Spring Dresses for All Occasions Under $50

I am so excited for dress season!! There are so many occasions in the spring and summer that we need a dress for. And when it gets really hot in the summer, I love just wearing a casual swing or maxi dress! I've rounded up a bunch of my favorite styles for all occasions. The best part is that they are all under $50!!

(link to dress above HERE. Under $35)

Vacation Dresses

(link to dress above HERE. Under $30)

Easter/Shower/Occasion Dresses

(dress above linked HERE. Under $27)

Wedding Guest Dresses

Casual Dresses

(link to dress above HERE. Under $19!)

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My Health 'Journey' + Intro to Faster Way to Fat Loss

How is everyone doing on their New Year's resolutions? One of my main goals for this year is to focus on my health and fitness (as I'm sure a lot of your are in the same boat). For me, it's not just about looking good in a bathing suit or going down in pants sizes... It's about FEELING good physically AND mentally about myself.  It's about making small strides towards optimal health and wellness. I don't know about you all, but I notice if I'm eating better and being consistent with my workouts, I just feel better and am in a more positive mood.


I use the term 'health journey' instead of 'weight loss' or 'fitness' because my main goal here is to look and feel HEALTHY! I've always been somewhat 'blessed' with a higher metabolism and a small build. However, I've always had hips and carry most of my weight around my mid section. When I got pregnant with Camden 5 years ago, I started showing pretty early thanks to my short waist! My belly got SO big with him and to be honest, it was mostly my own fault. I was not eating healthy and I was not working out. 50 pounds later... that's right FIFTY pounds on a 5 foot 2 inch petite frame body... I had Camden who was only 5 pounds and 14 ounces at birth (he was 3 weeks early). I had blood pressure issues towards the end of my pregnancy that resulted in an early induction when I was 37 weeks as a preventative measure so my blood pressure issues wouldn't result in preeclampsia. An early induction led to 27 hours of 'unsuccessful' laboring which resulted in an emergency c section. My body just was not ready to have Camden, but because of my blood pressure issues, he arrived at 37 weeks. 

The picture below was taken a week before I was induced. I shared this photo on social media and it still remains on my instagram account today. Looking at this picture makes me realize that I was unhealthy during my pregnancy. I was bloated, tired and run down due to a poor diet and lack of exercise. 

I did not recognize my body after I had Camden. It was like someone had transplanted my head on a new, unfamiliar body. I was not comfortable in anything I put on other than maternity clothes for a good 2/3 months after I had Camden. I had gained so much weight, I had no idea how I was going to get it off or if I would ever go back down to my pre-pregnancy size. It definitely was a hard lesson to learn, but I made a goal with myself that I would do what ever it took to lose the weight. I downloaded My Fitness Pal and began tracking what I was eating immediately. Problem was, I couldn't do a LOW calorie diet approach because I was breastfeeding and pumping. I tried to breastfeed Camden for a little over a week and he never latched correctly so I went to exclusively pumping and continued to pump for about 5 months (and what felt like an eternity). I hated pumping, but I had a good supply so I wanted to keep it up as long as I possibly could stand it. 

About 4 months after I had Camden, I signed up for a half marathon and was determined to 'run' off the extra weight. I had 6 months to train. I ran whenever I got the chance. While my mom, mother in law or Bill were able to watch Camden. I trained as much as I could! And to be honest, it was great for me MENTALLY more so than physically. I loved running outside with the sun on my face and listening to my music. It was SO good for my new mother anxiety. I highly recommend running as a hobby if you suffer from any sort of anxiety, because it does take you to a state of calm once you get into it. The half marathon was in October and I completed it with Bill and Camden cheering me on! I can't remember my time, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't very fast. I was just happy to finish and know I had reached my goal! And you know what I did as soon as I was done? We got take out Chinese on the way home. And I stuffed my face! All those calories I burned went right back into my body. 

The same month I completed the half marathon I found out I was pregnant with Bennett. Camden was only 10 months old. I still had 8-10ish pounds to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I knew as soon as I found out, I would not go down the same unhealthy path as I did when I was pregnant with Camden. Luckily (or not luckily) thanks to horrible pregnancy nausea during my first trimester and then chasing around a toddler during my second and third trimester, I didn't gain as much weight during my pregnancy with Bennett. We also moved across 2 states to Illinois when I was pregnant with Bennett and Camden had just started walking. I watched what I ate a little more closely the second time around and luckily never had any blood pressure issues. I had a scheduled c section with Bennett at 39 weeks. I had gained a total of 27 pounds. After I had Bennett, the unfamiliar body feeling actually felt familiar this time around. I wasn't so hard on myself. And I knew I could get the weight off eventually.

I'm telling you this because I want you to know that I've struggled with my own body issues. Maybe I'm not obese or seem to be over weight, but I have definitely felt uncomfortable in my own skin. And at times I still do. My stomach looks so different than it did before I got pregnant and I'm sure it's just because my belly stretched out so far. I have loose skin and my hips are wider than they were before. BUT, that is the wonderful price we pay for having children! And I wouldn't change my experience for the world!! Having my babies was THE best thing I've ever done in my life. I would do it all over again to have those sweet faces, saggy skin and all!

However, I am ready to feel more confident in my skin. I'm ready to fit into the size jeans that I feel like I should and not feel like I'm suffocating. I just want to FEEL confident as well as look confident. That doesn't equal getting to a size 0. I know that is not in the cards for me nor would I want to be that size. I love having curves and feeling feminine! Just getting to the point where I'm confident. That's where I want to be!!

Another reason for wanting to lose the fat and trim down is because I have a genetic history of heart issues in my family. BOTH of my parents have had heart surgery. My Dad had an open heart quintuple (that's right 5 arteries were blocked) by-pass when he was in his 50s. My mom had open heart surgery last March (Tuesday was the 1 year anniversary!) to fix a faulty valve and also had to have an artery cleared. Both have struggled with high blood pressure and cholesterol. I had blood work done last year and I unfortunately also have high cholesterol. It is genetic, BUT some of it CAN be controlled by exercise and nutrition. I want to live a long, healthy life not just for me but for my CHILDREN! 

FWTFL - Why I chose this program

I have tried everything under the sun to lose weight and feel better. I've tried Whole30, Keto and even did the BBG work outs last spring and summer. I will say I felt the best physically when I was doing whole30, but when it was over, I went right back to my old unhealthy eating habits. I did not see any results from Keto and I actually found out it can be very dangerous for people with high cholesterol to be on the diet because of the amount of saturated fats you have to consume. I really liked the BBG program and used the app daily. I did my workouts from home and it was so convenient! However, I wasn't balancing out all of those hard workouts with the appropriate nutrition.

Right now I don't have a ton of weight to lose. My goal is about 10 pounds. But, my true goals are to tone up, lose inches and fat and gain muscle. I also just want to FEEL better on the day to day. Not feel so tired and run down. Not feel as though I need to chug 8 venti Starbucks coffees to feel less like a zombie. That's my main goal!!

I have only noticed a difference in my body when I combine fitness and nutrition. That's why I love Faster Way to Fat Loss (read more about the program HERE). Because it combines the two components your body needs to transform. As soon as you sign up, your coach (Jocelyn is mine and she is awesome!) will send you a bunch of info on the program via email. You will be provided with a meal plan and recipe ideas for each type of macro day. There is a portal that you can log into to take a look at the work outs for prep week and for weeks 1 - 6 of the program. I am currently in my 3rd week with the program and I've already seen and felt amazing results! I'm down 4 pounds already! Not only that, but I feel so much better physically!
The main components of Faster Way to Fat Loss are intermittent fasting and carb cycling. You fast every day for 16 hours and have an eating window of 8 hours. I typically eat between the hours of 12 - 8pm everyday. That is what works best for me. You can change your eating window, but they suggest staying at consistent times every day. There are 2 low carb days (Monday and Tuesday) which is referred to as 'carb cycling'. Carb cycling and intermittent fasting combined helps your body burn through those extra glycogen stores and get down to where it starts burning your fat cells instead. There are so many other benefits to IF and carb cycling!

I know you may see a lot of influencers/bloggers post about FWTFL and show their meals and recipes and think, 'So, what do I actually get when I sign up for this program?'

What you get is a plethora of information on how to be successful with this program. You also get paired up with a coach that will guide you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. You also join a private facebook group with others that have signed up for the same round with the same coach where you will find support and accountability! 

For me personally, I need someone to just lay it all out for me. Tell me what to do and what to eat and when to eat everyday! Or else I will fall off the wagon! Another reason I love this program is because you don't have to exclude certain foods you love. You just have to eat them at specific times and days during the week. I actually love low carb days because I get to eat some more yummy fatty foods (Chick Fila cobb salad, anyone?!)!

I will get into more detail about the program and my results so far in my next blog post! In the meantime, if you are interested in signing up for the next round that starts on the 25th, please click this link to register and make sure to type in 'Jocelyn' for your coach! I will be doing my second round starting on the 25th so we will be in the same group if you register!

I hope you join me for the next round!!

Stay tuned for part 2 and more about FWTFL in a blog post next week!

Target Try On | March 2019

I found some really cute and transitional items at Target yesterday! Even though it's still freezing out here in Ohio, I know those transitional temps are right around the corner! I love adding lightweight layers for spring! Lightweight jackets, cardigans, button front shirts are all great pieces to add to your wardrobe. I love a good pair of white denim for spring too! You can dress it up or down, depending on your occasion. And don't forget a pretty floral dress for upcoming weddings, events, showers, brunches, Easter, etc! 

Everything I tried on pretty much fit true to size. I am wearing a small in all tops and the dress, and a size 4 regular in the white jeans. I grabbed a 6 regular in the dark wash high waisted jeggings and they fit well, but were a bit too long for me (I'm 5'2"). 

Also, I saved a video try on of all these outfits in my instagram story highlights under 'Target finds' and 'Try Ons' for those that like to see try ons in video version!

First up is this really cute blue and white pin striped top ($23!)! It is 3/4 length sleeves and the back hem is a bit longer in the back. I love this top paired with white denim! Unfortunately, I couldn't find this distressed pair online, but I did find a non-distressed pair with a similar fit HERE ($28!). I also loved these woven mules (I would say size up 1/2 size in these mules, $25!).

Next up, I tried on this cute leopard print blouse ($20!)! This blouse is super comfy and lightweight and has more of a tee shirt material panel on the back, so it's a little more casual. But, you could definitely dress it up with black denim, blazer and heels too! 

I really loved this pretty pink linen blend blazer ($35!)! I would say it fits true to size, or go up a size if in between. I'm wearing a size 2 here and need a 4. Unfortunately, I could not find this pink and white striped tee online! 

Olive is another big trend right now. Olive shirts, dresses, jackets and jeans! I loved this olive button down top (under $20!)! It is super soft too!

Another way to wear the olive top is to layer it over a tee! Everyone needs a good black and white striped tee and this one fits so well and is only $8!

I really LOVED this camo utility jacket ($35!)! These utility jackets are a great transitional layer to use in the spring time! And everyone loves camo right now! 

Last but not least is this pretty blue floral patterned off the shoulder dress ($30!)! I loved the fit and cut of this dress! It is SO flattering! There's also some button detail snd it splits open in the front. This dress would be perfect for a spring wedding, shower, Easter, etc! 

Shop the post by click on an image below: