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Friday 5 + a comfy weekend outfit

plaid top (sooo soft, light weight and comfy) | cropped jeans | converse shoes | sunglasses | nail color | bar necklace via Stella & Dot

Can you believe it will be April 1st tomorrow? This was a particularly long month for us with the move, but the last few weeks have flown by!

Here are 5 random things I'm loving/thinking about/trying this past week...

1. Real Techniques makeup brushes - I love these brushes! I've been wanting to get some new makeup brushes and didn't want to splurge on any really expensive brands. Someone had recommended these to me and I'm so glad! I got the setting brush, the powder brush and a blush brush. They are so soft and I love the bright colored handles! I just ordered the enhanced eye set next. I also have an everyday makeup routine video in the works... stay tuned!

2. Potty Training! - We have started the potty training process with Camden and it's going so so. I was going to wait until we were more settled in the house, but he started to give signs that he was more than ready. Like, asking if he can use the potty and then going #2!! I didn't even have to coax him or anything! He has since gone #2 a handful of times and has peed a dozen times now too (sorry if that's tmi lol). I'm still keeping him in diapers as we are still in the training process, but I did just switch him to easy ups while we are training. We got him this potty and he loves to 'flush' it after he goes. It's so cute because it cheers him on when he goes!

3. One pan recipes - I cooked 2 sheet pan recipes this week that were pretty good! One was smoked turkey sausage, butternut squash, onion and apple. The other one was beef kabobs with onion, pepper and I added some chopped asparagus. I just drizzle everything with some olive oil and add salt, pepper and different spices/herbs and cook according to the meat. Everything turned out so good! The sausage is easy to cook and doesn't take too long and I ended up just broiling the beef one for about 10 mins, flipping the meat half way. I'm all about easy, healthy recipes right now! I just pinned these sheet pan recipes to try out. It's great because you only have 1 pan to clean!

4. House updates! - We just got a quote from a contractor for some work on our house. It's hard to explain with out seeing it, but we have 6 'inlets' on the top story of our 2 story family room with spot lights in them. It's like a spot where someone might showcase a sculpture or art work or something of that nature. Bill and I were not fans, so we decided to get them filled and sanded before we painted. So, it may still be awhile until we paint that area, but I will be so happy when that process is complete! We did get a quote to paint our bedroom, Camden's bedroom, our bathrooms and Bill's office so that will be 'phase 1' of painting... here we go again! I also just ordered this area rug for our family room and I'm so excited to get it! I know what you're thinking... a white shag rug with babies/toddlers and a dog? Yep... I might be crazy!

5. Date Night! - Bill and I are actually going on a date night tomorrow evening! It's been so long since we've had a proper date night. I am so excited! We are trying out a new restaurant in Dublin called Napa, which looks like a nice little wine bar/restaurant. Now to figure out what I'm wearing??

Happy Friday!

Toddler + Baby Easter Baskets

Can you believe it is almost April?! Which means it's almost Easter time?!

I decided to get started on the boys' Easter baskets a little early this year because I felt like all the cute baskets and toys go so quickly in the stores! 

On one of my recent Target runs, I came across the cutest little bunny Easter baskets that I just could not pass up! I also found some matching wood initial letters (which I could not find online, but you could totally DIY) to tie on each of their baskets so they are more personalized. 

There were so many great little basket filler ideas at Target and I'm all about filling the baskets with anything non candy related since they are still a bit too young for the sugar overload. I may put a few sweet treats in Camden's basket, but Bennett will most likely just get a few eggs filled with puffs 😉

Toddlers are pretty easy to shop for. Camden is all about anything egg shaped, so I grabbed some easter egg play-doh and side walk chalk. I also thought he would have fun with a slinky. And he is all about putting things on his fingers and singing the finger family song, so I thought some little plastic finger puppets would be perfect! (I couldn't find the ones from target online, but found some similar here)

And I'm all about the easy, already filled easter eggs too! I found some really fun, toy car and dinosaur filled easter eggs on Amazon for Camden since he is really into both right now. 

Bennett's basket was a bit trickier, but I did find a few rattles, a plush bunny, teething ring and a touch and feel Easter book that I knew he would like! 

I also love the idea of giving books for the holidays. I found all these books via Amazon and am so excited to read them with Camden and Bennett! It's always so great to switch up the books for the seasons so they (you) don't get tired of the same ones all the time. (I linked to all these books and more below)

I ended up getting Camden so much that I couldn't fit it all in his basket! Here are a few other ideas for your toddlers. I love these Annie's organic bunny cookies for filling easter eggs too! And I found the cutest little bunny straw cup from Target as well!

Shop toddler Easter basket ideas:

Shop baby Easter basket ideas:

Easter books for baby and toddler:

Have you started Easter shopping for your little ones? What are some of your favorite Easter basket fillers?

Weekend Happenings + Life Lately

Hi Guys! Sorry for the lack of posts last week. Bill was actually out of town Monday through Thursday evening and luckily I had the help of my mom Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while I worked, but those double whammy bedtime routines 3 nights in a row really wiped me out! We were all happy to have daddy back Thursday evening! And we ended the week with the BEST weather, which made up for a very hectic week!

On Friday afternoon, I met up with Katie (Keep Calm and Carry On) and her boys for a playdate! It was so great to finally meet her and her boys. I've been following her blog ever since before both of our Camdens were born and I already felt like I knew her! She is just as sweet as she comes across on her blog too! And it was so fun to see our Camdens meet (and the babies)! I'm definitely looking forward to more playdates in the future! 

Friday night, Bill and I decided to try out ordering from a restaurant via Prime Now, which is offered in our area. So, we decided on some PF Changs and 30 minutes later our food arrived at our door! There was no delivery charge, just a $5 tip and tax on our order?! AND I just found out they deliver chilled wine! It is amazing, yet dangerous at the same time... 

On Saturday, Bill had to go to his home town to help his parents with an event for the day. I stayed back with the boys, so my mom was able to come over and watch them for a bit while I went shopping solo! It was so refreshing! I ended up only buying for the boys, but it was still a very rewarding feeling. I got a TON of new summer clothes for Bennett and a few outfits for Cam. I also found the cutest easter baskets for the boys from Target! I'm planning to post about what I'm filling their Easter baskets with soon!

Saturday evening I brought the boys over to my parents' house for dinner. They got Camden a little kiddie DJ booth/sound system which he had a blast with! It plays background music, all the nursery rhymes, has a keyboard and a microphone. It was hysterical to watch him sing (aka shout) into the mic!  

Yesterday we had a pretty relaxing day at home with the boys. There were a few house projects we needed to tackle, which mostly just involved unpacking more boxes and organizing our storage in the basement. I also was ambitious and decided to try some meal planning for the week. I made egg muffins with spinach, onion and feta cheese. I also roasted some red potatoes to serve with the eggs or for a side with dinner this week. I'm hoping to get more disciplined with meal planning and portion control to help me loose the last of this baby weight! 

I also busted out the fancy camera while we were just hanging out, which I'm trying to do more often. I snapped a few pics of the boys while Bill was busy hanging some shelves in Bennett's room. I seriously can't believe how fast they both are growing!

Camden is currently obsessed with his cars. He has a lot of them! He is holding his precious 'monster truck' in the photos above. 

I told him to say 'cheese' and this is the face he made lol!

And this one will be 9 months tomorrow! We have his doctor appointment today. I'm very interested to see how much he weighs... He is currently wearing his brother's 24 month PJs and is mostly wearing 18 month clothes! 

That's all for now! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

Spring Shopping!

The spring shopping has commenced! If you caught my snaps on snapchat earlier this week (username: LindsayRumple), you saw that I received these goodies in the mail yesterday! 

I love love love these white jeans! They are true to size AND have some stretch to them. I'm so happy I found a pair that I like and that are comfortable! I also got this really pretty pink tee shirt which is soooo soft. I feel like all I wear in the summer are easy, comfy tee shirts and shorts so I know this one will get a lot of use! Since the price isn't too bad I may have to buy it in a few colors!

I also love this floral print, boho style top from Old Navy. It is so flattering too! I paired it with my new white jeans when I tried it on and it looked really cute together!

I had to get a few pairs of sandals for the spring/summer too. Old Navy always have the cutest shoes (for the best price), so I ordered this tassel pair and these gladiator sandals. I feel like I will get a lot of use out of both pairs. 

I also ordered this floral dress hoping I could wear it for Easter, but I'm still not sure I love the fit of it. It's really loose and flowy and just feels a bit shapeless on? I might order a size down to see if it helps? 

Have you purchased anything for the spring season? 

Shop the post:

PS - sorry I've been MIA on the blog this week! Bill has been out of town for work and solo parenting has completely kicked my you know what! But, I'm so thankful I've had the help of my parents that live close by! This is the reason we moved home!!

Friday 5

camo tee - nordstrom rack (similar here and here) | articles of society jeans | express booties (similar) | kate spade cross body | monogram necklace | kendra scott necklace

Happy St. Patty's Day! 
This is about as green as I'm going to get today. I'll be spending the day at home with the boys while Bill is working. I might venture out in the cold to take them to the grocery store... or we may just hang out in our PJs all day... Because it still feels like WINTER! Ugh... I'm so over the cold! 

We might celebrate with some pizza and beer tonight. I know, we're crazy!

Here are 5 things I'm loving this week:

1. La Croix - Guys, I'm working on kicking the diet coke habit and I have to say... I'm a believer in La Croix! I thought I didn't really like it, but now I am constantly drinking the lime flavor all day err day. I don't hate it! 

2. Food Prep - I'm on a food prep kick this week. I made a big batch of eggs with onion, spinach and cheese on Monday and portioned it out into 4 servings so I could have some with my whole grain toast every morning. I also made a big batch of crock pot Mexican shredded chicken, cooked rice and sautéed onion, red and yellow peppers and portioned it out into 4 servings for dinners. This was a HUGE time saver for me, especially since Bill was out of town 2 nights this week. It was just so easy to throw the prepared serving in the microwave and eat while I was feeding the kids. I also made little snack packs for Camden of cut up strawberries and peeled apples. He was eating strawberries all week! I might do a post about my food prep and attempt to 'diet' in the near future... stay tuned!

 3. These plates and these bibs - Speaking of meal prep, I recently purchased some new plates for Camden and bibs for both of them. I am loving these plates from Target. They are 79 cents a piece, come in a lot of fun colors AND are dishwasher and microwave safe! I have also made the decision that I will only buy silicon bibs like these going forward. I hate cleaning cloth/plastic bibs after they eat and Bennett is one messy eater! These bibs are so much easier to clean!

4. New apps - I downloaded a slew of new apps this week that all revolve around productivity and family scheduling. I'm hoping to experiment with all of them and will share my favorites on a blog post soon! The few I've already been using are 30/30, Time Tree, Cozi and ATracker. If you have any suggestions on productivity or scheduling apps you love, please comment with them below!

5. Make Up Vloggers - Ok... I have a slight addiction to watching make up tutorials on youtube at night after everyone has gone to bed. I just fall right down that rabbit hole for like an hour before I realize it's past my bedtime! Some of my favorites are Mallory Ervin, Makeup by Tiffany D, Casey Holmes and Jesssouthern. Tell me I'm not the only one? Any make up vlogger channels you love and recommend?

That's all for this week! 
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Settling In + Embracing the Mess

Here we are in this new house with stuff everywhere and boxes that need unpacked. I spent my first day at home with the boys on Tuesday (I now have Tuesdays and Fridays off) and we spent the majority of our day in the new playroom since it was snowing and bitterly cold outside (you may have seen a few snaps on snap chat username: Lindsay Rumple, or instastories @lindsaykr11). Seriously, where are you spring?!

As I looked around the playroom at the boxes of toys that needed to be unpacked and organized I started to feel a slight panic attack. You see, like most right brained people, I like things to have order and make sense. On the other hand, I do appreciate design and aesthetics (like most bloggers) and a lot of what I do and enjoy would put me in the category of a 'creative'. So, being in an environment that is messy, unorganized and just overall not aesthetically pleasing gives me the heebie jeebies.  

(We have some serious bedhead in these photos! This was post nap time. Please note Mickey sitting in the chair. He is Camden's new bestie and goes everywhere with him!)

As I looked around the room Tuesday morning, I decided to try to put the toys away in their place from the bins and boxes. I put all the toys in categories and separated them by color, size, shape, etc. Only to have my toddler come a long and dump all my organized bins on the floor. I felt my blood pressure rise. Then I stopped myself....

What is my priority? What is the rush to get things put together? For myself? Was I being selfish? Camden was having a great time rediscovering toys he hadn't seen in ages! 

So, I decided to slow down. Enjoy the mess. I knew then as I looked at my toddler who all of a sudden looked like a little boy and not a baby anymore, that he is growing so quickly. I focused my attention on him and we had such a fun day! 

Cars, Blocks, Balls, Play-Doh, Books, Singing, Dancing... 
It was so fun to just be in the moment with him. 

Even though we live in this world of Pinterest, Blogs, Instagram that showcase nearly perfect homes, bodies, outfits, and moms that seem to have it all together... Just know that the world is NOT that perfect. And that's OK! It's so much more fun being messy! 😀

Shop the post and some items in our playroom:

We Made It!

We are officially in our new home in Columbus! Wow, was that a whirlwind... Word to the wise: avoid moving with 2 little ones... it is somewhat of a nightmare! But, we are lucky that Bill and I both have great families that were able to help with the move and transition. I honestly don't know what we would have done without their help!

I absolutely love our new house! What won us over is the floor plan (hello bonus room/playroom on the second floor) and the location. We live in a great area of town (Dublin) with great schools and I love that there are little parks and bike/walking paths all over. Our house is actually right across the street from a little park with a playground! So, the convenience factor was a selling point for sure! 

Of course, there are a lot of aesthetic things I'd like to change about the house. First of all, the paint colors are pretty bad... We're talking brown/yellow in the main family area and bright red in the kitchen. Our bedroom is a brown/tan color that really just makes our bedroom seem like a dark cave! Just not my taste at all. Oh, and Camden's room is a bright pinkish red color! So, the first priority will be painting, but we wanted to move in and get settled first before we started updating the house. 

There are other little projects that will be fun to tackle over time and it will also be fun to post before and after photos here once they are finished. For now, I will leave you with some inspirational photos of what I'd like our house to look like once it's complete! 

We have hardwood floors all through out the first floor and we desperately need an area rug for the family area and to go under our grey sectional. I'm leaning towards a nice big Moroccan style shag rug like this one or this one

We have 2 story ceilings in our main family area with a fireplace as the main focal point which I love! Some day I'd like to add some white cross beams to the ceiling to add some dimension and possible brick or stone the fireplace to the ceiling (like the image below).

Of course, I'm sticking to all neutral tones when it comes to paint colors. Since our kitchen has more warm tones in it (for now, would like to update it at some point) I'll probably go with a more warm toned white or cream color like the 'aesthetic white' color below by Sherwin Williams.

Another top priority on our list is changing out our banister from the wood/oak and white wood to a rod iron one (like the style below). 

So, as you can see, we have our work cut out for us! I think just simply painting will make it seem like a whole new house! I can't wait to share with you some before and after photos!

hope you all had a great week and weekend!


Moving Week!

It's finally here! Moving week!

We close on the house on Wednesday and have our final walk through today! We have a cleaning crew coming Wednesday afternoon, then our pods are being delivered Thursday and Friday. So, it will be a very busy week for us to say the least. I might be taking a bit of a break from the blog for the remainder of the week, but you can follow me on instagram stories (@lindsaykr11) or snapchat (LindsayRumple) to catch some snaps of the move in process! 

A few highlights from the past week/weekend... My baby turned 8 months! He is really starting to have a little personality and loves talking (aka screeching) and is constantly kicking his legs! He loves eating anything I offer to him. Recently, he's been all about his mum-mums (teething crackers) and loves anything banana flavored. We also tried avocado for the first time and he gobbled it up! I don't think we have a picky eater with this one! He's also been teething and popped his first tooth on the bottom and currently working on the one right next to it, so he's been a bit restless at night. Other than that, he's just the sweetest, happiest baby!

 I met up with some of my friends from college over the weekend and it was so nice to have some girl time (sans kiddos)! We went to Pins Mechanical Co. in downtown Columbus. If you are a local or visiting Columbus anytime, definitely a fun place! They have duck pin bowling lanes, pin ball machines, foosball, ping pong and shuffle board. The guys ended up playing foosball and the ladies all just stood around and chatted of course! It was so nice to catch up with everyone. I wore this tunic (which is still on sale!) and these leggings

That's all for now! Wish us luck with the move this week! 

Friday 5

We made it to Friday! 
This week felt like it dragged... anyone else? Good news is, we close on our new house in less than a week! We are scheduling a cleaning service the day we close, so we won't be able to move anything in right away. But, I'm so excited to finally get in our house and get things organized! One more week!

Here are 5 things I'm currently loving this week:

1. This faux leather tote has been my everyday bag recently. Since I work remotely, I'm able to take my computer anywhere (like say Panera or Starbucks) and this tote fits all my work needs perfectly. The grey version is currently on sale!

2. I picked up a new shade of the NYX butter lip gloss in Tiramisu and I love it. I have a few shades now and they are my go to lip glosses! Plus, you can't beat the price. 

3. We just got Camden this slide and he is obsessed! My mom decided to amazon prime it after he kept begging to go to the park on a rainy day. Now he has a little mini indoor park! He loves to slide down it into his ball pit 😂

4. My favorite scoop neck long sleeve tee is on sale for only $10.80! I might seriously get the other two colors because I wear this top so much. AND it is long enough to wear with leggings 👏

5. Have any of you bought anything good from the Shopbop sale? I've been holding myself back because I'm on somewhat of a shopping freeze until we close on our house. It is soooo tempting though! If I had my way, I would be purchasing these jeans, this bag, these sunglasses and this watch! Don't forget they offer free shipping and orders are Amazon Prime eligible! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Happy shopping!

February Favorites (most clicked on + purchased items)

First, have you noticed anything different?! I gave the blog a little facelift! I'm loving this new, more modern and clean look! And I have been meaning to add a slider with images to the top, so I love this template. I purchased it from etsy (here) and they made it pretty easy to install and customize. I'm hoping to really start posting consistent content going forward with quality images. I'm also hoping to add more beauty related posts and maybe even some videos in the near future, so stay tuned!

And now for another monthly favorites post! Just like last month, I will be sharing the top most clicked on items and the top ten most purchased items from the blog in the month of February. I have shared before that I use affiliate links on the blog (mostly generated from rewardstyle) so that I can track click through and sale information. 

So, without further ado, here are February's favorites!

Top Ten Most Clicked Items:

10. Women's Nike 'Juvenate' Sneaker (Nordstrom - currently out of stock, can purchase here)
9. Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee currently on sale for only $10.80!
8. A&F Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt on sale for only $22!
7. Tassel drop earrings 50% off! 
6. Reversible faux leather tote on sale in grey!
5. Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee (same as above, just used different link)
4. Women's Nike 'Juvenate' Sneakers these are the ones on sale at Finish Line
3. AG Super Skinny Stretch Jeans these are still on my wish list!
2. Cotton Canvas Anorak Jacket currently on sale for $41.40!
1. V-neck long sleeve sweater still one of my favorite sweaters and a wardrobe staple

Top Ten Most Purchased Items:

10. Play-Doh Shape and Learn Colors and Shapes still one of Camden's favorites
9. Annie Perforated Espadrille Platform Wedge still on my wish list!
8. AG Super Skinny Stretch Jeans also still on my wish list!
7. The 'Perfect' Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic still on sale for only $27.90!
6. L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Primer Mascara I still use this everyday! 
5. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads another favorite of Cam's
4. Kate Spade 'rise and shine' stud earrings also still on my wish list!
3. BP Scoop neck long sleeve tee a wardrobe staple and on sale for only $10.80!
2. Women's Nike 'Juvenate' Sneaker (Nordstrom - currently out of stock, can purchase here). These were popular in January as well!

And the number 1 most purchased item from last month is...

Definitely a bit of a surprise in my opinion. I have to add that the affiliate links I use will count multiple sales if someone clicks on the specific item and then adds other items to their order. So, this top wasn't necessarily the most purchased item, but it generated the most sales. Does that make sense? 

Did you purchase any of these items last month? 
What ware you loving so far for the month of March?

*I'm linking up with Natalie and Annie for Thoughts for Thursday!