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Wedding Inspiration // Blush + Gold

I know this is not a new color combo, but I can not get enough of the blush and gold goodness that I come accross on the wedding blogs and Pinterest! If my wedding was in the Spring or Summer I would definitely consider this classic and romantic color pallete...
 photo blushandgoldweddingcollage_zpsa071ac9d.jpg

{Sources:: Bridesmaids // Invites // Dessert Table // Center Piece // Cake // Table Top - Can not find original source...anyone know? // Antique Sofa}


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Advice for the Bride-to-be // from the Photographer...

I'm starting a new series called "Advice for the Bride-to-be" on the blog. I will be asking each of my wedding vendors to submit some advice from their perspective and focusing on their specific skill set. I think this will help any bride-to-be's out there and even if you're not engaged yet, book mark this series so you are prepared when the time comes!
My photographer was one of the first decisions I made regarding my wedding. I have known Sarah (Sarah Gaylor Photography and owner of the wedding photography company Love Junkies) for many years and trust her creatively and professionally. She shot {these} professional identity photos for me a little while back. She also photographed {this} Thanksgiving tablescape that I put together. Her work speaks for itself and I'm so excited to have her as my wedding photographer!
Here's some advice about choosing your wedding photographer from Sarah:
 photo 8dfad841-f5e9-4933-8395-f73c00b29646_zps444b3c14.jpg
When it comes to capturing your wedding- you know, the day you have dreamed about your whole life- you have one way of preserving the memories and details... Your photographs. Society thrives on imagery; advertising, pinterest, instagram- it's all visual. In my opinion (which is, by nature, a little bias) your photography, aside from the person you are marrying, is the most important investment you will make. It will not only provide you with something to look back on that day, but the photographer, yep- the person, not the images, matters. The sheer amount of photographers in a metropolitan area will blow your mind. The amount of talent is overwhelming. How could you pick the 'right one'? Here is a photographers advice as a peer, a friend, not soliciting your wedding day :)

So, wedding day is an all day thing. Guess who you will spend the most time with?? It's not your mom, maid of honor, or your future partner. It's your photographer. Truth. Our job is to be in the moment, capturing the joy, love, and laughter of the day, read: in your business. So, this brings me to my biggest and only advice I can give a potential client. Ready?
Why is this important? You spend a lot of time together, this person should make you feel calm, confident, and radiant in your wedding glory! Put your budget aside and really choose from your heart. It made the world of difference having the right person to photograph you and your vision.
As a photographer, we understand that there are clients for everyone. You are unique, and so are we. There is plenty to go around- no really, there is. Promise.
Bottom line, we should want to work with you as much as you want to work with us. It makes the world go around!


1. Research - ask your venue who they love! Google image search your venue, see what comes up. Ask others who have gotten married who they used. Still not happy? Consult the WWW. Narrow down by style, and budget (with photography generally you get what you pay for- the average in 2012 was $2300, however, the percentage of overall wedding budget is 10-15% on average)

2. You like what you see? Reach out. How do they respond? Indication of service and what to expect. You should have a great feeling right off the bat. Schedule a meeting. Do your personalities click? (pun intended, hehe) ;)

3. Discuss the options of price and packages after you know you want this person on your wedding day getting super personal with you. If its a mutual opportunity for the marriage of client/photographer relationship, you will know what your investment is worth.

 photo 50d1b7b1-aa9c-46e9-99a1-d6d90a691674_zpsf57d3037.jpg

 photo f07287f7-c6af-4cea-8840-dd92f12a9e8f_zps32578b8a.jpg

 photo 29619307-a46d-4943-bead-63477b45648d_zps19e1d551.jpg

Sarah Gaylor Photography
Twitter: SarahGPhoto
Instagram: #sarahgaylorphotography
Facebook: Sarah Gaylor Photography

Love Junkies
Twitter: IheartLJs
Instagram: #lovejunkies
Facebook: Love Junkies

 Thanks so much Sarah! Can't wait to work with you!
Check out some of Sarah's work {here} and wedding photography {here}.

Nerdy 30 Party...

Happy Monday loves! Is the weekend really over? Mine went by in a wink!
I had fun planning and styling a Nerdy 30 party for a few of my friends this past Saturday. We had a little get together at a friend's house, then had a rented school bus pick us up and take us to a skating rink! It was super fun, but word to the wise... Alcohol and skating may not be the smartest combination. We did have one injury that resulted in a fractured wrist :/ Maybe next time we can provide wrist, knee and elbow pads...and first!
On the bright side, everyone looked super nerdy and enjoyed my little decor accents...
I had a lot of fun crafting for the party! The cupcake toppers are from this etsy shop. They sent me the template, so all I had to do was print and cut out and glue to the sticks. I backed them with light blue colored card stock for a little extra support and so they would keep their shape.
The straws were also from etsy. I made the flags by printing the "Nerdy 30" on computer paper and used a paper cutter to cut our each flag. I used a double sided tape roller to adhere the flags to the straws and cut out little triangles on the ends of each for a more "flag" look.
This is something I wanted to practice because I'm hoping to do something similar for my wedding with gold and white striped straws. More on that in the near future :)
I also made little test tub shots with vodka and brightly colored sparkling juice...
Also got these paper nerd glasses from this etsy shop. Just had to glue them to the sticks!
Nerd Alert!!
Despite the injury, I think everyone had a great time!
I'm sad it's over, but ready to tackle my next few event projects!
How was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? Who was your "best dressed"? Mine was Adele...I'm biased though bc I love her so much! Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence...She's awesome!
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Lovely Links + Feb Favs Giveaway!

Happy Friday Loves! I have a few Lovely Links for you and a very fun and exciting GIVEAWAY!
First things first... Here are some Lovely Links I came accross this week:
1 // Talk about your destination wedding... This gorgeous couple {featured on Green Wedding Shoes} chose the beautiful backdop of the city of Perugia, Italy to tie the knot... The bride shyed away from tradition by wearing a stunning black glitzy gown... And I LOVE it! How do you say Glamour in Italian?
2 // I found this ribbon and lace backdrop DIY on Oh Lovely Day {submitted by Michaela} that I decided to pin and possibly idea for my wedding in November...

3 // How adorable is this backyard/barn/rustic style wedding {posted on Wedding Chics} in West Virginia? I love our downtown chic style wedding we have planned, but would love to plan a down-home country style barn wedding! All the details are just adorable too!

4 // Planning a girls night in? Why not take some tips from Ashley Brooke Designs? PJs, popcorn, nail polish, champs...what else does a girl need?

And now for the Friday Finale!!

It's my Feb Favs Giveaway!


I ordered one of ABD's Hustlin' mugs as soon as I saw it come across my instagram feed... And now this mug and a few other goodies including Essie "Sugar Daddy" nail polish, heart straws and my favorite cherry heart suckers can be yours!
All you have to do is complete the entries below. The more entries you complete, the better your chances are to win!
I will announce the winner next Friday, March 1st!
Good Luck and TGIF!

A big thank you to Ashley Brooke Designs for donating the mug {'cause I wasn't going to give up mine}! Check out her shop for more fun mugs and print lovelies!

My Current Favs...

 photo feb20_zpsfb33c59f.png

1 // My pretty pink carnation that is blooming so lovely in a mason jar on my desk. {Did you catch my flower pop quiz on instagram? Funny how similar Peonies and Carnations can look in full bloom! Follow me here}
2 // My "Hustlin'" Mug via Ashley Brooke Designs! It's a new staple on my desk. I love it so much, I asked Ashley if I could include one in my upcoming Feb Favs Giveaway and she said yes! Look for the giveaway this Friday! :)
3 // My new black suede, gold studded flats via Target! #TargetDoesItAgain ! That store always gets me...
4 // Left over Vday goodies! CONFESSION: I've been eating these little cherry heart suckers all month...I bought 2 bags...Also, I've been drinking out of these cute little hearts straws because why not?! Both of these goodies will be included in the giveaway as well!
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Wedding Inspiration // Winery Vintage Fairytale Love!

 photo fd495dd9-3241-4241-a286-7b040d869026_zpsf9f5bb6f.jpg

This week's Wedding Inspo comes from one of my favorite wedding blogs, Wedding Chics, originally posted by I Do Venues. Photography by Jennifer Skog Photography.

 photo f10eff1a-75db-4fd4-9f31-f9e384819af3_zps71c478c3.jpg
What if I told you it would be possibly to combine a romantic, fairytale-like wedding with a rustic/vintage style wedding? Well, here it is folks! In all it's glory! Hello tented wedding with dangling, sparkly chandeliers! Hello pink wall with antique vintage gold frames! Hello tall, spilling over floral arrangements with soft pink and ivory roses...Did it hurt? {your turn: "Hurt?"} Yes, when you fell from HEAVEN!

Here's some more deets to drool over...

 photo e159ae51-d1f3-4c4c-aea9-fb3510afeb29_zps1e95cbce.jpg

This beautiful antique painted white dresser with hutch was filled with flowers and was home to the guests programs for the ceremony. Such a unique idea for display.

 photo 2f9fe348-7ef1-4a20-b4b8-0c3c087f9855_zps29f8ae9c.jpg
Floating votives, antique books and pastel pink flowers = soft, romantic, vintage love!

 photo b71383c5-a110-407f-8aa9-34d72ededde6_zps6355b1f8.jpg

 And with the backdrop of the rolling hills of a winery, it's like a fairytale come true!

Remember, they can happen to you ;)

Keep Dreaming Loves!

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Real Talk: Lent

Bill and I attended church yesterday and most of the sermon was focused on the sacrifices we make in order to better serve our God and our fellow man. I started thinking about what I would sacrifice for lent. I do not usually participate in lent because this is typically known as a catholic tradition, but I do like the idea of giving up something that I may take for granted in my everyday life in order to better myself.

I started coming up with the typical ideas like pop, carbs, sweets...I thought, well I should be giving up these things anyway...Then, I started thinking outside the box... I will give up one hour of each day to working out...See how that is "giving up" something? It really is the act of giving up one hour of my precious 24 hour days to better myself. In order to push yourself to the next level, to really start to be a better form of yourself, you must push the limits of your comfort zones outward. This is the only way to grow.

Then, I thought even further... What if I gave up caring what other people thought of me? I'm not saying I'm going to go all Britney Spears and shave my head and go on a crazy girl rant or anything... But, sometimes I hold myself back because I'm afraid of what others might think. Especially, those that are closest to me. I know that they have my best intentions in mind, but it can be discouraging when they seem hesitant or negative about a particular idea I have. True, sometimes I can be impulsive and want to accomplish a crazy project overnight. This is when Bill steps in and lets me know that I should really analyze the project and make sure it's worth putting forth all my efforts. Make sure the payback equals the hard work. Sometimes, however, the payback is not visible to others. Most people may see financial gain as a form of payback. Of course, it is nice to get paid for your skills...But, what I mostly find comfort in is seeing someone so happy and pleased with my hard work; that I get an emotional "pat on the back" if you will. I also like taking a step back and seeing it for myself and saying, "Hey, I did this! I did this...sweet!"

I am also giving up the notion of comparing myself to others. This can be a serious mood changer. Once I start on a project that I think is so creative and then finding out someone else has done it already is a heart breaker. Or when I stumble across a blog that is so aesthetically pleasing and well written with amazing photos and I start to feel so small in the blogging world. I am going to stop myself dead in my "boo hoo-ing" tracks and remind myself that I am different; that I am great and wonderful in my own way. I have my own path and my own way of thinking and it's ok. I don't have to have the perfect job or the perfect relationship or the perfect family or the perfectly decorated house because the truth is NO ONE DOES! It's all an illusion and I've come to realize this in my 30 years on the earth... No one is perfect. So, comparing yourself to others is a waist of time, energy and happiness...

 photo eef673eb6c774a7ae48288d257357c75_zps6ca50ba5.jpg
So, my friends that is what I am giving up for lent. I am not worrying about what others think and I'm going to stop comparing myself to others. You know where I may end up at the end of this 6 weeks? Happy as a school girl! That is the ultimate goal, no?
 photo 38500c51a5603f81ce9155d4f0c191b5_zps2c37f2fa.jpg
What to look forward to this week: Of course some more wedding inspiration from some of my favorite blogs, perhaps a fun DIY project and a few hints about a possible giveaway on LL Styling Events coming soon!
Happy Monday Loves!

Lovely Links

Happy Friday Lovies! Did everyone enjoy their Valentine’s Day? I sure did! Bill and I made dinner at his house and attempted to make crab legs…Luckily, it was a pretty easy recipe. 1) Boil water with a little butter and salt, 2) Drop in crab legs, 3) Let them boil for 5 – 7 minutes, 4) Take out of pot and let dry. Serve with melted butter…Not too tough, right?! Well, the crab legs turned out perfectly, but I did happen to start a small oven fire while broiling the blue cheese crusted fillets. No good deed goes unpunished, right?
Bill promptly came to my rescue and put out the fire. He even managed to save the steaks! So, lesson learned: Don’t broil steaks on a cookie sheet that has left over reminisce of shredded cheese from the twice baked potatoes you cooked…The cheese will catch on fire!
Other than that excitement, we had a pretty relaxing night; which was just what the doctor ordered after his long week of traveling. I love nights like these and hope to have many more in the future!
{this is the first photo we took together 3 years can feel the love, right?! :) }


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Now, for some reading pleasure for your weekend, I have some Lovely Links for you:

1 // This amazing post on Rhiannon’s wedding blog Hey Gorgeous Events, spoke to me just at the time I was needing a kick in the butt. Rhi is and continues to be such an amazing inspiration for me and the wedding industry as a whole. Her creative ideas, positive encouragement and well written posts that are as authentic as they come, keep me (and countless readers) coming back for more! If you haven’t checked out her blog, do yourself a favor and hop on over now (but, come back and check out the rest of this week’s Lovely LinksJ )

2 // Actually, while you’re there, check out this fun and girly Valentine’s Day Soiree inspired shoot! I love the colors and décor so much I am using it for inspiration to help style a bridal shower this spring!

3 // Have you heard the big news?! A group of amazing bloggers are giving away 15 hundred bones!! That’s right, you heard me… One Five Zero Zero…All you have to do is jump on over to Katie’s blog Keep Calm and Carry On, and enter! The added benefit is that you get to meet so many amazing bloggers out there! I have added a few to my favorites list already.

4 // Did any of you catch this wedding on Style Me Pretty this week? I am in love with everything! The colors of mint and soft pink had me swooning! And the little chandelier in the bridal lounge? Yum! The cute patterned Sugar Plum robes that maids and bride wore while getting ready? I want! I’m very excited for my fall wedding, but if I could plan a wedding in the late Spring/early Summer, this would definitely be an inspiration for color palette!

And if you didn’t catch my posts this week, here ya go! I helped to style this fun little girls cookie decorating party. I had a little moment of clarity here after a long night of no sleep. I found this amazing color palette inspiration for my wedding via Style Me Pretty. I showed you how to DIY this fun and easy little Valentine’s Day treat!

TGIF! See ya’ll next week!

DIY files // Rice Krispie Pops

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies! I am so excited to share with you a very fun and EASY Valentine's Day inspired treat...Rice Krispie Pops!
While I was gathering ideas and inspiration for the Valentine's Day Cookie Party, I came across this image on Pinterest... Heart shaped chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treats? Sign me up! So, you can imagine how happy I was when I found this Rice Krispie Pop Kit at Target for 7 bucks! This kit has everything you need to make the pops. All you need to have on hand is 2 tablespoons of butter {and vegetable oil if you want to use for the melted chocolate, but I didn't}.
Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Pops DIY
 photo ee943b77-bda0-480f-8665-6321b7eb7fa8_zpsf0eeb0b2.jpg
1 // Melt butter in large sauce pan.
2 // Pour in marshmellows and stir continuously until melted. {Since I cheated and used a kit, I don't have the exact amount of ingredients. The original recipe for Rice Krispie Treats calls for 4 cups of mini marshmellows and 6 cups of Rice Krispies to yeild 12 servings}
 photo 2f0e4a23-e5ec-4aa0-aa0b-6033e5d41fa5_zpsa0cbc80c.jpg
3 // Pour in rice krispies and stir.
4 // Transfer mixture to wax paper lined cookie sheet.
5 // Flatten mixture with a spatula or your hands {I suggest spraying your hands with cooking spray, the mixture is very sticky!}. Sheet of mixture should be about 3/4 inches thick.
 photo 4d051ca4-c4b3-470a-8dcd-ca9218e2090e_zps521df4a6.jpg
6 //  Using a greased heart shape cookie cutter {that is provided in the kit, but I believe it is about a 2" heart}, cut heart shapes from mixture.
7 // Melt the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until creamy {don't over melt, mixture will get clumpy. My bowl of chocolate took about 1.5 mins}

Side note:: The kit came with milk chocolate melts, but I decided to buy pink chocolate melts to go with the color theme of the party; which were conveniently located next to the rice krispie pop kit in the Valentine's Day section...Gotta love Target's merchandising!

8 // Spear pop sticks into the ends of the krispie hearts, holding it firmly so as to not loose the shape.

9 // Dip one side of the pop in the melted chocolate. Use a spoon to drip extra chocolate until one half of the pop is covered.
 photo a05521aa-ba25-4f36-a56f-e2bfb64882c7_zpse03779a1.jpg
10 // Place pops on wax paper. Decorate with sprinkles while chocolate is still wet.

11 // Place cookie sheet with pops in the refrigerator for half an hour to cool.
 photo fda747b2-8262-4cd4-b6cc-fd14598e37ba_zps0381c01f.jpg
12 // Serve immediately or wrap with provided cellophane bags and tie with ribbon to give to your favorite Valentines :)
 photo a9b9c395-4df2-4298-ab35-d5fc5fb89e0f_zps952fdf99.jpg

These were the perfect favors to give for the Vday Cookie Party and would also be a festive and easy DIY wedding favor!

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I am on my way to pick up Bill from the airport this afternoon and making him a delicious little surf and turf for Vday dinner tonight! Wish me luck! Do you have any plans for Vday?


Wedding Inspiration // Style Me Pretty Fête

Side note first: Thank you for being patient with me as I make some minor changes with the blog over the next few weeks. As you see, I did change the header and the name of the blog to LL Styling Events. This is because I have chosen to focus my blogging energy solely on my love for event design, planning and all that goes with it. Going forward, I am so excited to share with you wedding inspiration that I find in the blog-o-sphere or Pinterest, some of my DIY attempts {I say some because not all turn out perfectly}, the progress of my current wedding planning process and some advice for future brides. I will also give you a few glimpses into my personal life here and there when I am excited about something or I just need to vent {like I did yesterday}. I'm also going to be researching all the wedding vendors in my area, as well as, national vendors in hopes they will share their expertise and guest post for me. SOOOO...Welcome to the new and improved LL Styling Events blog! I hope you like :)


Today's inspiration comes from one of my favorite wedding blogs {probably the most known wedding blog out there} Style Me Pretty. Although, these photos were actually from a surprise party styled especially for editor of SMP, Abby Larson. Posted originally in September of 2012, the color pallate is that of a Fall fête with hues of glittery gold, warm reds/pinks/purples/cream and green florals, with pops of black and white chevron...pretty much the exact colors I want to be incorporated in my wedding! Of course, I have pinned these images as inspiration on my wedding board...don't you worry!

With out further adieu...let the decor drooling begin!
 photo 4c466fa8-11cf-4bec-9258-33999ad0914b_zps660dbfbf.jpg
 photo style_me_pretty_08_retouched_faves_web_res_0024600x_zpsc82ba106.jpg
 photo 1066f171-fb6d-424f-99a1-19897780ef59_zpsbe0501e8.jpg
 photo 593e2686-c560-43d3-a336-e660db977489_zps1a01abeb.jpg
 photo a61ef46d-2cc5-4e9b-a78a-ebcccd07bc43_zpsb687a4ab.jpg

 photo db207275-e6dc-490b-ad88-a669f1c72021_zps531ac89c.jpg
 photo 2a1a198d-5d03-4255-9ba5-0f9dcbf5a0c8_zpsa82cd726.jpg
 photo 3d394c46-cf5a-4581-a08a-db9684ec95b1_zpse5ba7d95.jpg
 photo 68c949c1-b51f-453f-8e8a-c59d8b2b09e4_zps33c13fc8.jpg
 photo 5086e5ff-0102-418c-9abc-58e87043cfb3_zpsc3d35f33.jpg
 photo 4e8b26e0-f8cd-4d5e-8726-e2c315ee08dc_zps5b2a4850.jpg
{photography by Justin Marantz}
Gorgeous, right?! I love the gold sequined table linens and the gold flat ware. I'm taking a mental note of the unique design and placement of the menu card.
Hop on over to the {gallery} to view all the beautiful images of this party. Or check out {this} simple DIY for the chevron risers for the bar.
Happy Wednesday Lovelies!