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The One Dress You Need This Summer

dress | shoulder bag | $12 sunnies | wedges (old, similar here and here)

I have a confession.... I've had this pipe dream of being a fashion blogger for quite some time now. Although, I never got up the courage to ask someone to take completely awkward photos of me as I strut my stuff in my new outfits. Until now.

You see, 95% of my time is focused on my babies. I'm constantly changing diapers, wiping butts (sorry TMI), wiping faces and hands, wiping counters... Yea, I'm mostly just wiping things all day. On any given day, you will most likely see me in a tee shirt and shorts or sweats. I barely have time to put on make up, let alone shower and blow dry my hair every day (shower everyday? who has that luxury?!).

I am constantly browsing instagram and blogs for the latest fashion trends and inspiration. It is what I turn to when I need a little 'me time'. It is my guilty pleasure. Of course, who has the time (and money, let's be honest) to get dressed up everyday in a new outfit and have someone take photos of them? Not me. However, I have started to make time for this little blog of mine and am hoping to slowly turn it into an outlet that I am proud of and that fulfills me creatively.

As you can tell from my instagram account, I've been trying to share with you all my latest fashion/style finds (mostly budget friendly!). Don't get me wrong, I love a good flat lay and selfie, but sometimes you just never know how something is going to look unless you really see it on someone else. This is why I follow a lot of style bloggers, not only for their inspirational instagram accounts, but also to see their style posts.

So, my ever-so-wonderful mother agreed to take photos of me once a week. And I have to say, she did pretty dang well for her first photography shoot! The model, however, needs a bit more practice... Hopefully, I will be able to share an outfit post like this once a week if I can!

Now on to this dress! It is the one dress you need this summer. It's perfect for a wedding, bridal/baby shower, date night, girls night. Heck, throw on some flat sandals and wear it to a bbq!

Like I mentioned above, I don't get dressed up that much anymore. So, I knew if I needed a new dress I would buy one that is versatile and could be worn to multiple functions. Up until now, I've always stayed away from the one shoulder/off the shoulder looks because my fear of strapless bras. Well, the good news is I found one that is awesome! It literally does not move once you put it on so you don't have to worry about feeling like you have to pull it up all the time. It's a bit more than I would have liked to pay for a bra, but with all of these off the shoulder trends now, I knew it would be a good investment.

This shoulder bag was also an easy purchase not only because of the neutral color, but the price tag (under $50!).

Oh, and these sunglasses? 12 dollars... you're welcome!

There you have it... My first official outfit post...

What have I learned from my first experience?

1. My hair will fall flat 20 minutes after curling it when it's windy...
2. This mama needs a spray tan...

Oh and here's a blooper for you just for fun...

I told you it was windy!!

Until next week, happy shopping!

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  1. LOVE this! We have five weddings this summer and mama is in major need of some new dresses! Great find!!

  2. How gorgeous are you?! Love these photos! That dress is seriously perfect for all spring/summer events.

  3. YES to more fashion posts and you definitely are a fashion blogger! These pictures are amazing (what lens?) and you look SO good mama!

  4. This summer fashion trend is too cool. Thanx for the sharing. its really amazing.


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