Confessional Friday

I confess....

1) I have been a blogging fail this week! I just have not been able to get myself back in the groove after our stay-cation last weekend!

2) What's worse is that my diet has been on the back burner as well ever since our 48 Columbus foodie tour binge... grrrr...

3) I had plans to go to the grocery store and run some errands yesterday when I was home with Cam and it turned into one of those days where I didn't even change out of my PJs... Why do these little people suck so much energy out of us? Just me?? I did, however, get a 30 min run in the morning, so I'm proud of that. Bill even watched Cam while I showered before he had to leave for work.

4) Bill is traveling for work and left yesterday afternoon... which means I had Chex Mix, cheese and wine for dinner last night... #dietfail

5) Since Bethenny is back on Real Housewives of New York, I wanted to go back and watch the Bethenny Ever After series from the beginning because I kind of forgot about it. So, I've been binge watching via Amazon Prime... It's pretty good and it makes me so sad that her and Jason divorced.

On a brighter note... I also confess...

1) That I'm excited for the weekend. I made an awesome corn dip for a get together with friends tonight. It's a Paula Deen recipe, so you know it's good!

2) I am so happy that the majority of my close college friend all had babies in the same year! We had a play date on Tuesday and there was a 6 week old, an 8 week old, a 2.5 month old, a 5.5 month old and Cam (almost 7 months)!! It is so crazy to see how babies change and develop in such a short amount of time. Those little NBs brought back so many memories and it seems like so long ago Cam was that little (even though it wasn't)! Almost makes me want to have another....almost....

2) I'm also very excited for Bill's first official Father's Day weekend. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for him... He specifically said not to spend any money, but I couldn't help it... I had to get him this shirt (shhhhhh....). He really is the best Dad ever! I mean... look at these faces...

How could you not love 'em?!!
I'm one lucky gal, eh?

Happy Friday Friends! 
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I feel like we all saw the divorce coming on their show - he was really mean to her lol! Hope you have a fab weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Ha I love the sound of your dinner! I'm a blogging failure. Period. Trying to get back into it! Happy Friday!

  3. aw happy first fathers day to bill! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. How fun that all of your friends had babies the same year!! And those are totally my dinners when Nick is out of town, too... all eaten in my bed in PJs watching "crappy girl TV" as he calls it - some of my favorite nights, haha!

  5. I hope you had a wonderful weekend spoiling your sweet husband, what an adorable picture of them! Xo, Stephanie


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