Friday 5 + a comfy weekend outfit

plaid top (sooo soft, light weight and comfy) | cropped jeans | converse shoes | sunglasses | nail color | bar necklace via Stella & Dot

Can you believe it will be April 1st tomorrow? This was a particularly long month for us with the move, but the last few weeks have flown by!

Here are 5 random things I'm loving/thinking about/trying this past week...

1. Real Techniques makeup brushes - I love these brushes! I've been wanting to get some new makeup brushes and didn't want to splurge on any really expensive brands. Someone had recommended these to me and I'm so glad! I got the setting brush, the powder brush and a blush brush. They are so soft and I love the bright colored handles! I just ordered the enhanced eye set next. I also have an everyday makeup routine video in the works... stay tuned!

2. Potty Training! - We have started the potty training process with Camden and it's going so so. I was going to wait until we were more settled in the house, but he started to give signs that he was more than ready. Like, asking if he can use the potty and then going #2!! I didn't even have to coax him or anything! He has since gone #2 a handful of times and has peed a dozen times now too (sorry if that's tmi lol). I'm still keeping him in diapers as we are still in the training process, but I did just switch him to easy ups while we are training. We got him this potty and he loves to 'flush' it after he goes. It's so cute because it cheers him on when he goes!

3. One pan recipes - I cooked 2 sheet pan recipes this week that were pretty good! One was smoked turkey sausage, butternut squash, onion and apple. The other one was beef kabobs with onion, pepper and I added some chopped asparagus. I just drizzle everything with some olive oil and add salt, pepper and different spices/herbs and cook according to the meat. Everything turned out so good! The sausage is easy to cook and doesn't take too long and I ended up just broiling the beef one for about 10 mins, flipping the meat half way. I'm all about easy, healthy recipes right now! I just pinned these sheet pan recipes to try out. It's great because you only have 1 pan to clean!

4. House updates! - We just got a quote from a contractor for some work on our house. It's hard to explain with out seeing it, but we have 6 'inlets' on the top story of our 2 story family room with spot lights in them. It's like a spot where someone might showcase a sculpture or art work or something of that nature. Bill and I were not fans, so we decided to get them filled and sanded before we painted. So, it may still be awhile until we paint that area, but I will be so happy when that process is complete! We did get a quote to paint our bedroom, Camden's bedroom, our bathrooms and Bill's office so that will be 'phase 1' of painting... here we go again! I also just ordered this area rug for our family room and I'm so excited to get it! I know what you're thinking... a white shag rug with babies/toddlers and a dog? Yep... I might be crazy!

5. Date Night! - Bill and I are actually going on a date night tomorrow evening! It's been so long since we've had a proper date night. I am so excited! We are trying out a new restaurant in Dublin called Napa, which looks like a nice little wine bar/restaurant. Now to figure out what I'm wearing??

Happy Friday!


  1. Yeah for date night! We have one too and I can't WAIT!!!! I heard Napa is awesome!!! Let us know how it is!!!!!!!

  2. I JUST discovered sheet pan dinners and I am obsessed! They couldn't be any easier! Have fun on date night!

  3. I was drooling at your sausage dinner the other night, these one pan meals have me so inspired!

  4. that's awesome about potty training!! i've heard its best to wait until they are ready and it sounds like he is! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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