Best Mother's Day Yet...

We had such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! The weather was perfect so that was a gift in it's self. Saturday we had some landscapers work on our trees in our yard so I took the boys to the park. Bill 'gave' me a few hours to myself in the afternoon (so funny this is thought of as a gift?), so where did I end up? Target of course... I mean, shopping in Target alone for an hour is a gift! We ended Saturday outside in our backyard enjoying the weather and grilling out for dinner. 

Sunday morning I was greeted with flowers and a card from Bill and sleepy Camden and Bennett. Bill surprised me and got me a gift card to a local spa! We didn't exchange gifts for Christmas or Valentine's Day just with everything going on and moving so this was a great surprise! We went to church in the morning and dropped both boys off at the nursery which surprisingly went really well! The, we had lunch and the boys napped while I ran a few errands. We went to my parent's house for dinner and we were able to take a few good photos with everyone. I'm so lucky to say that I spent Mother's Day with my Mom AND Grandma! My brother surprised us with a canvas charcoal/print art of the three of us (my grandma, mom and me)! I posted a picture of it on my instastories (@lindsaykr11) if you caught it? It is such a special gift and I can't wait to hang in in our home!

I am so lucky to have my boys to celebrate Mother's Day with! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Such a perfect day for you! Jealous of your weather, and how to sweet to be with your mom and grandmother!

  2. Such a great day!!! The weather has been AMAZING lately and you are so right, that is a gift all on its own!!


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