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Friday Finds | Nordstrom Sale Favorites

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It's that time of year again! The Nordstrom Half Yearly sale is going on now through June 5th. There are so many great items on sale, but I'm realizing they are going fast! I started saving some items a few days ago only to find them out of stock the next day!

So, if you find something you like, don't wait to buy it!

Here are my top picks:
Chain fringe pendant necklace (45% off, only $11.98!)
Treasure&Bond one pocket burnout tee (50% off, originally $42)
Stem flowy lightweight tank (40% off, bought this last summer and LOVE it!)
Jack Rogers Whipstitched flip flop (20% off, these will most likely go fast!)
Cozy Zoe lace trim PJ shorts (40% off, only $16.80!)

I told myself that I need to go on a shopping freeze for the next month before baby arrives, but I can't resist a good deal! Currently, I have in my cart the burnout tee, the fringe pendant necklace and the PJ shorts. I also have this phone case that is not on sale, but is perfect for the summer!

Are you taking advantage of Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale?

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Things that make me happy...

*This boy on a swing! He loves it! It was such a nice weekend! We went to the park Friday evening (it was a bit chilly that night) and Saturday during the day. Both times, Camden went straight to the swings!

*Warm weather is finally here (and hopefully staying)! We didn't have any plans this past weekend, so we spent a lot of it just playing outside with Camden and getting a few things done around the house.

*Working on the nursery. We bought the crib and mattress for the nursery and Bill put up the black out curtains. The nursery is slowly coming together! I probably won't finish it until after baby arrives. We have a double bed in there right now in place of the crib so I can sleep with him for the first month or so before we start crib training. I just wanted him to get used to sleeping in the same room every night. I think that was one thing that threw Camden off in the beginning when we started crib training.

*Knowing we have a little over a month until baby #2 arrives!

*Scheduling a hair appointment. Seriously, it is time! These roots are out of control! Next week I will be 'blonded' for the last time before baby!

*Collaborating with some awesome baby brands! Details to come soon!!

*Camden having a perfectly healthy 18 month check up! Always nice to hear those words from his doctor!

*Spending time with my family of three. Bill and I have been putting Camden to bed together at night and it's one of my favorite times of the day. Bill has been reading to Camden at night since he no longer fits on my lap in the chair (#bigbelly). It melts my heart to see these two together.

And here are some more pictures that make me happy! :)

What's making you happy today?

Friday Finds

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Is there anything better than lounging in PJs on the weekends? 

Towards the end of my pregnancy and after baby #2 arrives, I'm sure I will be living in mostly PJs. Just because you have to wear PJs, doesn't mean you can't look cute while doing so! 

I just bought this sleep shirt (on sale for only $18.98 right now!) and it is so soft and comfortable and will be perfect for the stay in the hospital and the first week after having baby #2. Since I will be having another c section, I'm trying to make sure I have a lot of sleep shirt/nightgown options instead of pants or shorts since I will be sore around my incision area. I'm also loving the matching robe (only $20.98!), which would also be great to have in the hospital.

Although, I am loving this sleep tee and these shorts! And how comfortable do these lounge pants look (on sale for $18.98)? I think I may have to get a few of these 'Gotta Have It' tanks (2 for $38 right now!). They look super comfortable and would be perfect for hot summer nights or even during the day with shorts. These 'Gotta Have It' tees look pretty comfy too! 


It looks like it will actually be nice outside this weekend! We are hoping just to get out and spend some time as a family. Maybe go to a park or maybe the zoo?! Also, working on the nursery and a few other house projects.

I hope you all had a great week! Happy Friday!

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Newborn Essentials | Clothing + Diapering

Now that we are about 6 weeks away from meeting baby #2 (insert shock face emoji!), I thought I would go ahead and share what I am preparing to have on hand. I decided to break up the "Newborn Essentials" series into a few posts over the next few weeks because I'm realizing there is a lot! How does a little tiny baby need so much stuff? 

Being that this is my second time around, I feel as though I have a better handle on what I need (also vs. what's just nice to have). 

So here are my top picks for newborn essentials when it comes to clothing and diapering (keep in mind when I say newborn I mean from birth to 3 months old):

1. short sleeve onesies and long sleeve onesies: These are what Camden wore constantly for the first few weeks. I would keep him swaddled during nap times, so these were prefect just for him to wear under the swaddle blankets. Since he was a winter baby, I loved these long sleeve onesies with the mitten cuffs (cover their hands) on the ends to keep his hands warm if they busted out of the swaddle (which they did a lot!).

2. zip up footie PJs: These were what Camden wore during the day or if we went anywhere. It's just so much easier to put those little babies in PJs than try to put a full outfit, socks, etc on them! We love the ones that zip instead of buttons (just easier/quicker for diaper changes). I love these from Old Navy and Target usually has a great selection of them as well.

3. swaddle blankets and swaddlers: We mostly used these swaddle blankets when Camden was first born, but eventually started using the SwaddleMe velcro swaddlers when he was a bit bigger (and started busting out of the swaddle blankets). I bought a few of these SwaddleMe pods to try out this time around as well!

4. mittens and beanies: These come in handy in the very beginning when they are still working on regulating their body temperature. The beanies are great for the hospital stay and if you have a cold weather baby. Camden wore little beanies while we were in the hospital and when we went anywhere since he was a November baby. The mittens are great for not only keeping their hands warm (when they're not swaddled), but also for keeping their nails away from their face. Those little hands have a mind of their own in the beginning and they can end up scratching themselves!

5. socks and booties: When you want to dress them in something other than footie PJs, it's always great to have socks and booties available to keep their feet warm. We love the Old Navy socks and how cute are these little booties??!

6. diapers and wipes: Of course, you're going to need diapers and wipes... And LOTS of them! Sometimes it feels like you are constantly changing them when their first born. I'm pretty sure I remember Camden would need changed every time I fed him, which meant 8 - 10 diaper changes a day for the first few months! We loved the Pampers sensitive diapers and wipes when he was little. We still use regular Pampers diapers, but have switched to Target brand wipes when he got older and his skin wasn't as sensitive. And if you are not signed up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Family, do it now! I still order all our diapers and wipes via Amazon! It's so great to have them delivered to your door!

7. changing pad, cover and liners: You're going to need a good changing pad in the nursery since you will be there a lot! Of course, it's nice to add a good cover and liners to keep the cover clean. These liners are great in case of a blowout or stains that may happen during changes. I typically would just spot treat them and throw the liner in the wash! So much easier than trying to clean the cover.

8. spot cleaner and diaper rash cream: These products will be used a lot in the beginning, so it's a good idea to keep them right by the changing area. I still have both of these on Camden's changing dresser in his room and don't use them as much, but every now and then they come in handy. I have a bottle of spray shout that I use to spray any stains (especially on those white onesies!) and then I just throw them in the hamper to be washed. As far as diaper creams, I know there are a lot out there, but we had the best results with just plain baby Aquaphor! I used this for his diaper rashes and when he had some patches of eczema on his skin when he was a newborn. We still use it today if he gets a diaper rash!

9. hamper and diaper pail: You will use both of these A LOT in the beginning! You will need a good diaper pail (we have this one) since you will be changing diapers constantly! It comes with an carbon filter insert that helps to block odors. A hamper near by the changing area is a good idea as well. You may be surprised how many outfit changes they need! It's nice to have it at arms length to just throw the soiled clothes in there while changing them. We have this hamper in Camden's room and have something similar for baby 2's nursery. It's great because it has a mesh insert that you can just take in and out for washing.

I'm so glad I'm starting this series because it will help me prepare for baby #2! I pretty much have everything on this list except for diapers and wipes! Those are pretty important, so I better go order some (via Amazon Prime of course)!

I hope this list has helped those of you expecting your first (or second, or third, etc). I'm hoping to do a few more posts that include feeding, sleeping, travel gear and what to pack in the diaper bag. I also would like to post about packing for the hospital, so look out for those posts over the next few weeks!

Pregnancy #2 Confessions

I confess... That I am physically ready to have this baby at week 33. I'm feeling like this belly is growing by the minute and getting heavier everyday. I hate the feeling of not being physically able to do normal day to day chores/tasks without being out of breath. (Of course, I really hope to make it all the way to week 39 of my scheduled c section and that we have a healthy baby!)

I confess... That although it would be so fun to have a girl, I'm glad we are having another boy or else I probably would have spent our life savings on a new wardrobe for her. It's kind of nice to use all Camden's old baby clothes again.

I confess... I am so nervous about being a stay at home mom. I am one of those people that needs down time daily to function and I just don't see a lot of that happening with 2 babes under 2!

I confess... That I totally took living close to my parents for granted when we were in Ohio. They absolutely loved watching Camden. We took a trip to Columbus this past weekend and stopped by Bill's hometown/parents' house on the way there and back. Camden got a lot of grandparent quality time and I got a lot of help which was so nice!

I confess... Being pregnant and having a toddler is seriously tough. As in, I'd rather run a half marathon again than chase around a toddler all day with a huge belly... I am constantly out of breath when I'm watching him. He is always on the move! Not to mention carrying a solid 25 pound child up and down the stairs everyday! He is really good at going up the stairs, but we are working on going down.

I confess... I've been sick about half the time I've been pregnant this time around. The first trimester was rough with 'morning sickness' (aka all day sickness). The second trimester and over the past few months I think I've been sick more times than I have been in the past 10 years! I've had a few bad colds, one that turned into a sinus infection and have had the stomach flu TWICE! I blame daycare germs from Cam, low immunity during pregnancy and the stress of moving. I'm praying I will stay healthy for the next 6 weeks!

I confess... On that note, I haven't gained as much weight as I had at this point with Camden. I know it's because I'm chasing around a toddler and being sick so much doesn't leave me with much of an appetite. At one of my appointments last month I actually lost 3 pounds (it was right after my sinus infection) and my doctor told me to get a milkshake on the way home. That will probably be the only time I will hear those words from any doctor!

I confess...
 I'm so over wearing maternity clothes. I feel gross in everything I put on. I'm so ready to wear normal clothes again and feel somewhat like myself!

I confess... I'm still nervous about my blood pressure spiking during the last few weeks of pregnancy like it did with Camden. My blood pressure had been normal all the way up to my week 37 OB appointment when it spiked. I was induced that week. I/we didn't really have time to think or mentally prepare for the induction, labor and ultimately ending in a c section delivery. I thought for sure I would go late like my mom did with my brother. I'm really hoping to make it to my week 39 scheduled c section with no BP issues!

I confess... I'm really nervous about breastfeeding this time around. I had trouble getting Camden to latch and ended up exclusively pumping for about 5-6 months. It was not what I had planned and pumping was so time consuming! Now that I will be at home with a toddler, I just don't think I will have the time to pump and clean/sterilize bottles all day. Just cutting out the cleaning of the bottles and pump parts alone would save so much time! I'm really hoping it works out this time! Bill and I attended a 3 hour BF class recently and I'm so glad we did. I feel so much more confident this time and it seems the resources at our new hospital are so much better than the ones I had in Ohio.

I confess... I'm really worried about how Camden will react to having a baby brother. He is in such a clingy, 'mommy' stage right now I just know we will have lots of tantrums when I'm holding/feeding baby 2 and can't pay attention to or hold him. I'm hoping with the grandparents' help the first few weeks, he will slowly get used to it.

I confess... It's really hard for me to fathom loving another child as much as I love Camden. I know everyone says your heart just grows with each child. Even though he has his moments, I'm really loving this stage he is in. He's so smart and curious! I love that we can actually communicate and he knows what I'm saying for the most part. I'm really trying to soak up these last few weeks with just him!

6 more weeks to go until we meet baby boy #2!!

Friday Finds

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If money was no object (and I wasn't 7 months pregnant), these items would be purchased this week! This scarf print maxi dress would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding. And I LOVE this romper! The color is beautiful and is currently on sale! The more practical dress that I would most likely buy right now would be this stripe cross back shift dress. It looks like the perfect everyday, easy to wear dress and would be perfect for post baby!

I'm so ready for shorts and tee shirt weather/season. I remember last summer, this was my go-to 'momiform'! This knit tee looks so comfy and would be perfect paired with these distressed denim shorts and sandals. I can totally see myself lounging in this 'Sunday morning' tee with my PJ pants and coffee on the weekends. 

And let's not forget the accessories. I've had my eye on this adorable beach tote! Of course, I have no fancy beach trips planned, but one can dream right? The more practical purchases (that may actually have to happen) would be these $12 sunnies and these pink tassel earrings

This week I have been focusing on purchasing items for baby #2's arrival. I went to Babies R Us this week to purchase a gift for a friend's baby shower and ending up dropping a lot more money than I expected to on our baby as well! I found these crib sheets (one and two) and picked up a few storage bins after I decided to add a few touches of navy to the nursery. I ordered and received this beautiful wood frame sign from the Etsy shop TheShedInteriors. All her signs are so pretty and I'm even thinking of adding one or 2 through out our home. 

This weekend we are headed to Columbus for the first time since we've moved! I get to see all my college friends at a baby shower and I'm so excited! We will be stopping by Bill's parent's house on the way to break up the trip a bit. 

I hope you all had a great week and happy weekend!

Currently Pinning

If you take a look at my recent Pins on the main page of my Pinterest Profile, you may notice that I'm mostly pinning meal and recipe ideas (aka pregnancy cravings...). I've decided to slow down on the pinning and look back to try to actually make some of these things. I've got a bad habit of just pinning things that look tasty! 

Besides that, you'll find random baby things, toddler meal ideas, organizational pins, home decor inspiration with some fashion finds mixed in. Here's a look at what I've been pinning lately:

1. I totally plan on preparing some freezer meals this time around. It was on my to do list when I was pregnant with Cam, but I never got around to making any! Luckily, we had a lot of friends and family that brought us meals last time, but this time we don't have too many friends and family close so I want to be prepared!

2. OK, this recipe looks simple enough for even a cooking novice like myself! I have been craving Mexican food lately, so may have to make this soon!

3. I'm really trying to get my life and home organized before baby 2's arrival (nesting much?). I am putting together a 'Life Binder' that will hold everything I need to feel more organized (I plan on posting about it when I'm finished!). I have found a few free printables that I will include in the binder and will update weekly. House chores always seem to be the last priority these days and I want to get back on track with scheduling weekly chores. Hopefully this one helps!

4. Another great printable I found, is this weekly meal planning printable. I've been using it for the past few weeks and it's been a big help!

5. I've been trying to find some decor to go above our mantel and I love the idea of hanging a big wood pallet clock like the photo above and adding some other decor elements around it. We really need to soften up our family room because it just feels like a big grey box right now!


6. I'm in the midst of nursery decorating and I love the neutral tones of the one above. I actually decided to add some navy accents and natural wood accents to the nursery as well. We have the same dresser as the photo above in the nursery right now and I love the decor they have hanging above the changing area. 

Follow along with my pins here!

What have you been pinning recently?
If you have a Pinterest account, leave your profile name in the comments so I can follow!

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Toddler Boy Shoes

Row 1: left | right
Row 2: left | right
Row 3: left | right
Row 4: left | right

Now that Camden is walking (errr... running!) everywhere these days, I realize how important good toddler shoes can be! The list above is more of a wish list I put together for him and the bottom row are the ones he wears currently. 

I'm on the hunt for some good sandals and play shoes for the summer and I'm leaning towards these Native Shoes slip ons (which have great reviews) and how cute are these little Reef sandals?!

Since we are in Target nearly twice a week (no joke), I've picked up this pair of sneakers that he wears all the time and to school. We also have a pair of these shoes for more 'dressier' occasions (church, out to dinner, etc). I can tell he is able to walk really well in both pairs. I'd love to get him another pair of sneakers for play and these little Nike shoes are on the top of my list!

Any boy moms recommend any other brands?

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PS - We had a great Mother's Day weekend! Sorry I wasn't able to get a recap up earlier this week. Bill's parents were in town for the weekend and it was so nice spending time with them and Camden! Cam (and Bill) surprised me with flowers, a card and made us breakfast. I'm also planning to get a pedicure this week! :)

April Beauty Favorites

I realize we are almost a full week into May and I'm just now getting around to posting my April favorites! Sorry for the delay!

As you may know, if you read my March favorites post, I am working on amping up my make up/beauty and skin care routines. I've never really been one to splurge on make up or skin care because I never felt the need to do so before I turned 30. I would always rather spend my money on clothes or accessories, etc. Now that I am in my 30's (ughh..) and am a mom of soon to be 2 under 2 (double ughh...) I have been focusing more on keeping my skin looking younger and covering up those nasty under eye circles (ya heard?!).

Over the past month, I've made a few beauty purchases that turned out to be winners! There was actually just one that was so-so...

So, here were my favorite beauty products this past month:

1. stila 'stay all day' waterproof liquid eyeliner - I am an eyeliner queen. As in, I can't leave the house without eyeliner! I have tried so many different kinds and brands and finally decided to splurge on this eyeliner after reading so many positive reviews. I'm so glad I did because it is awesome! It really does stay all day! The thin tip allows me to draw a precise line and the liquid comes out so smooth. Definitely worth the price!

2. NYX mineral matte finishing powder (in light/medium) - I have been looking for a new setting powder and I randomly picked up this one while browsing at Target. I typically only use a BB cream on my face during the day instead of foundation, and this powder helps to set it and leaves my skin with a more 'mette' look.

3. e.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder (in 'Turks and Caicos') - Another random Target purchase that turned into a winner. I don't really contour on a daily basis, but I use the lighter shade as a blush and sometimes I'll use the darker shade to bronze and contour. I love the slight shimmer it gives to my cheeks!

4. Sugar tinted lip treatment SPF 15 (in the shade 'sugar nude') - This was another splurge I bought this month after reading all the great reviews on this product online. I chose the nude shade so that I could wear it more everyday. I love that it has SPF protection and it goes on so smooth! Leaves my lips feeling like butter! I leave this one in my purse and have it on hand all day!

5. NYX butter lip gloss (in the shade 'fortune cookie') - Yet another random Target find! I love this lip gloss and also use it in tandem with my Sugar tinted lip treatment for a more glossy feel. It is the perfect nude color for spring and summer.

My 'so-so' purchase was this Too Faced melted liquified long wear lipstick. I like the applicator and that it feels more like a lip butter than a lipstick. However, the color I got (which was 'nude') is actually a more dark mauve color that is slightly too dark for my skin tone. It could be a shade I might wear on a date night or special occasion, just not everyday. 

Last, but not least, my honorable mention is my new acrylic make up organizer! I was so sick of rummaging through my make up bag everyday, that I decided to get this organizer so I can see everything. We have more counter space now in the bathroom, so it fits perfectly on my side of the master sink.

Have you tried any of these products?

Happy Friday friends!

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Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary Product Review

One of my major pet peeves is dry hands and feet. I am constantly looking for new products to help moisturize both and I feel as though I have tried a lot of different brands and products. My hands and feet feel especially dry now that I'm pregnant.

I was happy when Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary contacted me in regards to trying some of their products. Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary is an 'elegant, modern, full-service pharmacy complete with a beauty and wellness boutique.' They are located in Birmingham, MI as a brick and mortar, but also have a full service online shop here. Their online shop is filled with high end and award winning brands and products. As I read more about the SPAritual brand and products, I became even more impressed. Their body care products are Certified Organic and Fair Trade and they only use vegan ingredients. Being pregnant, I am a little more cautious about what products I'm using on my skin and these products make me feel safe about using them daily. 

The 2 products I picked were the Handprint Hand Salve and the Sole Mate Foot Balm because I knew they were the ones I would probably use the most! I am constantly moisturizing my hands and feet since they seem to be constantly dry. With all the dish washing of sippy cups and after toddler meals, my hands are always so dry! I try to keep a small hand moisturizer by the sink at all times and this hand salve will now replace my drugstore hand lotion. I also always moisturize my feet after I shower and now that it's open toe and sandal season, I really want to start keeping up with my foot care! 

I love the scent of both products! I am obviously very sensitive to scents at the moment and the light, citrus scent (of both products) is not too heavy and leaves my hands and feet with a fresh smelling. Both products leave my skin feeling like silk and do not leave a greasy feeling. 

Stop by Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary's online shop for more beauty and skin care products. They also have a great line of products for men (Father's Day gifts, anyone?)!

*I was sent these 2 products my Mills Pharmacy + Apothecary for review. The above review and opinions are my own. 

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Mother's Day Gifts

It's Mother's Day week! Can you believe it?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for my mother and mother in law, I'm all about trying my best to make sure they are personalized and from the heart. Now that I'm a mom, I want to show my appreciation for them even more! I've put together the list above that includes some more personal items that express my love like the "I love mom" pearl pendant necklace and the Alex and Ani "I Love You Mom" bangle. I also really love the "First my mom, forever my friend" pillow!

One idea I had for a great personalized gift would be to send them a copy of our chatbook of Camden's first year (hopefully she's not reading this and spoils the surprise...). I made a chatbook filled with instagram photos and other photos I had saved on my phone of Camden during his first year of life and every time my mom is over she looks at it and says, "I would LOVE a copy of this!" 

Have you tried chatbooks? It's great if you have kids that you take pictures of constantly and don't know what to do with all the pictures on your phone. You can upload them to the site (and you can link to your IG account and they pull all the photos for you), and create a photo book that includes one photo per page. You can order them monthly or make one big book (like I did) for the year. The book I made has over 166 photos/pages and cost me less than $30! PS - This post was not sponsored by chatbooks, I just really love the service and product!

What sort of unique, personalized gift ideas do you have for Mother's Day?