Favorite Baby Things (at the current moment)

I would call this post "5 and 6 month favorites", but I see these products as being staples in our house for at least a few more months to come. Plus, my babe is now going on 7 months?!!

Where does the time go??

Anyhoo... Here are my favorite baby products and gadgets at the current time:

|| Fisher-Price Adorable Animals Baby's Bouncer ||

So, we have this fancy, Fisher-Price deluxe snugapuppy bouncer that was great for when he was little. I added it to my registry because it looked so snugly and it was something I wanted to curl up into myself! Now that Cam is a little bigger, I realize I needed something a little more durable and interactive. This chair has been so great! He loves to bat at the little swinging toys. This chair is also so much easier to carry around because it is so compact and light weight. If I were to do it over, I would have just opted for this one.

|| Fisher-Price Deluxe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat ||

I bought this chair when Camden was around 3 months and I'm so glad I did! He was not a big fan of the bumbo at this time. He was still a little wobbly with his head, so he needed a bit more support. This seat gave him the right amount of support to keep him upright and he loved it! We ended up giving this chair to my sister-in-law who watched Cam every Friday so she had something to sit him in. He still loves it! There's also a version with a tray that would be great for playing with toys or feeding baby food.

|| Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat: Positioner, Activity Seat, and Booster ||

This is another seat that I (and Cam) absolutely love! My parents got this one and we have since "adopted" it at our house :) I love it more than the bumbo because it has a removable, swivel tray with interactive toys to keep him occupied. You can spin the tray to have the cup holders facing in front of him for convenient feeding time as well. The tray can be removed if you just want to use the seat part. When the babe gets bigger, you can take out the orange, infant insert and use the green seat as a booster seat at any table.

|| aden by aden + anais Wearable Blanket ||

I recently bought one of these for Cam now that it's warming up at night. It is so soft and light weight. I hate putting him in the crib with nothing but a diaper or onesie even if it is so warm. I even at least like to sleep with a sheet in the Summer. It is 100% cotton-muslin and is just the perfect little wearable blankie for my babe. 

Yet another baby contraption to clutter up your home... I know! Why do they need so many things??

I ordered this about a month ago and Cam loves it! It took him a few weeks to actually grow into it to the point where his feet touch the ground (poor little guy). But, now that he can actually stand up in it, he's starting to really move! We love the little sounds it makes and he loves playing with all the interactive toys. This is in our kitchen and I will put him in it while I clean bottles/dishes etc and it keeps him busy. He also loves to be upright/standing right now, so it's perfect!

|| Old Navy Onesies and PJs ||

I have found a new love for Old Navy baby clothes! I have been buying packs of white onesies from Carter's thinking that they have the best, softest ones I could find. Wrong! I ordered some from Old Navy, just because, and they are so soft and stretchy! I love these white onesies for playtime during the hot summer days and for layering as well. Old Navy sizes run a bit bigger too, so they will last a lot longer than the Carter's ones that run small.

I also really love their footed PJs. Confession, I still put Cam in footed PJs with mitten cuffs to sleep! I have not mastered the nail trim yet and he always tries to scratch his head and cheeks at night. Luckily, Old Navy makes the PJs with mitten cuffs up to size 6 - 9 months... Now, the question is.. what am I going to do when he outgrows these?? :/

I better master the nail trim/file... Thinking about ordering this baby electric nail file to help... Anyone have this?

That's all I got for now!

I feel like I could write a book about all the baby gadgets we've gone through! I always love reading other blogger's baby product favorites, so I hope this has helped you!

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  1. The jumperoo always brings back fun memories of me babysitting my nieces and nephew - they had a blast in that thing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. We've been thinking of buying R a jumperoo so I'm so glad to hear you guys like that one! And nail trimming might be the worst/hardest thing ever, interested to hear if that trimmer works!!

  3. When Sophie wasn't as tall, she loved her jumperoo, I swear she'd jump for hours if we let her.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. Awwww all the baby gear is so so so so cute. I love the monkey seat.

  5. My LO (5mo) loves the FP Sit Me Up! Also, this week I discovered that it is alot easier to trim his nails after a short car ride while he is still strapped into his car seat. He had grandma to entertain him. I just put the car seat in my lap and I was able to do his hands AND feet within 5 minutes!

  6. I'm going to add a few of those wearable blankets to my registry for sure

  7. Baby nail file = awesome! I still use it on both kids!

  8. I just got one of the wearable swaddles for my baby and can't wait to try it out! She's not due for another month, but I'll definitely be checking back to see what else your baby liked to try out!

  9. We have a chair similar to the first one & Jack loves it!!! It was a hand-me-down from my SIL who used it for both of my nephews (the oldest is 8 now! Lol!). At first I didn't think we needed it but, for a while now we couldn't do without it & we take it everywhere with us when we know we're going out of town! & I agree, lightweight & easy to tote around the house! This is a must-have!!

  10. I use round tip little scissors so much more control than using nail clippers!! Trust me I nipped Miller once with the nail clippers and cried more than him so it's been round tip little scissors ever since. Plus neither of the boys fight me the way Miller used to with the clippers. The Aden and anais wearable blankets are the best! I kept Miller in them all the time. Matthew is so "hot natured" (if that's a thing) I guess you would say that I just put him to bed in his jammies otherwise he gets too hot. Loving all those seats maybe I need one for Matthew, he's crawling but still can't sit up.


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