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February Wish List

So, Bill and I went over our financial goals for 2015 and beyond. We have decided we want to move into a larger home by early 2017 and we would like to be able to pay a substantial down payment (like 20%). That means putting this lady's shopping on a monthly budget and throwing all our extra money into savings. 

Next month will start the dreaded 'shopping allowance'. To be honest, I'm kind of excited to start the saving process. It really makes me think twice about buying clothes and accessories that are not high quality. I want to start getting more 'bang for my buck' so to speak. Obviously, my allowance will not allow me to get all the pieces above... Which are your favorites?

I'm leaning towards getting a good pair of leggings (and get out of these maternity leggings I've been wearing everyday... yikes! I really have no excuse for that). I like the Zella ones for more comfort/activity, but am really leaning towards the Yummie ones because they look like they will help smooth out the post-baby problem areas. I want to hold off buying any jeans until I'm down to my goal weight, so I will wait to buy the paige denim jeans. I'm loving the blanket cape and the shirttail hem sweater... Decisions, decisions!!

Let me know what you think!

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Confetti Baby Shower

I had so much fun planning and hosting my friend's confetti themed baby shower this past Sunday!

I got the idea for the theme from this invite from which were sent to guests.

The shower took place at the Barn community room here in Dublin, Ohio. It was the perfect space for the shower with big windows and lots of natural light. 

I definitely can not take credit for all the cute decor. My friend, Meggan is the talented individual that made all the confetti garland and the cute "Baby Ella" banner and cake topper. My friend Kelly made the adorable cake!

I got the cookie favors from a local sister cookie making duo called Nanny & Weebs and they turned out just perfect!

I just loved this theme and the mama also really enjoyed it! 

I can NOT wait to meet this little lady come end of March!!

Typical Day with Camden and Exclusively Pumping

I have had some questions regarding EP'ing and our bedtime routine on the blog and Instagram, so I thought I'd combine the 2 and give you all a typical day schedule with 2 month old Camden.

EP = Exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. It is my goal to continue exclusively pumping and feeding Camden 100% breast milk for at least 3 months. I do plan to start supplementing with one or more formula feedings after that so I can build up a freezer supply in order to continue feeding him at least some breast milk through his first year of life or until we are able to transition him to cow's milk.

Let me start by saying, I did not plan to exclusively pump with Camden. The first 2 weeks of his life we tried and tried and TRIED to get the breastfeeding down, but the little guy just wasn't getting it and would not latch for more than a minute or so at a time. He was also very small (5 lbs 13 oz at birth and 5 lbs 5 oz when we left the hospital) and I was worried about making sure he was getting enough to eat. I fed him a bottle of my pumped breast milk the first day we got home from the hospital and he took it down like a champ. Seeing how easy it was for him to take a bottle and how stressful it was every time we tried to breastfeed, I started to just focus on pumping and feeding him from a bottle.

I will say there are days I wish I could just breastfeed and think how much easier my life would be. I wouldn't be constantly washing pump and bottle parts. I wouldn't have to take an extra 15-20 mins every 3-4 hours away from giving Camden my attention or doing something else. I wouldn't have the thought of "when and where can I pump" when I'm out of the house running errands or meeting up with friends. However, the pros are knowing how much your baby is getting and the best of all... Other people can help feed your baby! Bill has been such a saint and has taken a lot of night time and early morning feedings for me so I can get some sleep! I'm all about taking shifts at nights if you can!

NOTE: It took a while for me to work up to my current supply. For the first 6 weeks of EP'ing, I would pump every time he ate (every 3 hours) to build up my supply. Then, I started stretching out my sessions to every 4 hours. Now, I can go every 4-5 hours during the day and sometimes a longer stretch at night. 

Let me just start by recommending if you can breastfeed, do it! If not for whatever reason, start by pumping every time baby eats for at least 6 weeks to build up your supply. Of course, every woman's supply will differ. This is just what has worked for me. 


Typical Day with Camden at 2 months

5:30 - 6:30am: Camden usually wakes up and I hear him squirming on the monitor (he is currently sleeping swaddled in his crib). I wake him, change and feed him. 

7am: Typically I can get him to go back to sleep after this feeding, so I swaddle him back up and place him in the crib while I go pump if I haven't already this morning. After each pumping session, I divide what I get into feedings and put them in the fridge for the day. I typically get between 4 - 6 oz each session, but if I go for a longer stretch at night, I can get about 7-8 oz from the morning session. 

7:30am: I typically go back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. 

8:30 - 9am: Camden wakes up again and stirs in his crib. I go start his next bottle in the bottle warmer and make my coffee. I feed him while we watch morning TV and I sip on my coffee, watch TV, catch up on blogs, etc.

9:30am: This is one of my favorite times during the day because Camden is awake and gives me the sweetest baby smiles while I play with him on his boppy lounger on the couch. 

10:30 - 12pm: Camden typically naps during this time either in his bouncer or the swing and this is when I do the dishes, clean/sterilize bottles and pump parts (I use the medela quick clean micro-steam bags) or do a quick workout video on YouTube (my favorites are the Tone It Up love your body series). I will also make myself breakfast which recently consists of a protein smoothie or whole wheat english muffin with reduced fat PB and sliced bananas. I pump around 11am.

12pm - 12:30: Camden wakes up again and is ready to eat. He's been telling me when he's hungry now by trying to eat his hands and it's the cutest thing! I try not to wait to long after I see this happening because the guy can go from 0 to crying in no time when he's hungry! After I feed him, I will change him.

12:30 - 1pm: I spend some time playing and holding Camden. Sometimes I'll put him in the bouncy chair or on his activity mat and while he stares at the mobile objects and coos. 

1pm - 2:30pm: Camden is sleeping again (either in the bouncy chair or swing) and I take this time to do laundry, catch up on emails, clean the house, etc. Or I just catch up on TV shows that I've missed. I try to eat something light at this time as well. Sometimes I will pump around 2-2:30. 

3pm: Camden is ready to eat again. After I feed him I try to pump if I didn't already. This can get tricky if he does not fall asleep. I try to keep him on the Boppy Lounger on the couch with me while I pump so I can pay attention to him. After I pump, I will change him and if he's still awake we will play on his activity mat in his room. 

4:30 - 5pm: Camden may nap for a bit if I'm lucky and this is when I will check the mail, empty the dishwasher, start dinner. 

Bill is typically traveling for work during the middle of the week and may be gone for 1-2 nights. The nights that he's away, my parents have been coming over in the evenings to help out and give me a little break which has been amazing! I am so lucky that they live so close and are so willing to help out!

5:30 - 6pm: My parents will come over if Bill is out of town at this time. Camden is ready to eat again around 6pm. My mom will feed him while I pump. Then, I will go to the gym, run errands or have dinner with a friend while they watch Cam for a few hours. I am so happy to get some "me" time in the middle of the week!

If Bill is home, he will feed Cam around 6pm while I work on dinner (which typically consist of some type of frozen meal or something really easy!). We will try to eat while taking turns holding/playing with Camden and Charlie (poor dog is ignored by me during the day).

8:30 - 9pm: If Bill is home we will both give Camden a bath. If not, I will just give him a quick sponge bath by myself and get his bottle ready for his bedtime feeding. I'll do some quick tummy time with him of we didn't get to during the day. 

9pm- 9:30: I dress Camden for bed and feed him in his room with the lights low while we listen to lullaby music on Pandora. After I feed him, I either read him a book or we rock and listen to music. Typically, he will fall asleep in my arms. Some nights it takes longer to get him to sleep. Once he is at least sleepy, I will swaddle him up and place him in the crib. I sometimes have to go back in the room 2 - 4 times to soothe him before he falls asleep. We are really lucky that Camden does not cry that much. When I put him in the crib at night he will usually just grunt and squirm for a while until he eventually falls asleep.

*I started our bedtime routine with him sleeping in his crib when Camden was about 7 weeks old. Before that he was sleeping in the Rock n Play, but he started getting too cramped in it, so I decided to transition to the crib.

10:30 - 11pm: I pump for the last time of the day. Then, I collapse into bed with the monitor on sitting next to my head on the nightstand so I can hear Camden when he wakes up.

2:30 - 3am: This is when I start to hear Camden wake up for his night feeding. I will warm up his bottle and feed him in his room with the lights off and the door open with the hall light on so he stays sleepy. Sometimes I will keep him in his swaddle and just open it up a bit so I can burp him. Most of the time, he will fall asleep right after this feeding and I will swaddle him back up and put him back in the crib. He has given us a few nights of sleeping until 5am and I'm hoping that soon becomes the norm!

*I will set my alarm for about 5:30am to get up and pump before his early morning feeding. Sometimes I sleep through it :/ 

There you have it! A typical day for me and Cam. If you are still reading at his point, kudos! Of course, this is an ideal day. Sometimes he doesn't nap all day and sometimes I feel as though he sleeps the day away. More recently, he has been awake for more of the day and I think it's because he is starting to sleep more/better at night in the crib. 

If you have any questions about exclusively pumping or our night time routine, please comment below! I am not an expert in either of these areas, but I can at least share what has worked for me/us. 

Friday 5...

What?! Friday already? This week flew by!
Bill was out of town for work for a few nights this week, so my parents came over both nights in the evening so I could go to the gym, run errands and I even got to have a dinner out with a friend! Busy week, but I was able to get a lot accomplished.

1 | I am hosting a baby shower for my best friend this weekend and I've been busy planning, preparing and crafting. Here's the invite I chose from

The theme is confetti and I'm basing the color scheme off of the invite. My crafty friend is helping with decor and I can't wait to see it all put together on Sunday! I will plan to post some pics of the details on Monday.

2 | I was able to get to the gym twice this week and am planning on going again tomorrow morning. It has been rough getting back into working out and running, but it really feels good when I'm finished! I'm loving my new active compression leggings from Old Navy.

3 | I received my first bundle of diapers and wipes from the Honest Co. last week and am excited to start using them. I really like that you can schedule the shipments ahead of time and they come right to your door so you don't have to mess with buying them at the store. Plus, how cute are those patterns?

4 | I'm constantly struggling to find the perfect easy and healthy breakfast. As of recent, I've been making my favorite berry protien smoothie or an english muffin with reduced fat PB and sliced bananas. I found this link for easy portable breakfast ideas on pinterest and am excited to try out some new recipes.

5 | Speaking of healthy, how cute are these peanut butter stuffed chocolate football treats? I think I may have t make these for Super Bowl Sunday!

That's all I got for this Friday 5! Happy Weekend!!

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One and Two Month Favorites

So sorry I have been MIA the past week from the blogging world. Bill has been traveling for work and I'm finding it difficult to find the time to blog. Hopefully, I will get on a better schedule soon!

I have been meaning to post our one month favorites for a while now and all of a sudden Camden is TWO MONTHS old?! When did this happen? 
(PS - Planning on posting a Camden update next week after our 2 month check up!)

So, here are some of our favorite products from the past 2 months...

1 | Dr Brown's Bottles - I started using these a few weeks after Camden was born. I started using the medela bottles that came with my pump, but quickly realized that they let in a lot of air and bubbles and they were causing extra gas issues. So, after some research I got some Dr Brown's bottles and we've been using them ever since. 

2 | Footed cotton sleepers (this one is only $8 right now!)- My favorite are the ones with the mitten cuffs to cover his hands so he doesn't scratch his face. Old Navy, Baby Gap and Carter's are some of my favorites for these. I have him in sleepers almost everyday if we are not going somewhere. They are so easy to go on and off for multiple changes through out the day and you don't have to mess with socks and pants. 

3 | Gerber white onesies - The short sleeved ones are great for layering under sleepers and swaddles. I also love the long sleeved ones with the mitten cuffs to wear under swaddles if I leave his arms out during the day. 

4 | Nuk and Mam pacifiers - Since Charlie ate both of Camden's Wubbanubs, I haven't ordered any new ones in fear he will just get those too... Currently, we are switching between our Nuk and Mam pacifiers. 

5 | Pampers and Honest Co. diapers - I have been using mostly Pampers sensitive diapers (we are in size 1 now) for a while. Although, I just got my first shipment of Honest Co. diapers and wipes and am excited to try them out. Doing the math, it looks like I save some $ by ordering Honest Co. diapers and wipes, plus they offer free shipping and I can schedule my shipments ahead of time. 

6 | Aden and Anais swaddle blankets - These are great swaddle blankets with newborns. They are so soft and light weight, making it easy to swaddle those little babes up tight! We have been using these mostly at night, but I am starting to transition to the Swaddle Me Velcro swaddles since he's getting a bit bigger and sometimes is able to break out of the swaddle. 

7 | Gerber cloth diapers - These I use all day, everyday! I use them mostly for burp cloths, but they can be used for so many things. I use them to put down under his head if he's napping in the crib or playing on the activity mat (to catch drool/spit up). I also use these if we are out and about to put on top of our diaper pad during changes just for extra protection. 

8 | Boon Lawn drying rack - This has really come in handy, especially since I am exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. I actually got the smaller one and wish I would have gotten the large one. I just bought the twig accessory that holds my smaller pumping parts and the bottle caps and nipples to help save some space. I love all the fun flowers you can get for it too!

9 | Tiny Love Take Along Mobile - This was a Christmas gift from my mom to Camden and we have been loving it! It's great because you can clip it on to the crib, car seat, etc. The mobile spins and plays music. Camden loves it!

10 | Fisher Price Rock n Play - This is what Camden has slept in for the first 7 weeks of life. It is also really light and easy to carry from room to room during the day. 

11 | The Boppy Lounger - This thing is great for just lounging on the couch and watching TV. I love setting him in it in the morning and getting up close and personal with him to see those adorable morning smiles and to snuggle! I also put him in this while I pump if I'm sitting on the couch so I can access him easily if I need to. 

12 | Graco Duet Connect 2 in 1 Swing - It's a "2 in 1" because it has a removable bouncer. I usually just use it for the swing purpose though. Just recently, since he is a bit bigger, Camden has really started to like the swing. He stares at the star mobile while swinging and sometimes smiles at them! 

A few items not pictured are the new activity mat we recently got and the Summer video monitor we just started using since he has started to sleep in his crib. 

Mamas - Are there any other items your 1 - 2 month old is loving or has loved?

There you have it! I hope to post another favorites list for months 3 and 4!


I am totally stealing this "Currently" post idea from Katie (who by the way, just had the cutest baby boy also named Camden!)...

Currently I am...

Reading... Switching between the books Moms on Call 0-6 months and Twelve Hours Sleep in Twelve Weeks. We are in the trenches of sleep/crib training and I am using a blended version of these two books to help. They both have great tips on how to schedule your day and set habits in order to "train" your baby to drift off to sleep around the same time everyday and sleep for longer stretches at night.

Watching... The National Championship Game! Go Bucks! Literally as I write this I am switching between the game and the Bachelor. Bill is out watching the game with friends, so I have control over the controller :) Also, started New Girl and Parks and Rec from the beginning on Netflix and both are hilarious!

Eating... Anything that's not dairy. I decided to cut out dairy to see if it will help with Camden's reflux and gas issues. And I'm quickly realizing that dairy is in EVERYTHING! Including fiber one bars... and Chex Mix... yea, who knew?! Trying to stick with protein, veggies/fruit and a light carb for each meal.

Listening to... The new Taylor Swift album. There's no shame in my game. I am wearing out the 2 most popular songs too...

Wearing... sweats & PJs. everyday. all. day. jealous? If I have to leave the house, I am wearing my new North Face jacket and snow boots because it is FRIGID here in Ohio!

Wanting... To get my hair done stat! Hello roots! These Hunter boots are still on my wishlist. So are these Sorel boots. I blew my monthly 'clothes' budget on my new jacket and some workout gear from Old Navy this month (they are having a sale on active wear btw), so maybe next month I will splurge on boots.

Working On... Planning and preparing for my good friend's baby shower at the end of the month. It is confetti themed and I'm having so much fun coming up with decor and food ideas! Now I need to get started on the crafting!

Loving... That Bill and I got to go on a date night this past Saturday to celebrate his birthday! I really love that my parents are so close to us and so willing to watch Cam whenever we want. Very lucky in that sense! Also, loving baby smiles in the morning and snuggling my baby boy before he gets too big! He is growing like crazy!

And now for your weekly Instagram dump...

{Date night at Bonefish Grill. Yes, that's a lobster tail in front of me and yes, it was delish!}

{In the trenches of sleep/crib training...}

{Baby smiles are my favorite! He's been a smiley guy recently and I'm loving it!}

{He has outgrown all his NB clothes and is now wearing 0-3 months! Stop growing up please!!}

That's all for now! Happy Tuesday friends!

Friday 5

Happy Friday friends!

All my week days just seem to blend together these days, but I am excited for this weekend because we are celebrating Bill's birthday! His true birthday is on the 14th, but we are taking advantage of my mom and dad babysitting on Saturday night. We are planning to go to Bone Fish Grill for dinner then to Nordstrom to get him a new suit (his request)! I'm very excited!

It has been so frigid out! I was planning on taking Cam with me to my follow up OB appointment yesterday and to Target, but it's just been too cold (like under 10 degrees). So, my mom came over yesterday to watch him for a few hours which was fantastic! I was able to get a little "me" time in the middle of the day.

1 & 2 \\ I'm loving my new beanie from Target and my new Northface jacket. Thank goodness I got it before this cold front and snow came!

3 \\ I'm trying my best to eat well and I've been searching for easy and healthy recipes to make while I'm at home with Camden. I came across this recipe for easy peasy omelet muffins from Whole30 recipe's instagram and decided to give it a try. They turned out pretty good, but would be so much better with a few sprinkles of cheese. I do miss my cheese (trying to avoid dairy at the moment)! They're also perfect because I can make a batch ahead of time, throw them in the fridge and microwave for breakfast.

Veggie Omelet Muffins

Spray muffin tin with non-stick spray
Chop up any veggies in your fridge (I used carrots, red pepper, zucchini and onion)
Fill each muffin cup 3/4 way full with chopped veggies
whisk one egg into each muffin cup
Sprinkle salt and pepper on top 
Bake on 350F for 15-20 mins or until eggs have set

That's it! Super easy!

4 // Old Navy is having a 40% off sale on all their active wear. I may have to take advantage and start motivating myself to go back to the gym with some new work out clothes! 
PS - My OB gave me the OK to start working out again! Yippee!

Here are a few of my favorites:

clockwise: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

5 // I want to start creating a good workout mix. I like a good variety of music while I'm running and working out. Please comment with some songs you like to work out to! I'd love to hear your suggestions!

I'm linking up with the ladies for 5 on Friday.

Happy Weekend!

Operation Lose the Baby Weight 2015


Today marks 7 weeks postpartum. I have my follow up appointment with my OB today to make sure I am healing well from my C section. I also hope to get the OK to work out again. I am so ready!

Yesterday, I sat down and wrote out my goals for the new year. First on my list is focusing on healthy living and losing 15 pounds to bring me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Fifteen pounds may not seem like much to some of you, but to me this will be the most amount of weight I have ever lost in my life. 

Sure, I went on diets and exercised like crazy before my wedding, vacations, etc. But, the most I have ever lost was about 5 pounds. This will be a struggle for sure!

I am planning on documenting my weight loss journey for 2 reasons.

1 // Accountability. I want to feel as though I am accountable for my actions. When you work on something on your own without sharing it with others, it's so easy to make excuses for yourself for why you cannot complete the task. I will give myself deadlines and boundaries and will share these with you in order to make myself feel accountable.

2 // To Record Progress. I want to look back through my posts and see the progress I am making. I will use my blog as my weight loss diary. It is so motivating to see progress and to keep pushing to meet your goal.

How will I get there?

Old fashioned healthy eating and exercising. No fancy diet or gimmicks.

I can't diet too much because I am breastfeeding (pumping), so I do have to keep my calorie level normal at least. I am, however, cutting out dairy to see if that helps with Camden's reflux. That also may help me shed some pounds because I have a love for cheese!

I will keep a personal food journal and will schedule my workouts at least a week ahead of time. I think that is the key to making time to work out. If it's not on my schedule or daily to do list, it will be forgotten.

I am going to be reactivating my gym membership this month and will plan to go at least twice a week (plus, there's a nursery at my gym so no excuses there). When I'm unable to make it to the gym, there are plenty of at home work outs I can do. There are even some I've pinned to do with Camden!

I am going to try to get at least 20-30 mins of exercise in per day. I am also going to start running and training for the half marathon in October. I ran the half marathon 2 years ago and it felt so great to accomplish something I never thought I could do. I want this half to be my motivation to keep working out post baby.

Running to me is such a stress release and a chance for me to have some "me" time, which I'm finding is so important now being a mother. 

There you have it! I hope you all hold me accountable!
I will be posting at least bi weekly regarding my weight loss progress.
I hope to get to my goal weight by the end of May. Perfect timing for Summer!

What are your health and wellness goals for 2015?

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Hello 2015!

I always love the first of the year. It feels like a blank slate and a chance to start fresh with new goals.

This year I plan to refocus my energy back to my passions and working on becoming the healthiest version of myself. First, I will be working on losing the baby weight! More on that on another post...

What better way to map out my yearly goals than by using my new Day Designer planner! Oh... And I needed a new phone case for 2015 :)

New Year's Eve was pretty low key this year. Bill's brother and sister and their spouses came to our house for the evening. We had a 2 and a half year old, a newborn and a puppy all keeping us very busy and entertained throughout the evening. At midnight we all toasted with a glass of pink champagne and I even got a little baby photo bomb of Camden without planning it!

Do you see him in the photo above? :)

Of course I had to dress him up for the occasion (and since I was wearing sweats). 

{bow tie onesie & mustache pants - Target}

On New Year's Day, little Camden turned 6 weeks! Time is seriously flying by!

We watched the Big 10 championship game Thursday night and of course I had to dress him in his best Ohio gear for good luck. Apparently, it worked!

{Ohio onesie - Homage | Football blanket and security blanket - Babies R Us}

I'm so excited to see our Bucks compete in the national championship game!! It's the Bucks against the Ducks! 

On Friday I ventured out to shop for a new winter coat (which I needed desperately). I have tried to put on my wedding rings before leaving the house and for the past 3 months they have not fit. I was so happy that this time they did! Just a small victory in my #operationlosethebabyweight2015 journey!

(please disregard my gel manicure that has grown out!)

I ended up purchasing this Northface jacket which is soooo warm and perfect for the upcoming rigid Ohio winter!

This weekend was pretty low key. The most exciting part was that Bill and I went on our first date together since Camden was born! We went to the movie tavern to see Unbroken. The movie was so good! I highly recommend it!

It was a rainy Saturday, so Camden and I stayed cozy in our PJs all day!
He has been having some reflux issues and I feel so bad for him when he seems to be uncomfortable after feedings. 

{yay sleeper - Baby Gap | Boppy cover - Pottery Barn Kids}

When I posted the above photo on Instagram, I got a lot of great feedback from other mommies of babies that have gone through the same thing. It sounds as though we may need to get him on some kind of reflux medicine. I am planning on calling our doctor today to check to see what she recommends. Thank you to those of you who commented!

I have my postpartum check up this week and I am hoping to get the OK from my Dr to start working out again! I can not wait for that first post baby run! Never thought I would say that!

Happy Monday!