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October Favorites

Happy Thursday! Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite purchases and everyday staples from the month of October. Can you believe it is going to be November next week?!

1. $15 Plaid Blanket Scarfs from Amazon. I just ordered and received one of these blanket scarfs and I have to say I'm impressed with the quality given it was only $15! There are 13 different plaid combinations to choose from, so I may even buy a few more! I just love throwing these on over a long sleeved tee or tunic, leggings and boots (aka my go to fall uniform). 

2. zella live in high waist leggings. I have been living in the regular zella leggings, so I thought I would go ahead and buy another pair. I decided to try out these high waisted leggings and I love them! The higher waist is much more sliming and flattering. Also helps to keep my mid section warm!

3. Sam Edelman Penny Boots. I bought these boots last year and I am still in love with them! They are so comfortable and go over leggings, jeans, even look good paired with dresses! The leather is super soft and they also come in a wide calf option so you can be sure to have the perfect fit. Bonus, they are also on sale right now!

4. Maybelline color sensational lipstick in blushing bud. I have been looking for a new lip stick for a while and grabbed this lipstick at my local Target recently. The color is just a touch of rosy pink and perfect for my everyday make up. It also goes on really smooth/creamy and stays on for a long time!

5. Maybelline age rewind dark circles eraser concealer (brightener 160). This is hands down the best under eye concealer/brightener I have ever used. I've tried a few different color correcting concealers for dark circles and this one definitely covers them the best and stays on all day long! The pinkish hue really helps to correct the blue/dark circles under my eyes. I top this with a skin toned concealer and then some loose powder to finish the look. I'm hoping to put together a post sharing my 5 minute mommy make up routine soon!

There you have it! I couldn't survive the last month with out these products! :)

*I'm linking up with Natalie and Annie for Thoughts for Thursday.

When Life Gives You Lemons... Make A Toddler Halloween Picnic!

I was so excited that my best friend from home (Columbus, OH) and her little 18 month old girl were coming to visit us in IL this past weekend. I had high hopes of 2 days worth of play dates at the park, the Children's Museum and even a really cool indoor ball factory/play cafe for the kids since the weather was supposed to be a bit chilly. I was going to make an egg breakfast casserole, and maybe even cook a meal for us one night!

Well, Friday started out all great. Camden was so excited to see his friend from Ohio! We played in his playroom, even took a trip to the park near by. Then, around 4:30 he started acting really whinny and all of a sudden started throwing up. My baby had the stomach flu! I thought maybe it was just a one time thing, you know these toddlers just get so excited some times. Nope, about an hour later, he threw up again and I knew we were in for a long night. We ordered pizza, Bill took Camden up for a bath around normal bedtime. He ended up getting sick in the bath. So, we laid towels down in his crib and just watched him for a bit while he laid down. Luckily, he was done getting sick and was just exhausted and fell right to sleep. The grown ups ate our pizza and watched our monitors before heading to bed for the night. 

The next morning, Camden seemed almost back to normal. We just gave him a bland breakfast and water to drink and after that he was up and playing again like nothing had happened! It's amazing how these toddlers bounce back from these little viruses! I wanted to keep things a little low key that morning since Camden was still getting over his stomach bug, so we nixed the children's museum and just took them to Target around the corner just to get out of the house (aka, mommies' play ground). Of course, the dollar spot caught their (our) eyes with all of the fun and colorful Halloween decor! My friend had a great idea to put together a little Halloween picnic for the kids with some fun plates, glass bottles with straws, fuzzy ball garland, a 'boo' banner, Halloween stickers, balloons and Mickey Mouse cheese balls! She even decorated our fireplace with the goodies while the kiddos were napping and I was taking a shower.

The kids were so excited after they woke up from their naps to see their little Halloween picnic set up! Camden was very excited about the cheese balls and now keeps asking for them by name lol!

That afternoon, I had plans to take them to an indoor ball factory play cafe since he seemed like he was back to normal. We headed out even though I was starting to feel a bit queasy. I just decided to be in denial about it and thought it was just going to pass. Well, I was feeling worse while we were in the car on the way to the cafe, but just decided to push through it. I really wanted these kids to have fun! So, we made it to the ball factory playground and Camden was in heaven! His favorite thing right now is BALLS! There were balls everywhere! Lots of fun little areas to play in for all different aged kiddos. 

About 30 minutes into playing, I started to feel really nauseated. I told my friend to watch the kids while I ran to the rest room. Sure enough, it was my turn for the stomach flu... So, we had to leave the fun ball factory play ground right when the kids were having so much fun. I felt horrible! Luckily, we made it home without me getting sick in the car. Once we got home I went straight upstairs to our bathroom and was there for the remainder of the evening. Bill had to take over taking care of the boys and entertaining our guests. I felt so bad! 

Luckily, by morning I was starting to feel better. Of course right when our friends had to leave. So far it seems the plague has been contained to only Camden and myself (knock on wood). Those stomach bugs are awful! But, I'm really glad we were able to make the fun memories for the kids while it lasted! 

*This post was not sponsored by the Target dollar spot... But, if Target would like to contact me for future dollar spot collaborations, I would be open to that! ;)

#WIW Wednesday | Graphic Lounge Wear + Coffee Mugs

I'm gonna go ahead and be honest with you... 90% of the time, you will find me wearing these leggings or these joggers (you need these!) and some sort of over sized sweatshirt or tee shirt on any given day. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion and would love to 'dress up' a bit more day to day. However, between working from home and being home with my babies, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle at the moment. 

Although, that doesn't mean I have to be 'frumpy' with my lounge wear. On one of my more recent trips to Target (there are at least 2 per week... It's right around the corner from our house! Dangerous!), I found some of the cutest graphic tops that I couldn't pass up. They are also made of the softest material that is just begging to be worn while lounging on the couch or around the house with babies/toddlers. 

There's just no hiding my love for coffee. I mean, I don't think I would survive a day... an hour with 2 babes under 2 if I didn't have that perfect, hot cup of java in the am (with some pumpkin spice creamer of course). So, when I saw this cowl neck sweatshirt, it went straight in my cart. I also snagged this USA sweatshirt (seriously, the softest ever...) and this clever graphic tee

(yep, totally cut out my head in these pics. Trust me, it's for the better!)

I also found myself in the coffee mug isle (how does that happen? I came for diapers!) and this mug just happened to hop into my cart as well. What is it about graphic coffee mugs that make me so happy?! Target has so many cute mugs right now. They also make great gifts (hello early Christmas shopping)!

Shop all my current favorite graphic lounge tops here:

And here are some really cute graphic mugs:

Happy Hump Day and Happy Shopping!

Keller's Farm + Pumpkin Patch 2016

Are you guys sick of family Pumpkin Patch photos yet? Hopefully not! 

This was actually the first time we have been to a pumpkin farm/patch as a family. Last year, Camden was only about 11 months old and we ended up just getting a photo of him in front of pumpkins at our local grocery store for fun. Now that he's walking/running everywhere (and is obsessed with pumpkins), I knew he would have fun if we took him this year. And I was right! As soon as we got to the pumpkin patch he was so excited and running everywhere! He was pointing out 'daddy pun-kin, mama punkin, baby punkin' (meaning big, medium, small)! He also loved seeing the animals in the farm area and was making all the animal noises as we walked through the barn. 

We also enjoyed some apple cider and donuts which was followed by an attack by bees, so it was short lived... But, Camden enjoyed his first taste of apple cider donuts! 

Besides our eventful trip to the pumpkin patch, we just laid low, watched football, made chili (yes, again) and hung out with some new neighbor friends. 

How was your weekend?

3 months of Bennett

(weekly milestone cards c/o milestone | raccoon rattle c/o Finn + Emma)

Bennett turned 3 months as of the 28th of September. I can not believe how much our little baby Bennett has grown over the past 3 + months! I also can not believe it's been 3 whole months since he came into our lives. Things are finally starting to groove with his schedule and he is fitting right into our family routine.

I told myself that I wouldn't do the typical monthly baby updates this time around because, for one, not everyone has a baby or is in the baby stage of life so it may not be too interesting to all readers to read how much weight he's gained or if he's sleeping at night, etc. Second, I've started to be a bit more protective of my babes and weary about sharing too much information about them. However, I do love reading baby updates from other bloggers that are going through the same phase. So, to compromise, I will be posting a little Bennett update every 3 months. :)

Month 1 was pretty much a blur between recovery and having visitors (our parents) for the first 6 weeks. Just like every other newborn, he was very sleepy during the day, so it didn't really affect our normal routine too much. I just felt like a shut in because I was constantly breastfeeding him! I felt guilty because I wasn't spending enough quality time with Camden. But, I was so happy he was getting a lot of grandparent attention and spoiling!

Month 2 was a little bit more of a rocky road. Bennett started 'waking' up from his newborn sleepy state. The help left and we were alone around the time when Bennett turned 6 weeks. That was also the time when Bill had to start working again and I was alone with Camden and Bennett for the first time. That week Bill had to leave town for work for 2 nights and I was so nervous about being with the 2 of them by myself over night. Mostly because Bennett's sleep (or lack thereof) was all over the place at night. That first night by myself was like Murphy's law. Getting 2 babies under 2 to bed simultaneously is a challenge when you're solo! I won't even go into detail everything that happened that night, because I don't want to relive it! Just think of all the things that could go wrong with a toddler and a newborn at night and that's pretty much what happened. Toddler refusing to fall asleep... Both babies waking up crying at the same time. Dog barking and waking up baby. Blow outs in the dark... You get the drift... I will say that since then, it has got a LOT easier. Especially now that I have more of a bedtime routine with Bennett.

Around 6 weeks was also the time when Bennett started getting really bad reflux. He would get so fussy after nearly every feeding and it got worse towards the evenings. I would dread bedtime because I was so worried about him being fussy. Sometimes it would take us a good 1.5-2 hours to get him to settle down before he fell asleep. I finally caved and called the Dr to get a prescription for Zantac and I'm so glad I did. We saw a big improvement in his demeanor after he started the medication.

Right around 9/10 weeks, his reflux got a lot better and I even started weaning him off the Zantac. Now he doesn't take it anymore and hardly ever gets fussy after feedings and goes to bed just fine. It was a stressful few weeks there for a bit, but I'm so glad we are past that phase!

Month 3 has been the best time with Bennett! He is such a happy baby during the day and loves to smile and chat with us! He is a hungry little fella and chugs all his 5-6 oz bottles during the day! I am still breastfeeding him in the middle of the night when he wakes up and sometimes in the early mornings if he wakes up before his first bottle at 7-7:30am. He has grown like a weed and is now in 6-9 month clothing! Thank goodness I saved all Camden's old clothes because he is also known around these parts as the blow out king! It got to the point where he would have a blow out nearly every time he pooped! I finally realized I needed to go up a size in diapers (he's in size 3 already!) and thankfully, we haven't had as many blowouts!

Sleeping: The nights have gotten a bit more predictable. I transitioned him to his crib around 6 weeks using the dock a tot that he was used to sleeping in since he got home from the hospital. He slept swaddled in the dock a tot, in his crib up until last week when I took the dock a tot out since he was getting a bit too snug in it. Luckily, he transitioned out of it just fine. He goes to bed no later than 8pm and typically wakes up 1-2 times at night to feed (between 1-4am), but will go back to sleep pretty easy afterwards and sleeps until about 6:30 or 7. However, he started busting out of the SwaddleMe blankets and the Halo Sleepsacks, so we are just using the Miracle Blanket at night now which seems to help keep his arms in the swaddle much better. Of course, now that he's starting to sleep better, it's almost time to start transitioning him out of the swaddle! Ughhh... I'm dreading this! I'm hoping to hold on to swaddling as long as possible. He is starting to roll up onto his sides, so I know I need to start the transition soon. We've tried a few naps with one arm out and he's slept for about 40 mins both times in his crib.

Eating: I started supplementing around 10 weeks when I noticed my supply dropping and since he was starting to eat more. I had started pumping during the day and feeding him bottles because it was just easier for me than breastfeeding. This may have affected my supply, but we are on a pretty good routine now, so I'm ok with it. I will pump 2-3 times during the day and breast feed him at night and in the middle of the night. A few weeks ago we started feeding him a bottle for his last meal before bed to see if it would help him sleep longer at night (I pump before I go to bed). I think it did help a little, but he is still waking up at least once to eat in the middle of the night. He gets 5 bottles a day that are all between 5-6 oz and he normally chugs them! Baby B can eat!

Stats: We don't have a 3 month dr appointment this month, but at his 2 month check up he was 11.5 lbs and 22.75 inches long. Since then, Bill has 'weighed' him on our scale and swears he is over 15 lbs! He is a big boy for sure! He's bigger than Camden was at this age! I think he may turn out to be bigger than his older brother!

Loves: smiling at his mama and 'talking' to us! He also LOVES to watch me eat and smiles so big when he sees me chewing ha! I think he is going to be a good little eater when it's time for solids! He really loves his activity mat and smiles every time he sees the little hanging monkey! It's so funny because Camden really loved that monkey too! He loves to be sang to and loves music!

Cries: only when he's really hungry, tired or loud noises that startle him. Sometimes he gets fussy in the carseat if the car is not moving, but will fall asleep after a few minutes.

Here's a quick little run down of our 3 month schedule with Bennett:

Between 7-7:30: First bottle of the day (5-6 oz)
Nap 1 (usually in the swing or carseat if we are out) around 9am (lasts about an hour)
2nd bottle : 10-10:30am
Nap 2 (sometimes in the crib, sometimes swing): around 11:30-12pm (lasts about 1-1.5 hours)
3rd bottle : 1-1:30pm
Nap 3 (swing): 2-2:30 (about 1 hour)
4th bottle : 4-4:30pm
Nap 4 (swing or carseat): 5-5:30 (about 30-45 mins)
Last bottle : 7-7:30, then bedtime 
MOTN feeding(s) between 1-4am

I don't have a real elaborate bedtime routine like I did with Camden. I try to give him his last bottle in his room with the lights off (hall light on so I can see), then I change him in to jammies and may rock him for a bit. Then, swaddle and give him a paci and close the door. I usually have to go in to soothe at least 2-3 times before he falls asleep. If he's really crying I do pick him up and rock him until he's calm. I haven't gotten to the point of having to use the CIO method and never did with Camden, so hoping I don't have to do that with Bennett! We give him a bath before bed about 2-3 times per week since he has very dry/sensitive skin, so that's not necessarily part of the bedtime process.

There you have it! A (not so quick) recap of the last 3 months with baby B! I can't believe we are already half way through his 4th month of life!

He just started daycare this week and I'm slowly adjusting to not having him around me 24/7. I feel like something is missing when he's gone... But, the ladies at his daycare are so sweet and send me updates and photos through out the day which is so nice! And another bonus is that he slept from 7:45pm to 5:30am after his first day! He was worn out! We'll see if he keeps that up!

I'll post an update after his 6 month appointment aka 1/2 birthday! :) 

Shop some of our favorite baby things below:

Life Lately

Hello blogging world! Sorry for the absence lately. Life with 2 under 2 is keeping me quite busy. Not to mention that we've all had colds for the past week (except Bill, I don't know how he got away with that one!). Both Camden and Bennett have been waking up at night with coughing fits which means that this mama has not been getting a ton of sleep...zzzzz

(Camden is obsessed with pumpkins! He carries these around and calls them 'daddy pun-kin', 'mama pun-kin' and 'baby pun-kin'... It's pretty freakin' cute!)

Where was I? Oh, yes. Life with 2 under 2... We really only have a little over a month to continue using that excuse! Can you believe my little Camden will be turning TWO on November 20th??!! How is this possible? We aren't planning a big party like we did for his first since all our friends and family are back in Ohio. My parents will be visiting the weekend before his birthday, so we may do a little birthday celebration for him then. But, I digress...Back to what we've been up to...

We took it pretty easy this past weekend since we weren't feeling 100%. Just spent a lot of time in jammies and cuddling. We did get out to take a walk to the park both Saturday and Sunday. I was also able to decorate our front porch for fall which made me happy. Camden had a great time picking out the mums. He wanted a 'pur-pul' one and a 'yey-yo' one so that's why we have both. ;)

Other than that, the past few weekends have been filled with football watching (our Buckeyes of course!), chili making/eating, and taking too many pictures of my babies before they grow up too fast! Did I mention Bennett is now wearing 6-9 month clothes??! I had to get a picture of him in his Halloween PJs before he grew out of them!

Bennett started daycare this week and I have been such a wreck with anxiety about dropping him off. But, I'm hoping every day gets a little better. At least it's only 3 days a week. I know so many other working moms that have to drop off their babies all 5 days of the work week and may only see them for a few hours a day total. I completely commend those mothers! It is tough! #momguilt is the worst.

(Bill and I had a breakfast date after we dropped of the boys and before we had to work on Bennett's first day of daycare. As you can see, I was totally eating my feelings yesterday! And yes, those are pumpkin pancakes!)

Speaking of Bennett, I do plan to post a 3 month update on him soon! Time is slipping away from me! Hopefully I will get it posted before he turns 4 months!

I will continue with my #WIW Wednesday series next week, promise!

PS - I hope all you southern bloggers and readers are safe and sound away from the hurricane damage! Prayers for all that have been affected!

#WIW Wednesday

I'm back with the 3rd edition of my #WIW Wednesday series. This past week has been a little hectic with trying to work and have Bennett home with me 3 days a week (Camden goes to daycare those days) since he is starting to be much more awake during the day. He starts daycare next week and will be going to the same 'school' as Camden. I'm slightly nervous about taking my baby to daycare! But, I know he will be in good hands because I love the experience that we've had with Camden and his classroom/teachers. 

So, I barely had the time to throw on these 2 outfits, but they are good ones! I'm still in the 'transitional' phase of my wardrobe from summer to fall because we've still had some warmer temps around here. However, last week it was mostly in the 60s and actually felt like fall! Yipee!

One of my favorite transitional outfits into fall is the swing dress paired with a blanket scarf and booties or boots. I included this outfit in my Fall Basics series last year and it is still on trend again this season. This time around, I'm pairing the look with booties instead of boots and nixing the leggings since it's still a bit too warm for them. 

short sleeve swing dress-BP (similar here) | plaid blanket scarf-SheIn (similar here, here, here) | booties-Express last year (similar here) | monogram necklace | kendra scott necklace

I'm hoping to schedule a family photo session this fall and I'm thinking about wearing this outfit only wearing a long sleeve swing dress (like this one) instead of the short sleeve one. 

My second outfit is also a great transitional look. I really wanted a pair of lace up flats last year, but never pulled the trigger. I'm so glad I bought this pair and am excited to wear them! this look would be great for a date night or grabbing drinks with friends.

blouse-Lush (comes in a lot of great colors) | black jeggings-Old Navy | lace up flats-Old Navy, no longer available in this color (similar price point here) | leopard clutch-Old Navy, last year (similar here

Shop the post:

Happy Hump Day and Happy Shopping!