A Day in My Life (SAHM style)

I posted A Day In My Life (Working Mom) a few weeks ago and it was well received and seems to be a popular post. I wanted to also give you a glimpse into what it's like to be a SAHM (stay at home mom). Currently, I am home with Camden on Mondays and Fridays during the week (while Bill works). Come July, I will be a full time SAHM! I can't imagine what it will be like to throw in a newborn with this type of day, but I'm sure we will manage to survive.

So, here's what a typical day looks like when I'm home with Camden:

Date: Friday, April 22nd, 2016
Camden is 17 months old!
I'm home with Cam and it is a work day for Bill. He is working from home in his office, so we try not to disturb him too much.

6:15 am - I hear Cam stirring in the monitor next to my bed (my boy is an early riser and I've slowly gotten used to this wake up time. It would be nice to set an alarm and get up before he wakes up so I can get some things done, but he is usually my alarm clock!). I get up, brush my teeth, put my hair in a top knot and throw on some easy maternity yoga pants and a tee shirt. I get Cam out of his crib, change his diaper and get him dressed for the day.

*Side note: I typically shower and blow dry my hair about 2-3 times per week. Once on a work day right after I or Bill drop Camden off at daycare and before I start working or during his nap when I'm home with him. I will also shower on a weekend day when Bill can watch Cam. This was just an in between shower day!

6:30 - we head downstairs and I sit him in his high chair and get him set up with a hand full of cheerios and a sippy cup of milk. I also let him watch a kiddie video on YouTube while I make coffee and prepare my breakfast. He loves these Little Baby Bum videos that play all kinds of nursery rhymes and actually are somewhat educational, so I don't feel too guilty about letting him watch them. 

I make Bill and I a pot of coffee for the day (I just have one cup in the mornings), I grab my overnight oats I prepared last night for my breakfast. I eat them cold and they aren't bad! I feed Cam a yogurt and slice up a banana for him. This is our go-to breakfast in the mornings. I typically feed him a snack around 8:30-9am (and he has breakfast at 9am at daycare when he goes), so we don't eat too heavy at this time.

7am - After breakfast, I clean up a bit and then we head to the playroom for some snuggles and cartoons. We play with some of his toys (blocks, balls, books, etc). Bill comes downstairs at about 7:30 ready for his work day, lets Charlie (our dog) outside and feeds him. 

8:15am - I start to get hungry again (I guess the overnight oats weren't filling enough!), so we have what I like to call 'second breakfast'. I give Cam a cereal bar and some more banana. I have a granola bar and a hard boiled egg. I prepared some hard boiled eggs for the week hoping Camden would eat some, but he is having none of it, so they end up being a good snack for me!

8:45 - I decide it's time for a trip to Target (aka our second home). I usually try to do a morning outing to Target or the grocery store on the days I'm home with Camden to have meals and snacks and whatever we need stocked for the week or weekend. 

Trying to shop with a toddler this age is tricky. He wants to stand up in the cart and grab everything, so I usually have to distract him with a toy or snack. This time, these neon plastic balls did the trick. Totally worth the 5 bucks to keep him occupied while I shop! I quickly grab what we need and head home.

9:30am - We are home and I put away some groceries while Camden runs around the kitchen. Once I'm finished, we head back to the playroom to play some more. I change his diaper in our little changing area we have set up in the playroom and he was struggling so bad that I just decided to leave his pants off. Totally not worth the fight if we are just hanging out at home!

I love when he picks up his stuffed animals and hugs them! Melts my heart!

I try my best to organize all his toys in the new bins we got and I quickly snap the photo below before it is completely wrecked again!

This is the photo I posted on IG...

And this is what it typically looks like after Cam gets into the bins! :)

We play in the playroom until about 11am when we both start getting hungry again.

11-11:15 - I prepare a lunch for Camden and myself. Camden is having a turkey and cream cheese roll up/wrap with some watermelon and goldfish crackers. I make myself a tuna salad sandwich and also enjoy some watermelon. I've been all about having fresh fruit in the fridge with this pregnancy! 

Camden eats all the crackers, some of the wrap and watermelon, but doesn't seem too thrilled with this meal so I also end up feeding him some greek yogurt and mandarin oranges (He LOVES this combo and makes me feel better that he's getting some protein from the greek yogurt).

11:45 - We head upstairs and read a few books in his room before I put him down for a nap. Being that he is an early riser, he usually gets pretty sleepy by this time. 

Once Camden is asleep, I try my best to be productive! On this day I was able to load the dishwasher, do a quick cleaning of the kitchen, folded and organized some baby clothes in the nursery, answered some emails and relaxed on the couch with a snack. (On Mondays, I'll work on blog posts during nap time as well)

2pm - I start to hear Camden stir in the monitor a little before 2pm. He slept for a little over 2 hours which is pretty typical. Some days he will sleep for 3 hours and on those days we rejoice :) 

I get him out of his crib, change his diaper and we head downstairs for snack time.

2:15pm - I give him a sippy cup of milk and some of the blueberry breakfast bread I picked up at Target while we were there and he seems to like it! (He insisted on holding his new balls while he snacked...)

After snack time, we play for a bit. Then I decide it's the perfect day for a walk to the playground, so we get ready and head out in the stroller.

3pm - we get to the park (there's a nice park and playground right in our neighborhood which is so convenient!). I swing Camden in the swings and follow him around the playground for a bit. 

We sit in the grass and I teach him what dandelions are :)

4pm - We head back home and play in our backyard for a bit. I picked up a little bubble gun at Target, so we play with that. He LOVES bubbles and always shouts "bubbles!" when he sees them.

4:45pm - We come back inside and play for a bit until Bill is done with work. Bill and I discuss getting pizza for dinner (always a great Friday night choice!). 

5:15pm - Bill orders the pizza and heads out to pick it up. We have a new favorite pizza place that is right around the corner from our house. I have been on a pineapple and onion pizza kick (weird pregnancy cravings!). I also order the walnut and gorgonzola salad (which is sooo good!).

This is about when I forget to continue taking photos...

Camden has some pizza with us. He loves cheese pizza! I also feed him an apple and spinach pouch so I feel better that he had something 'green' with his pizza. He loves these pouches and sucks them down!

After dinner, I clean up a bit while Bill and Camden play.

6:30pm - Bill takes Camden upstairs for bath time. I relax on the couch. It is so nice to just sit after a busy day with Cam! I get pretty tired at the end of the day with him now that I'm very pregnant.

7pm - I join them in Camden's room with a half sippy cup of milk. I change Camden into PJs and play in his room for a bit and read books. He drinks his sippy cup while we sit and read a bit before I put him in his crib for bed. (Sometimes he will go right to sleep and sometimes he whines around for about 10 minutes or so before falling asleep)

7:30pm - Camden is asleep and Bill and I relax on the couch with some ice cream. We decide to watch a few episodes of House of Cards on Netflix (we have slowly gone through this season. For some reason we haven't been totally into it as the last few seasons).

By 10pm I am falling asleep on the couch. I head up to bed. Bill stays up a bit longer watching tv downstairs. I am asleep by 10:30! I know, really exciting Friday night! I'd like to say I'll be more exciting when I'm not pregnant, but I'll probably end up going to bed earlier with a newborn!

There is an example of our days together in a nutshell! 

I just want to note that this was a really good day for Camden. There are somedays where he is in a 'mood' or doesn't want to nap and I end up driving him around our block in the carseat until he falls asleep. There are days when I just don't feel up for leaving the house because I'm so tired or the weather is bad or we are sick, etc and we get cabin fever! 

This was a really good day and I'm so glad I was able to document it so I can remember these fun memories of just the 2 of us. He is in such a fun stage right now. He is so curious about the world around him and just wants to explore all his new surroundings. I plan on really soaking up these days we have together until baby #2 arrives. 


  1. Love this!!!! Such a fun day!!!! And love Camdens little thighs!! So cute!!! One thing to look forward to with #2...#1 will entertain #2 so its way easier during play time!!! Have a great day!

  2. Love this.

  3. Sounds like a good day! And yay that you get to stay home full time soon!

  4. I'm alllll about these posts right now to try and get a glimpse of what my future holds! Sounds like it was a great day and totally agree, the beautiful weather makes such a difference!


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