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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Friday 5 to bring you some extremely important news!

Nordstrom is currently running one of it's biggest sales of the year! I've saved you a ton of time by hand picking some of the best deals on the cutest tops, dresses, bottoms, shoes and accessories below. Simply click on the image to link to the source. Most, if not all, of these items are 40% off! Hurry and snag some of these items quick before they're out of stock! 

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

The One Dress You Need This Summer

dress | shoulder bag | $12 sunnies | wedges (old, similar here and here)

I have a confession.... I've had this pipe dream of being a fashion blogger for quite some time now. Although, I never got up the courage to ask someone to take completely awkward photos of me as I strut my stuff in my new outfits. Until now.

You see, 95% of my time is focused on my babies. I'm constantly changing diapers, wiping butts (sorry TMI), wiping faces and hands, wiping counters... Yea, I'm mostly just wiping things all day. On any given day, you will most likely see me in a tee shirt and shorts or sweats. I barely have time to put on make up, let alone shower and blow dry my hair every day (shower everyday? who has that luxury?!).

I am constantly browsing instagram and blogs for the latest fashion trends and inspiration. It is what I turn to when I need a little 'me time'. It is my guilty pleasure. Of course, who has the time (and money, let's be honest) to get dressed up everyday in a new outfit and have someone take photos of them? Not me. However, I have started to make time for this little blog of mine and am hoping to slowly turn it into an outlet that I am proud of and that fulfills me creatively.

As you can tell from my instagram account, I've been trying to share with you all my latest fashion/style finds (mostly budget friendly!). Don't get me wrong, I love a good flat lay and selfie, but sometimes you just never know how something is going to look unless you really see it on someone else. This is why I follow a lot of style bloggers, not only for their inspirational instagram accounts, but also to see their style posts.

So, my ever-so-wonderful mother agreed to take photos of me once a week. And I have to say, she did pretty dang well for her first photography shoot! The model, however, needs a bit more practice... Hopefully, I will be able to share an outfit post like this once a week if I can!

Now on to this dress! It is the one dress you need this summer. It's perfect for a wedding, bridal/baby shower, date night, girls night. Heck, throw on some flat sandals and wear it to a bbq!

Like I mentioned above, I don't get dressed up that much anymore. So, I knew if I needed a new dress I would buy one that is versatile and could be worn to multiple functions. Up until now, I've always stayed away from the one shoulder/off the shoulder looks because my fear of strapless bras. Well, the good news is I found one that is awesome! It literally does not move once you put it on so you don't have to worry about feeling like you have to pull it up all the time. It's a bit more than I would have liked to pay for a bra, but with all of these off the shoulder trends now, I knew it would be a good investment.

This shoulder bag was also an easy purchase not only because of the neutral color, but the price tag (under $50!).

Oh, and these sunglasses? 12 dollars... you're welcome!

There you have it... My first official outfit post...

What have I learned from my first experience?

1. My hair will fall flat 20 minutes after curling it when it's windy...
2. This mama needs a spray tan...

Oh and here's a blooper for you just for fun...

I told you it was windy!!

Until next week, happy shopping!

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A Typical 'Day In The Life' With 2 Under 3

If you're anything like me, you love these day in the life posts. I get it. I'm nosey. But, I also like to see how other mothers, in particular, spend their days with their kids. How they actually attempt to accomplish anything outside of taking care of them (house chores? what are those?). I can't believe it's been over a year since I published this 'day in the life' post! Oh, those were the days with just one little guy to worry about! I will say that our days run a lot smoother now than they did about 6 months ago. Having a newborn and a very active toddler at the same time is no joke! But, as with everything in life, it was just a phase and now I find myself with an almost mobile baby and a very active toddler... I can only imagine how hectic these days will be when I have 2 toddlers!

I wanted to document this time in my life at home with the boys for me to look back on. I find myself scrolling back in my blog to find the posts about the early days with Camden and I know I will love to come back and read these types of posts when the boys are older as well. And for those of you with 2 little ones yourself (or if you're thinking about having your second) this is for you as well!

I pride myself at getting both boys on a fairly good schedule by the age of 6 months. I'm all about regulating when they sleep and eat because it helps me map out and plan our days together as well. And I think it helps both boys know what to expect in our days which can lead to less meltdowns (perhaps).

Instead of picking a specific day, I'm going to give you a general run down on our schedule when I'm at home with the boys. There are somethings that change day to day like, when Bennett will take his first nap (because that sets off our schedule for the rest of the day) or what the weather is like for the day (will we be playing inside or outside). But, for the most part, this is our typical day....

May 2017
Bennett - 10 months
Camden - 2.5 years
Me - part time work from home (online marketing), part time SAHM
Bill - Medical Sales Rep (travels part time)

5:30 am - my alarm on my phone goes off. I've been trying my best to set my alarm and get up before the boys wake up so I can have some time to get ready (aka throw on some make up, brush my hair and put normal clothes on). Maybe even take my first few sips of coffee before the hectic morning starts. I've been about 50/50 with actually getting out of bed when the alarm goes off. I'm hoping to be 100% in the near future!

5:45 am - I drag myself out of bed with the only motivation being that first sip of warm coffee (with lots of creamer...mmm). I brew our coffee for the day (we like to make an old school pot of coffee every morning). I start to put on my make up and brush my hair. I most likely throw on these shorts and one of these tee shirts (which are currently 3 for $20!).

6/6:15 am - This is about when I start to hear Bennett stir and talk in his crib. The little booger has only slept past 6:30 a handful of times in his life. But, I like that he gets us up and out of bed for the day! I get him up, change his diaper and we head downstairs for his first bottle of the day. He usually finishes this one pretty quick. Then it's play time on the floor. He is a loud baby and usually wakes up his brother and Dada with his squeals.

6:30/7 am - Camden will typically sleep until about 7 if his brother doesn't wake him up. If Bill is home, he will usually get Camden up and dressed for the day. Bill brings him downstairs and I give him a hug and kiss 'good morning'. I sit him up on his booster seat and give him the ipad to watch a few videos while I prepare the boys' breakfast. Cheerios and fruit for Bennett (sometimes a pouch if he seems hungry). Yogurt, cheerios, maybe some fruit and milk for Camden. We are like clockwork with our morning routine, so Camden has gotten pretty used to eating the same thing every morning. On the weekends I might make something more exciting like pancakes or waffles. Bennett's pretty good at eating his finger foods so, I take this opportunity while they are eating to empty the dishwasher.

7:30/8 am - Bennett starts to get restless in his highchair, so I put him in his little car walker (similar here) and he walks around the first floor going from out front foyer, to the kitchen, to the living room. He's gotten pretty good at maneuvering in that thing!

8 am - We finish up breakfast and head upstairs to the playroom while Bill starts work for the day. I put Bennett down for his morning nap between 8 - 8:30 (usually about 2 hours after he wakes up).

8:30 - 9:30 am - Camden and I play in the playroom while Bennett naps. I like to try to incorporate some quiet activities like play-doh, coloring, etc. I may turn on an episode of Daniel Tiger or Sesame Street if we are having a lazy morning.

9:30 - 10 am - Bennett usually wakes around this time and I feed him his second bottle of the day. I'll get the boys dressed for if I haven't yet. Camden will get a snack and some milk while I'm feeding Bennett.

10 am - 12 pm - This is when we will go on an outing for the day. Depending on the weather we will go to the park, zoo, or another outdoor place if it's nice out. If it's a rainy or cold day we may go to an indoor play cafe (like this one) or I'll take them on a grocery/Target run (which is starting to get tricky). I'd like to try out a few local libraries for story time too in the near future.

(taken at the Tree of Life Play + Cafe in Hilliard on a cold/rainy Tuesday!)

12 pm - 12:30 pm - We are home and I fix the boys lunch. Camden's appetite varies, but Bennett is usually hungry at this time and will eat anything I put on his tray! I'll give him a handful of cheerios to keep him busy while I make the boys' lunches. I try my best to make sure Camden gets some sort of protein and fruit/veggie. The veggies are tough and most of the time I have to resort to giving him one of these so I feel better. Bennett gets some sort of fruit and/or veggie as well and maybe a little bit of whatever Camden is eating. I might give Bennett a sippy cup with a little bit of water so he gets used to using the sippy.

12:30 - 1 pm - We all head upstairs to start the nap time process. I put Bennett down for his nap first. He will typically roll around a bit and talk to himself before falling asleep. I'll bring Camden to his room, change his diaper and read him a story or 2 before coaxing him to go in his crib.

1 - 2:30 pm - On a good day (and this is happening more often recently), the boys will nap simultaneously at this time! During nap time I'll work on the blog, answer emails, read blogs do house chores or prep for dinner. Or sometimes I just sit and catch up some TV shows if I'm lazy! I also usually eat my lunch at this time since I am never really able to when the boys eat!

2:30 - 3 pm - Bennett wakes up from his nap around this time and I feed him a bottle. Then, we get some one on one play time together in the playroom before Camden wakes up. I love this time because I can just focus all my attention on him!

3 - 3:30 pm - Camden will wake up from his nap around this time. He's been so grumpy after nap time recently! It will take him a good half an hour to feel better. I usually get him a snack and some milk and we may watch an episode of Daniel Tiger or something to get him out of his funk.

(or sometimes he refuses to put pants on... Oh, to be a toddler!)

3:30 - 5 pm - At this time I try to get the boys out of the house again. We may go across the street to the park (yes, there is a park right across the street from our house which is so convenient!) or just hang out in our backyard with some toys if it's nice out. If it's a crummy day, I may just take them with me on an errand or I'll try to get creative with a craft for Camden, more play-doh, build a fort, etc.

5 pm - Bennett starts to get a little whiny around this time and I know it's because he's ready for dinner! So, I'll bring the boys in the kitchen to start dinner for us. I'll put Bennett in his high chair with some finger foods to keep him happy. Recently, I've been giving him peas, carrots, corn, raspberries (these are so easy to just pull apart in pieces), bananas, etc. I'll start making dinner and try to keep Camden occupied by either having me help with dinner or giving him some type of craft to do at the table or he'll play an app on the ipad.

5:30 - 6 pm - I'll serve dinner to Camden and give Bennett little pieces of whatever we are eating. If Bill is home we may all eat at this time. I've been loving one pan/sheet pan recipes lately! Makes clean up so much easier!

6 pm - 6:45 - This is when the boys get a little crazy and I'm so glad when Bill is home to help during this time of night! We will either play downstairs or head up to the play room. Bill may watch the boys at this time while I clean up from dinner. A few nights a week, I'll try to go for a run outside at this time.

6:45 pm - I'll feed Bennett his 'bedtime' bottle and get him ready for bed. I change him into pjs and an overnight diaper, turn on his sound machine, close the curtains and I usually sing him a lullaby before putting him in his crib. I've been putting him in lighter, short sleeve pjs for summer, but I still love using the sleep sack so he feels comfy.

7 pm - Bennett is usually sleeping by this time and Bill will hang out with Camden while I jump in the shower.

7:30 / 7:45 pm - We start the bedtime process for Camden which includes changing into PJs, brushing his teeth, bath if needed, stories, etc. He is really starting to try to avoid the bedtime process! He's always asking for one more story or to go back in the playroom. We try to make sure he's at least in his crib by 8pm.

8 / 8:30 pm - Camden is finally asleep and Bill and I relax for a bit. Maybe watch a TV show, eat our dinner if we haven't yet! I'll try to clean up the kitchen as much as possible before we go to bed. I hate waking up to a messy kitchen.

9 - 9:30 pm - I may work on a blog post or just catch up on a TV show.

9:30 - 10 pm - I'll brush my teeth, wash my face and set out clothes for the next day. I've been so tired at night that I'm typically in bed by this time! I make sure my alarm is set for 5:30 am.

And that is my day as a SAHM in a nutshell! Props to you if you've read this entire post, ha! Seems like such a long day all written out. But, they definitely fly by because we are so busy!

Friday 5

jeans (less than $70!) | ruffle sleeve top | shoulder bag (less than $50!) | sandals | monogram necklace

So, it's Friday.... And this week flew by! And I am a terrible blogger apparently. I am working on this time management thing! I just felt like I was playing catch up all week after the past weekend? The house chores are endless, work is busy, the boys are non-stop... Life is just busy right now! But, I do want to make more time for this little space of mine, so hoping to be better about it next week...

On another note, here are the top 5 things I've been loving this week:

1. My Go-To Starbucks Drink of Choice = Iced coffee with hazelnut (which substitutes the 'classic' flavor) and almond milk.... I could drink this all day every day! I get it... the hazelnut flavoring has a lot sugar, but I feel better about using almond milk. My coffee has been getting me through the days recently!

2. Warm Sunny Days - It's finally starting to feel like summer! It is getting me all sorts of excited to spend my days off with the boys outside. I'm hoping to explore a lot of new parks in our area, take them to the zoo, splash pads, etc! Even just hanging out in our back yard in the afternoon just lifts my spirits!

3. This Dress - I ordered this dress as soon as I laid eyes on it! It is the perfect summer dress! I mean, one shoulder, ruffles, floral print... so cute! I just received it in the mail and it fits like a glove (true to size, FYI). 

4. This ruffle sleeve tee - I posted this top in IG yesterday and it got a lot of likes! It is the softest top and runs a bit baggy, so size down! I got a small, but probably could have gotten an XS. You will probably see this tee on repeat for the next few months #sorrynotsorry...

5. Instastories filters - Ok, Ok... so they're not as great as snapchat's, but we are getting there! I'm just looking forward to being able to post everything on one app! I may have to ween myself off snapchat... anyone else feeling this way?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Best Mother's Day Yet...

We had such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! The weather was perfect so that was a gift in it's self. Saturday we had some landscapers work on our trees in our yard so I took the boys to the park. Bill 'gave' me a few hours to myself in the afternoon (so funny this is thought of as a gift?), so where did I end up? Target of course... I mean, shopping in Target alone for an hour is a gift! We ended Saturday outside in our backyard enjoying the weather and grilling out for dinner. 

Sunday morning I was greeted with flowers and a card from Bill and sleepy Camden and Bennett. Bill surprised me and got me a gift card to a local spa! We didn't exchange gifts for Christmas or Valentine's Day just with everything going on and moving so this was a great surprise! We went to church in the morning and dropped both boys off at the nursery which surprisingly went really well! The, we had lunch and the boys napped while I ran a few errands. We went to my parent's house for dinner and we were able to take a few good photos with everyone. I'm so lucky to say that I spent Mother's Day with my Mom AND Grandma! My brother surprised us with a canvas charcoal/print art of the three of us (my grandma, mom and me)! I posted a picture of it on my instastories (@lindsaykr11) if you caught it? It is such a special gift and I can't wait to hang in in our home!

I am so lucky to have my boys to celebrate Mother's Day with! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

Friday 5

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of another week!

The weather was a bit chilly the past week, so my kids are getting a bit of cabin fever. Hoping the weather shapes up this weekend so we can get out and have some fun! Bill and I are going on a date night tonight (place tbd) and I'm excited to have some quality (kid free) time with him since we've been so busy recently. I'm actually thinking about wearing the outfit above!

Here are 5 things I'm loving from this week:

1. This clutch! You basically need this clutch in your life. It is the perfect neutral (yes, leopard is a neutral if you didn't know), it is the perfect size to fit all your belongings AND it's less than $50!

2. This suit - The perfect flattering/wear around your family one piece swimsuit!

3. Faces and Names book - I made and ordered Camden a names and faces book with pictures of all our family members and their names! It's so cute and I'm excited to show it to him!

4. Tree of Life Play + Cafe - I met a friend and her toddler son at this cute little indoor play ground and cafe this week for a playdate. It is such a fun place! Lots for the little ones to play with. And the food was good too!

5. Sheet Pan recipe for the week: Lemon butter garlic shrimp and asparagus! I made this recipe this week which was so good and easy! We had the left over shrimp the next day with cocktail sauce. It would be a great summer grilling recipe too!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Recent Drug Store Make Up Purchases (Hits + A Miss)

I've picked up a few 'drug store' beauty products recently that are worth sharing about. It has always been tough for me to spend a lot of money on make up. For one, I am at home most of the time between being home with the boys or working from home, so not too many people see my face every day. However, as I get older I am realizing that it takes a bit more product to make me look human in the morning! Sometimes even my own children look at me weird if I'm not wearing under eye concealer or mascara in the morning! 

On the quest for budget friendly beauty buys, I'm constantly browsing the isles of Target or our grocery store while we are there. Here are a few products I've picked up recently. All but one of these products I actually love!

1. Physicians Formula Super CC+ Cream SPF 30, Light/Medium - I LOVE this CC cream! I have very uneven skin with redness all over, dark circles, etc. so it is essential that I use a color correcting base for my make up. I like using a CC cream instead of a foundation for everyday because it is not as 'heavy' feeling as foundation and has build-able coverage. I also love that is has spf for the summer (or all year round, really). I got the shade light/medium which is a bit too dark for my complexion currently, so I mix it with a light shade BB cream. I'm hoping once I get a bit more sun exposure in the summer months, this shade will work for me. I have been using my beauty blender to apply and blend and it works really well. 

2. Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer - I really love this bronzer! I love that it has more of a smooth, almost liquid texture and it goes on so smooth and blends really well. It also smells like a tropical vacation! I use it on the apples of my cheeks, around my chin and hair line to help contour and add some color to my face.

3. NYX Cosmetics Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator - I actually picked up a trial size of this nyx illuminator and I may end up buying the regular size. It's perfect for the summer months if you want to achieve that 'dewy/glow' look on your skin. I just apply a small amount to my cheek bones, inner eye and cupids bow after I have applied my regular make up for a touch of shimmer.

4. Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - I've been looking for a good everyday eyeshadow palette for a while and I'm so glad I found this one. I had been using my Naked3 palette for probably 3 years now and was ready for a change! This palette has the perfect browns/tans/and shimmery beiges for an easy, everyday eye make up look. And the price tag makes it even better!

5. Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Define and Fill Duo - Everyone is all about the brows these days. And now that I've started to really fill them in and shape them everyday, I feel like I look weird if I don't! I'm not all into the microblading or over plucking or over filling of the brows. I like mine to look natural with a natural tone and shape. This brow duo is the perfect combination to easily fill and shape your brows. I love the sponge applicator with the powder. It gives my brows a much more natural look. I got mine in the shade blonde and it is the perfect tone for my light skin/hair.

6. Maybelline New York Master Precise Curvy - Last, but certainly not least, this is my new FAVORITE eyeliner! I had been so used to my Stila 'stay all day' eyeliner  that I knew it would be tough to find a cheaper version that I would love as much. Well, I actually love this eyeliner BETTER than the stila one! It has a felt tip that is tapered so you can use the skinny side for a more precise line or the thicker side for a more dramatic look. If you're not used to the felt tip eyeliners, it may take you a little bit to get used to it, but I can't go a day without my eyeliner 😆. If you buy one product out of this group... try this one if you are an eyeliner lover like me!

Recent beauty buy MISS: COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Mascara by LashBlast - I SO wanted to like this mascara because it was recommended by a beauty YouTuber (that's a word, right?) that I follow, but unfortunately I did not like this one. It made my lashes really clumpy and 'spider' like which is not the look I typically like to go for. So I kept this one in my make up bag for back up, but have gone back to my ride or die mascara (which is less than $7!).

Have you tried any of these beauty products?
What are some of your favorite recent beauty buys?

Shop the post:

10 Months with Bennett!

So, I meant to post an update on Bennett around the 9 month mark and the past month completely flew by! So funny how time just escapes you when you have babies. To be honest, I am in disbelief that our little Bennett is 10 months already! That means we are less than 2 months away from his 1st birthday... This can't be true? Didn't I just have him?!

I absolutely LOVE this stage... He's just starting to crawl, but mostly just army crawls and scoots his way everywhere! He can not sit still. I try to sit him up with some toys and he immediately goes to the ground so he can wiggle his way around. Trying to bottle feed him is getting a bit tricky too because he is constantly squirming and just doesn't seem to have the patience to finish a whole bottle at once. I'm not too worried because boy can he EAT! Bennett is pretty much eating everything we eat now. I've just been breaking up little pieces of our meals or whatever Camden might be eating and he just grabs it and shoves it in his mouth! It is so refreshing to have a baby that likes to eat this way. I hate comparing the 2, but Camden would always gag on any little bits of food when he was a baby so we were always feeding him pureed food and relied heavily on pouches and baby food. Bennett still gets a pouch now and then (and will suck them down on his own!), but he much rather prefers solid foods he can grab with his hands. One easy veggie I've been feeding him is canned peas. They are the perfect size and mushy, so he will just take big handfuls at a time! 

The sleeping part has also gotten a lot better. I'm not going to use the term 'sleeps through the night' because he will still wake up randomly in the middle of the night and just kind of roll around talking to himself. Usually he will put himself back to sleep, but sometimes I have to go to his room to give him his paci or just soothe him a bit before he falls back asleep. But, if he doesn't wake up he will sleep from 7pm to about 6am and I am loving when he does! 

He is usually only fussy when he's sleepy or hungry and is such a LOUD talker! I don't know if it's because Camden is always talking and he feels like it's the only way we will hear him or what?! He's been such a loud baby from the start! He's starting to 'say' a lot of words too. He's been saying the 'dada' sound for a while and just last month started saying 'mama'! And it's so cute when I ask him, 'where is dada?' he will turn to Bill and smile! He does the same with Camden and our dog Charlie! It's so cute when they start to realize everyone's name! 

Bennett is still our chunky monkey, weighing 23.4 pounds at his most recent check up (75th percentile!). His head is in the 97th percentile making it difficult to find hats for him to wear this summer (any suggestions from other mothers with big headed babies welcome!). He's currently wearing 18mo - 24mo clothing and size 5 diapers which is the same size as his older brother! I will say it makes it a whole lot easier trying to buy diapers for them now that they're the same size!

Below is our current schedule for Bennett. It's so nice that the boys are slowly morphing into the same routine!

6 - 6:30am wake, change and bottle (6 oz)
7 - 7:30am breakfast with brother (usually feed him cheerios, some type of cut up fruit and maybe a pouch if he still seems hungry)
8 - 8:30am down for morning nap
9 - 9:30am awake, change and will try to feed him a bottle close to 10am or earlier if we are trying to leave the house.
(This is usually when we will go on an outing of some type if I'm home with the boys. The Park, groceries, etc.)
11:30 - 12pm Lunch time for the boys (I will feed Bennett some fruit, cheerios, maybe some of whatever Camden is eating, a pouch, etc)
12 - 12:30pm down for afternoon nap (I've done a pretty good job of trying to sync their naps and it usually works for at least an hour or so!)
2 - 2:30pm awake, change and bottle (6 oz)
4:30 - 5pm dinner with finger foods, veggies, whatever we are having for dinner
6:30 bath if he needs one, then bedtime bottle (6 oz)
7pm change into pjs, sound machine on, black out curtains shut, into his sleep sack he goes and he is usually asleep by 7:15-7:30.

I am SO excited for this summer with the boys! So many fun things to look forward to! Bennett's first birthday (June 28th!), 4th of July, a family vacation to the outer banks in mid July, taking them to the community pool and so many parks to visit! I'm hoping to do a better job at taking photos of the boys together. They are both so squirmy it's hard to get a good one! But, I also want to try to document this stage of life as much as possible because I know I will look back one day and miss it!

We love you Bennett!!

Shop some of our favorite baby products at the moment below:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

*Click on any item above to link to the source

Oh... Hello May! Where did you come from?! May for me means 3 things... 1 - Mother's Day.... 2 - My mom's birthday at the end of the month and 3 - Labor Day weekend aka pools opening aka the official start of summer! 

This will be my 3rd official Mother's Day as a mom myself and the first year celebrating with TWO little ones (ok, 3 if you count our dog Charlie). I always struggle with what to get my mom for Mother's Day because I feel like no physical possession really, truly communicates how much I love and appreciate her. I mean, she does SO much for me and our family (like watching the boys 2 - 3 times per week for example). She never asks for anything in return and is one of the most UN-selfish people I know. So, I always want to get something special for her and almost always run out of time to order something. Not this year!!

I've rounded up some pretty special gifts for special moms above. These can be for your mom, grandma, step mom, mother in law or even yourself!

I have my eye on this pretty in pink Tory Burch wallet on a chain, these earrings and this 'power stone' bracelet.

For your moms and grandmas, how about these cute and classy mugs? And how special is this recipe tin? My mom and grandma are all about the recipe note cards (yea, they don't do pinterest!) so this would be perfect!

I'm also a fan of these tinted sugar lip treatments and these Diptyque candles, both of which would be a perfect gift for any lady in your life!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give on Mother's Day?

'Sprinkled With Love' Baby Sprinkle

I had such a wonderful day yesterday 'sprinkling' 3 of my close friends with love (and diapers... and donuts)! All 3 friends are due with their second babies this summer! As an excuse to get together and have some girl talk, we decided to throw them a little baby sprinkle! As requested from the guests of honor, there were no gifts, but everyone brought either a pack of wipes or diapers for each mama to be. Of course, we couldn't leave them empty handed, so we all pitched in and gave them each a gift certificate to their favorite nail salon for some baby-mama pampering. Which from their reactions, was just what the doctor ordered! 

We decided on a brunch time shower and went with the 'sprinkle' theme for decorations. I can not take credit for these awesome decorations!! I simply contributed my home, the photos you see above and the deviled eggs... mmmmm...

The Sprinkled with Love' banner was found on etsy as well as the framed sign. The sprinkle donuts were ordered from a local donut shop called Amy's Donuts (I am still dreaming about them... they were so good!). Also on the menu were bagels with cream cheese, bacon, cheesy potatoes and individual fruit and yogurt parfaits in mini ball jars. And of course the coffee and mimosas were flowing (non-alcoholic for the pregnant ladies)!

I truly love the fact that my close friends are going through this same stage of life. I think as a mother, or really at any stage of life, it is so important to have close friendships with other like minded women. Im so glad we were able to celebrate these beautiful mamas for the day!