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Lately + September Goals

Well, I made it through August! The month of weddings! Between Bill and I we had 4 weddings this month, can you believe it? This past Labor Day weekend was spent in Port Clinton, Ohio for a good friend's wedding. It was so much fun! Here's a few instagram shots of the details and a few other random shots of the past week's events...{Follow me on instagram here}

Left to right - Row 1:
1 // My custom stamps from came in the mail! The invites are officially being sent out this week!

2 // Enjoyed some awesome cheese plates, wine and patio chit chat with my bff and MOH {Matron of Honor} this past Thursday.

3 // Attended a beautiful wedding for my good friend, Kelly. The bride was absolutely stunning! 

4 // Kelly made all of her own centerpieces - there were over 20 tables with multiple carnation poms on candle sticks and pretty table numbers. These were just a few of the crafty projects she completed for the wedding! I'm so proud of her skills!

Left to right - Row 2:
5 // Me and my hot date at the wedding with Lake Erie in the background :)

6 // My talented friend who plays violin and I {I play acoustic guitar and sing} played the ceremony music for the wedding. As a thank you gift, Kelly got us monogrammed wine glasses! Genius!

7 // Spent Labor Day strolling around Target with my Starbucks admiring all the Fall decor!

8 // Broke out the jeans and flats for the first time this season and it feels good! I am so ready for Fall!

And now - September Goals:

1 // Send out wedding invites {just about done!}
2 // Plan meals weekly and STICK TO IT! It's crunch time {literally}!
3 // Work out at least 3x per week. I'm trying to get in as much running outside as I can while the weather is still nice.
4 // Find new make up. I am hopefully scheduling a make up shopping session with my wedding make up artist soon! I will post what we find! 
5 // Try not to go crazy and stress this month...This month is going to be pretty busy with work and wedding planning/projects. I am leaving for Colorado for a week and still need to prepare. I still have a lot of projects left to complete for the wedding as well...I need to make time for relaxation! 

That's all for now! I am hoping to post a DIY on how I lined my wedding invites very soon, so stay tuned! Happy Fall!!