I'm still really nervous about leaving my baby for that long...

It has been so fun to watch him grow this month and I feel as though he is learning and changing everyday now! It's so fun to watch!

We love you my sweet boy!

Father's Day Weekend Recap

We had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday with my little fam. I made him breakfast in bed in the morning, then told him I would watch Cam and he could do whatever he wanted for the rest of the day. So what does he do? Mows the lawn?? He loves it!

The #1 Dad t-shirt was a hit! We had dinner over at my parents' house where I gave my dad (Cam's grandpa) this shirt, which was also a hit!

PS - Don't you love my mom's bichon calendar in the background? lol

I gotta say that I must have done something right in my life to be so lucky to have this man as my life partner and father to my son. He is seriously my favorite person (well, so is Cam... they are tied)!

I'll be back tomorrow with Cam's 7 month photos and a little update! 

How was your weekend?

Confessional Friday

I confess....

1) I have been a blogging fail this week! I just have not been able to get myself back in the groove after our stay-cation last weekend!

2) What's worse is that my diet has been on the back burner as well ever since our 48 Columbus foodie tour binge... grrrr...

3) I had plans to go to the grocery store and run some errands yesterday when I was home with Cam and it turned into one of those days where I didn't even change out of my PJs... Why do these little people suck so much energy out of us? Just me?? I did, however, get a 30 min run in the morning, so I'm proud of that. Bill even watched Cam while I showered before he had to leave for work.

4) Bill is traveling for work and left yesterday afternoon... which means I had Chex Mix, cheese and wine for dinner last night... #dietfail

5) Since Bethenny is back on Real Housewives of New York, I wanted to go back and watch the Bethenny Ever After series from the beginning because I kind of forgot about it. So, I've been binge watching via Amazon Prime... It's pretty good and it makes me so sad that her and Jason divorced.

On a brighter note... I also confess...

1) That I'm excited for the weekend. I made an awesome corn dip for a get together with friends tonight. It's a Paula Deen recipe, so you know it's good!

2) I am so happy that the majority of my close college friend all had babies in the same year! We had a play date on Tuesday and there was a 6 week old, an 8 week old, a 2.5 month old, a 5.5 month old and Cam (almost 7 months)!! It is so crazy to see how babies change and develop in such a short amount of time. Those little NBs brought back so many memories and it seems like so long ago Cam was that little (even though it wasn't)! Almost makes me want to have another....almost....

2) I'm also very excited for Bill's first official Father's Day weekend. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for him... He specifically said not to spend any money, but I couldn't help it... I had to get him this shirt (shhhhhh....). He really is the best Dad ever! I mean... look at these faces...

How could you not love 'em?!!
I'm one lucky gal, eh?

Happy Friday Friends! 
Enjoy your weekend!

Columbus Stay-cation Recap

We had such a great weekend staying at the Hilton in Downtown Columbus this past weekend. I will say that the weekend flew by, but I did missed my little babe. He did a great job with Grandma and Grandpa, however, so it makes me more confident about leaving him with them when we go to Germany/Austria next month.

First of all, The Hilton was awesome. It's a fairly new hotel and is very modern feeling. We got our room bumped to the top floor close to the executive lounge since Bill is a Hilton gold member (he gets a ton of points for traveling for work). The room was really nice and over looked the city. 

We didn't have any set plans for the weekend. We knew since this was our first 'get away' with out Cam, we may want to take it easy and sleep in (praise hands)! So, we didn't actually make any reservations or have anywhere we had to be which was actually nice!

The first night we decided to keep it casual. We went to Bakersfield which is a new age/modern, western-style Mexican restaurant/bar right in the heart of the Short North. Their tag line is simply 'Tacos. Tequila. Whiskey.' to sum it up! We enjoyed some fresh margs as we waited to be seated (I ordered a skinny one).

It was so delish, I had a second during dinner! We started with the queso app because when in Rome... I had the fish and short rib tacos for dinner. Bill ordered 2 of the braised pork ones which had a little more spice. I really loved the fish taco which came with nice, crispy chunks of mahi mahi, Tabasco lime sauce, citrus slaw and cilantro. It was so good!

Sandals: Express | Jeans: Express | Top: Francesca's | Earrings: Kendra Scott

After dinner, we headed across the street to Forno for a few more drinks. Hey, we didn't have to drive anywhere and we knew we could sleep in the next day so we were living it up! I really love the bar at Forno. It is very modern feeling, but not too uptight. We hung out there for a good couple of hours before heading back to our hotel room.

The next day, we slept in until 9:30am! Whoo hoo! It felt glorious! We (also see, I) were feeling a little sluggish Saturday morning so, we took our time getting ready for the day. We walked around some of the shops in the Short North for a bit before deciding to have brunch at Tasi. This place is a hidden gem located in a back alley that is hard to find if you haven't been there before. It is also a small space and there is usually a pretty long line to order food. Luckily, we got some seats and the line moved pretty fast. I ordered the breakfast croissant sandwich and Bill had the breakfast burrito. 

After brunch, we went back out to Park street and Vine where there were lines of food trucks and live music playing. It was Park Street Festival which is an annual festival on Park street. It typically gets pretty crowded at night, so we wanted to make sure we got to the good food trucks before the crowds. That makes us sound so old! Bill had Chicago style hot dog and I had a Polish all beef hot dog with mustard and grilled onions (obviously, the diet was out the door this weekend).

After being in the hot sun for a while, we decided to take a dip in the hotel pool that afternoon, which was exactly what we needed to be re-energized! 

Then, we went back up to the hotel to relax for a bit. I showered and got ready for the night. It started pouring when we got back up to the hotel room! I'm so glad we came back when we did!

For dinner Saturday night, we decided that sushi sounded good and it so happens that Haiku has a great dining patio as well (which is on my summer bucket list). 

dress (old): francesca's | wedges: Vince Camuto (similar) | iphone case: Rifle Paper Co | earrings: Kendra Scott

The sushi was so good! It started to rain during dinner, but luckily the patio is covered!

We met Bill's brother and wife for a bit after dinner at Bernard's Tavern, then headed back to the hotel around midnight. 

Sunday, we had continental breakfast in the hotel and then headed out to walk around the Short North for a bit. We had the most delicious (and strong!) coffee at one line coffee

We hung out there for a bit before the shops opened at noon. We walked around a vintage antique shop  for a bit while I admired these mirrors...

We also visited an oil and vinegar shop called The Green Olive Company, where we got to taste test different flavor combos which was really fun. We bought the butter oil (good for topping popcorn, etc), Chipotle oil (good for chicken and seafood marinade) and I got the Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar for bread dipping and salad dressing. It is soooo good!

We popped in and out of a few other shops, then headed to The North Market for lunch. The North Market is one of my favorite places downtown. You can find such a variety of foods and sweets there! We split a club sandwich from Katzingers Deli (their sandwiches are huge!). 

I also picked up some flowers and macaroons for my mom as a thank you for watching Cam. 

Shortly after lunch, we headed home. It was sad that the weekend flew by so fast, but I was also very excited to get home to my baby :)

Just looking at the photos, it seemed that the weekend turned into a bit of a 'foodie' tour lol! What can I say, we love to eat! This past weekend was one long cheat meal for me... Back at the diet this week :/

*PS - I was not paid by any of the places mentioned in this post. I just wanted to share our experience and opinions are all my own!

Would you plan a stay-cation in your city/town?

Friday Phone Dump...

I decided to share with you what has been saved on my phone for the past week. If I look through my photos, you would think I actually had a productive week!

Camden has been sleeping on his stomach, face down and it scares me! I know he can roll back over and lift his head if he wants to, but I still have to go in and check on him every once in a while when he naps like this! 

A screen shot of our new schedule I sent to my mom... I love using the Moms On Call app for scheduling!

My Sunday afternoon project I finally completed. Put together this shadow box with Camden's hospital cap, bracelet and the name banner I made for the door. Also, added a few photos that I printed online at Print Studio.

A photo of the dirty martini I made while watching Mad Men with Bill over the weekend. I gotta say, my martini game is on point! #bluecheeseolivesplease

I thought I might keep track of my outfits for the week for a post... I got as far as Monday! I am loving this comfy swing tank (thanks for the rec Natalie!) and living in these shorts. Also, found the most comfortable, lightweight MK sweatshirt from TJMaxx recently (can't find online)!

Meal prep... I have a love hate relationship with you! Trying the #fourweekstofit diet. I've gotta be honest and say I suck at diets! However, if you take the thinking out of it by pre-cooking and prepping your meals, it's easier...

This face... can't get enough! #allthehearteyes

Trying to figure out a way to convince Bill that we need these mirrored nightstands from Target... Suggestions welcome!

We got our new patio set!! I'm pretty pumped about this! The set is from Macy's and we just picked up the cushions and umbrella from At Home. Can't wait to host our first BBQ!

And this little video makes me smile :)

I'm so excited for the weekend! We are taking family photos tonight and then it is time for Bill and I to go on our 'Stay-cation'! Traveling allll the way to downtown Columbus ;)

If you want to follow along this weekend, you can follow me on instagram or Snapchat (username: LindsayRumple). 

Happy Weekend Friends!!

Summer Bucket List

I saw a few other bloggers post their Summer Bucket Lists and it motivated me to write mine down as well! Now that it is mid JUNE (seriously, when did that happen?), I guess we should get started on these!

|| Dine on a restaurant patio at least twice ||


My favorite patios in Columbus include Lindey's or Barcelona for dinner and Katalina's Cafe for breakfast/brunch

|| Go Golfing ||

And not just the driving range! I would like to actually take my clubs out (yes, I have clubs handed down to me from my grandma) and at least complete 9 holes. I say this every year!

|| Attend an outdoor concert ||

Still trying to find a good outdoor concert to buy tickets for. We have an awesome outdoor venue in Columbus (LC Pavilion) that is perfect for summer concerts.

|| Take Cam to a 4th of July parade ||

We are invited to my friends' house on Saturday the fourth to watch their neighborhood parade and to stay for a cook out. I can't wait to see how he reacts to all the hoop-la!

|| Walk around the Short North shops ||

I just love the Short North Arts District. They have Gallery Hop every first Saturday of the month where the local shops and galleries stay open until 10pm. It's such a lively part of town!

|| Plan a weekend 'stay-cation' ||

This is happening this weekend and I'm so excited!! We booked a hotel room downtown (thank you Hilton points) for Friday and Saturday night. I can't wait to act like a tourist in our own city. Plus, it's our trial run for Germany next month (we will be gone for 10 days... <insert big eyed emoji>) and we are leaving Cam with my parents for the weekend. Wish us luck! Can't wait to post the recap! (Follow along on our stay-cation this weekend via IG or snapchat, username: LindsayRumple)

|| Visit the Columbus Museum of Art ||

It's really sad I have lived in Columbus my whole life (besides college) and I have yet to visit our museum of art. Horrible, I know! I am hoping this is something we can accomplish this weekend.

|| Take Cam swimming (in a real pool, not just a baby one) ||

Although, getting a baby pool for our backyard is on my to do list... I really want to take him to a real pool! I ordered this fun contraption for him to float in and he's got the swimmy diapers and everything. Ready to go! I'm hoping to visit his uncle and aunt's apartment complex pool sometime soon... hint hint if you are reading ;)

|| Host a cookout ||

We just got a new patio set and I'm so excited about it! Just need to find an umbrella and new cushions that I like. I can't wait to host a cookout!

That's pretty much all I got and probably all I will have time for. Oh, and training for a half marathon... Yea, that's happening in October... #yikes

What's on your summer bucket list?

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Easy Roasted Chicken Recipe

I've been on the hunt for easy chicken recipes to make for dinner for Bill and me. I've been trying to be good about my diet and that includes meal planning and prepping with lots of lean protein and veggies for dinner. 

I came across this recipe for One Pan Garlic Ranch Chicken with Veggies (via Damn Delicious, which is an awesome recipe blog!) and it seemed easy enough for even me to make. I'm here to tell you, it is one of the easiest dinners I've ever whipped up!

All you need is (I halved the recipe since it is just the 2 of us):

4 chicken thighs (with the skin)
4 teaspoons of brown sugar
8 oz of baby red potatoes (halved or quartered)
8 oz baby carrots (I used the bagged kind)
1 tbsp EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
1/2 packet of Hidden Vally Ranch seasoning and salad dressing mix (I used the whole thing...oops!)
1 - 2 cloves of garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp of chopped fresh parsley


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. While oven is preheating, place your chicken thighs on a cookie sheet. Rub 1 tsp of brown sugar on each thigh, covering all the skin. Place carrots and potatoes around chicken in a single layer. Drizzle with EVOO and sprinkle with ranch seasoning and garlic. Salt and pepper to taste.

Place in preheated oven and roast until chicken and potatoes are cooked through (internal temp of chicken should be 175). The recipe says 25 - 30 mins, but it took me about 40 for the potatoes and chicken to cook through. Then, broil for about 2 mins, or until top of chicken looks caramelized and slightly charred.

Serve immediately and garnish with parsley. Easy as that!

Bill and I absolutely loved this chicken! Obviously, chicken thighs with the skin is not very "lean" per say... But, we had this on a Sunday so I considered it half of a cheat meal ;)

I'm hoping to post about my meal prepping for the week very soon. I've had some success with this so far. I've found that prepping my meals ahead of time takes the thinking out of it which is always a struggle in the evenings!

What are your favorite easy chicken recipes?

Favorite Baby Things (at the current moment)

I would call this post "5 and 6 month favorites", but I see these products as being staples in our house for at least a few more months to come. Plus, my babe is now going on 7 months?!!

Where does the time go??

Anyhoo... Here are my favorite baby products and gadgets at the current time:

|| Fisher-Price Adorable Animals Baby's Bouncer ||

So, we have this fancy, Fisher-Price deluxe snugapuppy bouncer that was great for when he was little. I added it to my registry because it looked so snugly and it was something I wanted to curl up into myself! Now that Cam is a little bigger, I realize I needed something a little more durable and interactive. This chair has been so great! He loves to bat at the little swinging toys. This chair is also so much easier to carry around because it is so compact and light weight. If I were to do it over, I would have just opted for this one.

|| Fisher-Price Deluxe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat ||

I bought this chair when Camden was around 3 months and I'm so glad I did! He was not a big fan of the bumbo at this time. He was still a little wobbly with his head, so he needed a bit more support. This seat gave him the right amount of support to keep him upright and he loved it! We ended up giving this chair to my sister-in-law who watched Cam every Friday so she had something to sit him in. He still loves it! There's also a version with a tray that would be great for playing with toys or feeding baby food.

|| Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat: Positioner, Activity Seat, and Booster ||

This is another seat that I (and Cam) absolutely love! My parents got this one and we have since "adopted" it at our house :) I love it more than the bumbo because it has a removable, swivel tray with interactive toys to keep him occupied. You can spin the tray to have the cup holders facing in front of him for convenient feeding time as well. The tray can be removed if you just want to use the seat part. When the babe gets bigger, you can take out the orange, infant insert and use the green seat as a booster seat at any table.

|| aden by aden + anais Wearable Blanket ||

I recently bought one of these for Cam now that it's warming up at night. It is so soft and light weight. I hate putting him in the crib with nothing but a diaper or onesie even if it is so warm. I even at least like to sleep with a sheet in the Summer. It is 100% cotton-muslin and is just the perfect little wearable blankie for my babe. 

Yet another baby contraption to clutter up your home... I know! Why do they need so many things??

I ordered this about a month ago and Cam loves it! It took him a few weeks to actually grow into it to the point where his feet touch the ground (poor little guy). But, now that he can actually stand up in it, he's starting to really move! We love the little sounds it makes and he loves playing with all the interactive toys. This is in our kitchen and I will put him in it while I clean bottles/dishes etc and it keeps him busy. He also loves to be upright/standing right now, so it's perfect!

|| Old Navy Onesies and PJs ||

I have found a new love for Old Navy baby clothes! I have been buying packs of white onesies from Carter's thinking that they have the best, softest ones I could find. Wrong! I ordered some from Old Navy, just because, and they are so soft and stretchy! I love these white onesies for playtime during the hot summer days and for layering as well. Old Navy sizes run a bit bigger too, so they will last a lot longer than the Carter's ones that run small.

I also really love their footed PJs. Confession, I still put Cam in footed PJs with mitten cuffs to sleep! I have not mastered the nail trim yet and he always tries to scratch his head and cheeks at night. Luckily, Old Navy makes the PJs with mitten cuffs up to size 6 - 9 months... Now, the question is.. what am I going to do when he outgrows these?? :/

I better master the nail trim/file... Thinking about ordering this baby electric nail file to help... Anyone have this?

That's all I got for now!

I feel like I could write a book about all the baby gadgets we've gone through! I always love reading other blogger's baby product favorites, so I hope this has helped you!

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