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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

We still have a few days left of the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale!

I have been trying to stay on a budget with shopping, so the items I have in my cart are all under $100. There are some great deals, so definitely take advantage!

Here are my top 10 picks (all under $100!):

(Great for post baby! I love mine! Only $23.90!)

(Another post baby favorite of mine!)

(Only $15.90!)

(Only $16.80!)

And some honorable mentions below under $200, which are all great investments:

What are your favorites?

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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

What an eventful weekend it was! I first want to say thank you to all our men and woman who serve and have served for our country. It is so easy to take our freedom for granted, but we have those brave souls to thank for that.

Friday night was uneventful since Bill got home later in the evening from a work trip. So, we just stayed in, had some wine and watched Mad Men on Netflix. We are almost through season 5 and have watched it together from the beginning! It's a great Netflix pick if you have not watched the series!

Saturday we got ready to take Cam to his first wedding. My parents were unavailable to watch him, so we thought we'd just try to take him along. The wedding was about 1.5 hours away and we timed it so that he was fed and it was his nap time during the ride. 

Well, he slept for a bit in the car and when we got there he was in a good mood. He was great during the ceremony and I even was able to feed him a bottle during it to keep him quiet. Then, around dinner time he started to get fussy. I'm not sure if it was all the new people coming up to him or the fact that he got his 6 month shots the day before, but he was ready to go home! I went out in the car with him for a bit to settle him down which worked. I was able to take him back inside and he slept in his carseat while we ate dinner and visited with Bill's family for a while (it was his cousin's wedding). We ended up leaving close to 8 pm and Cam slept the entire way home. It was nice that he could come with us, but definitely a different experience at a wedding with a baby! Not sure I would do it again.

Sunday we took it easy in the morning. I sent Bill out to get us some breakfast in the morning and he came home with the most glorious feast from Honey Baked Ham Co. of all places! Apparently, they have a great breakfast menu! The french toast was amazing and so was the candied bacon!

{from my snapchat @LindsayRumple}

I decided yesterday that it is time to go on a diet to drop these last pesky 7-9lbs... More on that later...

Sunday afternoon, we set out to get a few things for the house and flowers for potting outside. We got some pots for our back patio and some for the front porch. Next up is planting some flowers in the front. I love this season!

I just loved this little owl pot so much I had to get it!

Monday we decided to take advantage of the Memorial Day sales going and bought our new patio set from Macy's! It arrives in 2 weeks and I can't wait! That was the last big furniture purchase we wanted to make for the house, so it feels great to have that done!

We also got some floating shelves from Pottery Barn to hang in the family room. The new decor is coming together! Can't wait to share when it's complete.

Of course, Cam had a great 3 day weekend :)

How was your weekend?

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Camden || 6 Months (Half Birthday!)

<Insert 1 million cry face emojis here>

How did this happen? Half a year already??!

He's starting to look more and more like a little boy than my baby ahhh! 
Please time, can you slow down (as cliche as it is for a new mom to say that)??

I didn't get to a 5 month update on the blog (did a mini one on IG), so a lot has happened since his 4 month update. We have his 6 month Dr appointment on Friday, so not quite sure on weight and height, but we guesstimate he's about 16 pounds when we weigh him at home. I'm guessing he's still around 25 inches long. He is wearing mostly 6 - 9 mo or 6 - 12 mo clothes with the exception of a few 3 - 6 mo onesies and t shirts of brands that run big like Target and Old Navy.

Cam is still sleeping through the night from 7:30ish to 7am. Sometimes he will wake up and talk to himself for a while around 6am, but he's pretty patient and waits for us to get up and feed him. He does however, have night terrors and wakes us up crying in the middle of the night! But, when I run in and check on him he's fast asleep again?? Any other mothers experience this??

Feeding Cam baby food has been such an exciting experience and it's so fun to watch him try new flavors. So far, I've made pureed carrots and sweet potatoes in the Baby Bullet and have a lot stored in the freezer (don't worry, his skin has not turned orange yet ;) ). I bought a few pouches of Ella's Kitchen apples and pears so I could try some fruits with him, but I do plan on making some of my own in the future. I can see how buying baby food can become expensive! I only feed him maybe once or twice a day. I don't push it too much because I know he still gets all his nutrients from breast milk or formula. Maybe I'll write a post about starting solids?? Anyone interested?

 || L I K E S ||

 + nuk pacis (although his Speech Pathologist Grandma doesn't let him have it when she's around)
+ chewing on his hands and really anything he can get his hands and mouth on
+ naps like a champ (down to 3 per day)
+ his lamb lovie (lamby)
+ his new jumperoo
+ books / story time
+ rolling around (can roll both ways now!)
+ scaring mommy and rolling on his tummy in his crib
+ sleeping sideways in the crib
+ taking walks outside in the Baby Bjorn
+ just being outside and seeing the world!
+ eating baby food! We've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and pears. His favorite are by far the sweet potatoes, but really hasn't turned away any food!
+ being tickled by mommy
+ watching mommy drink or eat food. He thinks it's hilarious!

|| D I S L I K E S ||

+ being hungry, over tired or over stimulated
+ skipping naps
+ meeting new people, but getting better
+ gas pains
+ being held or in one spot for too long. he is so squirmy and loves to move around!

That's really it... He's generally a happy baby!

|| M I L E S T O N E S ||

+ started to eat baby food and loving it!
+ rolls over both ways
+ sits up with support, but so close to sitting up on his own
+ bears weight on his legs and likes to stand with support
+ grasps objects with both hands. we got a trainer sippy cup!
+ saying some syllables and vowels (ma, ahh, ooo, eee, etc)
+ found his voice! squeals (more like shrieks) with delight!
+ he has all the symptoms of teething (even had a few rough nights here and there), but no signs of teeth poking through yet.

Camden is in such a fun stage (I feel like I say this every month)! I just love to watch him learn and grow everyday. I feel like his little brain is a sponge right now. Every new thing and experience is so exciting! The past 6 months have been the happiest of my life. This little boy has brought so much joy into our lives. He has the face of an angel and I have to kiss those cheeks a million times a day to feel complete. I can't imagine our life without him now!

*Side note: We are going to Germany/Austria for 10 days in July and leaving Camden with my parents. It's really starting to hit me now how long that really is to be without my baby :( If any moms out there have any advice on how to cope with leaving your babes for vacation/traveling, please let me know!

I plan to post our 5 and 6 month favorite baby products very soon! Stay tuned!

PS - If you are interested in seeing multiple snaps and videos of my days with Cam, my Snapchat user name is LindsayRumple ;)

Kate Spade SALE!

Sorry I've been MIA and this is completely against what I wrote about in my last post about saving money (thank you all for your comments as well!)... However, I am not one to pass up a good sale. Especially a Kate Spade sale!

You can get so many items on their website right now for up to 75% off!

Here are some of my favorites all under $100 right now!

And for you moms to be, these adorable baby bags are also on sale!

We had a great weekend with Bill's parents who were in town for his mother's birthday. We grilled some amazing filets and I made twice baked potatoes and broccoli salad. We also grilled some fresh asparagus from their garden! I plan on posting recipes of all my favorite summer grilling side dishes soon!

My First Mother's Day + Good Things

Coming at you a day late with a quick recap of my first Mother's Day and general life thoughts.

Sunday was such a wonderful day. It started with Bill taking the morning feeding with Cam and letting me sleep in, follwed by breakfast in bed. That alone made my entire Mother's Day!

As if breakfast in bed with my little family wasn't enough, he also brought me the most beautiful bouquet of Hydrandeas! I had been talking about getting some for the front porch and took that as they are my new favorite flowers, which they are :)

I just love the way the colorful arrangement brightens up our dark table! Bill also decided that I needed a day of pampering, so he gave me a spa package from Charles Penzone! This was completely unexpected! He is the best hubby! I can not wait to book my 'me' day!

After a relaxing morning, we went to my parents' house for brunch. My parents got Cam a doorway jumper and an excersaucer to keep him occupied! You would have thought it was his birthday or something! It was so nice spending time with my family and our FOUR generations! Yes, my Grandma was there and it is always such a pleasure to see her smile at Camden and vice versa.

Camden also attended his first birthday party! He had a great time! It was all baseball themed. I wish I would have taken more photos!

This weekend really made me start thinking about what's most important in life. I really want to focus more on spending time with my family and friends. I want to feel fulfilled by spending time with my loved ones instead of going to Target and spending too much money on things I don't need.

We started to talk about our plan to move in a few years to a larger home and what we would have to do in order to save enough money. I'm realizing that I spend a lot of frivolous money on things, when that money could be put in our savings account. Living in this 'blogging' and 'IG' world it is hard not to compare lives. I scroll through the endless fashion blogs and instagram pics of girls 10 years younger than me rocking all designer brands everyday. I just can't do that. 

We want to work on making our current house a home. I absolutely love our new sectional! Now we are starting to look at patio furniture and realizing how expensive it is. I know it takes time to furnish a home, so I am trying to be patient. Plus, we are trying to be very smart with our money and not put anything on credit.

When I step back and look at my life, I realize that I have everything I've ever wanted. I have a loving husband that is a great provider and father. We have a home. We are healthy. AND, we have the most adorable little boy! What else do I need?

And now for some adorable baby pictures...

(This guy is obsessed with grabbing his feet!)

I'm kind of jealous of his flexibility! 

That's all for now! Thanks for listening/reading :)

Random Thursday Thoughts

Life has been feeling a little random recently, so here are some of my random thoughts:

1 || We got our new sectional yesterday!!! (praise hands!!!) I absolutely love it! It is a light grey color and completely brightens up the room compared to the ugly dark brown (Bill's bachelor period) couches we used to have. I can't wait to complete the room with more decor! Hopefully, I will get it to the point to where I can post some pics :)
2 || I feel as though once you get a few nice pieces of furniture, you want to complete the entire house! Now I want a patio set (which we need badly) and new bedroom furniture... Ughhh... One step at a time!

3 || I got my second Rocksbox yesterday and I wanted everything! I ended up purchasing this Kendra Scott necklace. I've been wanting one for a while and with the discount and $10 shine spend made it unable to say no :) (PSSST - you can still use code: lindsaykxoxo to get your first month's subscription FREE!)

4 || I started making baby food for Cam with my Baby Bullet! He's tried carrots and sweet potatoes and prefers the sweet potatoes :) He has really started to love eating! Can't wait to try new foods with him!

5 || I am so excited for my first mother's day this weekend :) I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend with my little family.

Those are my random thoughts this week!

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Summer Fashion || Shorts

I can't believe how nice it was this past weekend! I am so excited for this time of year! We spent a lot of time outside exploring different areas of Columbus with Cam. I really think he enjoys just looking around at new scenery. We also had a wonderful double date night Saturday at Hudson 29. The weather was perfect to sit outside on their patio for dinner! 

I recently went Spring/Summer shopping and ended up with not 1, but 3 pairs of shorts! I am obsessed with shorts this year. Here are some of my favorite picks:

1 || J. Crew Factory 3" Oxford short - I love these classic fit oxford shorts. I bought a pair in black and have a feeling they will be a staple this Summer. The best part, they are only $24.50 right now! 

2 || J. Crew Zigzag Ikat shorts - I just love the fit and simple pattern of these shorts. Perfectly paired with a white blouse for Summer!

3 || Express pom pom trimmed tulip hem shorts - I love a pom pom hem short! These are perfect to pair with your staple floral blouse and for Summer!

4 || Lush scallop trim shorts - Another fancy trim for shorts... scallop! I love the bright pink color of these too!

5 || Joie 'Lanina' floral print silk shorts (splurge) - I love anything Joie and these shorts are no exception!

6 || J. Crew printed boardwalk pull on shorts - Love the floral pattern and color of these as well in the popular pull on boardwalk shorts style from J. Crew.

Another great shop for Summer shorts is Francesca's Collection!
I just picked up a pair of these pineapple printed shorts and I can't wait to wear them!

Which style of shorts is your favorite?