Settling In + Embracing the Mess

Here we are in this new house with stuff everywhere and boxes that need unpacked. I spent my first day at home with the boys on Tuesday (I now have Tuesdays and Fridays off) and we spent the majority of our day in the new playroom since it was snowing and bitterly cold outside (you may have seen a few snaps on snap chat username: Lindsay Rumple, or instastories @lindsaykr11). Seriously, where are you spring?!

As I looked around the playroom at the boxes of toys that needed to be unpacked and organized I started to feel a slight panic attack. You see, like most right brained people, I like things to have order and make sense. On the other hand, I do appreciate design and aesthetics (like most bloggers) and a lot of what I do and enjoy would put me in the category of a 'creative'. So, being in an environment that is messy, unorganized and just overall not aesthetically pleasing gives me the heebie jeebies.  

(We have some serious bedhead in these photos! This was post nap time. Please note Mickey sitting in the chair. He is Camden's new bestie and goes everywhere with him!)

As I looked around the room Tuesday morning, I decided to try to put the toys away in their place from the bins and boxes. I put all the toys in categories and separated them by color, size, shape, etc. Only to have my toddler come a long and dump all my organized bins on the floor. I felt my blood pressure rise. Then I stopped myself....

What is my priority? What is the rush to get things put together? For myself? Was I being selfish? Camden was having a great time rediscovering toys he hadn't seen in ages! 

So, I decided to slow down. Enjoy the mess. I knew then as I looked at my toddler who all of a sudden looked like a little boy and not a baby anymore, that he is growing so quickly. I focused my attention on him and we had such a fun day! 

Cars, Blocks, Balls, Play-Doh, Books, Singing, Dancing... 
It was so fun to just be in the moment with him. 

Even though we live in this world of Pinterest, Blogs, Instagram that showcase nearly perfect homes, bodies, outfits, and moms that seem to have it all together... Just know that the world is NOT that perfect. And that's OK! It's so much more fun being messy! 😀

Shop the post and some items in our playroom:


  1. It's such a good reminder, and one I didn't listen to much either. It's hard to see past the long to do list after moving because it sort of never ends, but you're smart to see it and just let it be. It'll all get down in due time!

  2. Hadley has started to get into the disaster making with her toys and I have to consciously remind myself that it's okay! And that one day I'll miss the mess ;)

  3. this is such a good reminder for me to CHILL out when vi destroys the playroom! and btw mickey sitting in his chair is so cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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