Toddler + Baby Easter Baskets

Can you believe it is almost April?! Which means it's almost Easter time?!

I decided to get started on the boys' Easter baskets a little early this year because I felt like all the cute baskets and toys go so quickly in the stores! 

On one of my recent Target runs, I came across the cutest little bunny Easter baskets that I just could not pass up! I also found some matching wood initial letters (which I could not find online, but you could totally DIY) to tie on each of their baskets so they are more personalized. 

There were so many great little basket filler ideas at Target and I'm all about filling the baskets with anything non candy related since they are still a bit too young for the sugar overload. I may put a few sweet treats in Camden's basket, but Bennett will most likely just get a few eggs filled with puffs 😉

Toddlers are pretty easy to shop for. Camden is all about anything egg shaped, so I grabbed some easter egg play-doh and side walk chalk. I also thought he would have fun with a slinky. And he is all about putting things on his fingers and singing the finger family song, so I thought some little plastic finger puppets would be perfect! (I couldn't find the ones from target online, but found some similar here)

And I'm all about the easy, already filled easter eggs too! I found some really fun, toy car and dinosaur filled easter eggs on Amazon for Camden since he is really into both right now. 

Bennett's basket was a bit trickier, but I did find a few rattles, a plush bunny, teething ring and a touch and feel Easter book that I knew he would like! 

I also love the idea of giving books for the holidays. I found all these books via Amazon and am so excited to read them with Camden and Bennett! It's always so great to switch up the books for the seasons so they (you) don't get tired of the same ones all the time. (I linked to all these books and more below)

I ended up getting Camden so much that I couldn't fit it all in his basket! Here are a few other ideas for your toddlers. I love these Annie's organic bunny cookies for filling easter eggs too! And I found the cutest little bunny straw cup from Target as well!

Shop toddler Easter basket ideas:

Shop baby Easter basket ideas:

Easter books for baby and toddler:

Have you started Easter shopping for your little ones? What are some of your favorite Easter basket fillers?

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