'Sprinkled With Love' Baby Sprinkle

I had such a wonderful day yesterday 'sprinkling' 3 of my close friends with love (and diapers... and donuts)! All 3 friends are due with their second babies this summer! As an excuse to get together and have some girl talk, we decided to throw them a little baby sprinkle! As requested from the guests of honor, there were no gifts, but everyone brought either a pack of wipes or diapers for each mama to be. Of course, we couldn't leave them empty handed, so we all pitched in and gave them each a gift certificate to their favorite nail salon for some baby-mama pampering. Which from their reactions, was just what the doctor ordered! 

We decided on a brunch time shower and went with the 'sprinkle' theme for decorations. I can not take credit for these awesome decorations!! I simply contributed my home, the photos you see above and the deviled eggs... mmmmm...

The Sprinkled with Love' banner was found on etsy as well as the framed sign. The sprinkle donuts were ordered from a local donut shop called Amy's Donuts (I am still dreaming about them... they were so good!). Also on the menu were bagels with cream cheese, bacon, cheesy potatoes and individual fruit and yogurt parfaits in mini ball jars. And of course the coffee and mimosas were flowing (non-alcoholic for the pregnant ladies)!

I truly love the fact that my close friends are going through this same stage of life. I think as a mother, or really at any stage of life, it is so important to have close friendships with other like minded women. Im so glad we were able to celebrate these beautiful mamas for the day! 


  1. So fun! I love the sprinkles as a vase filler! So cute! How fun to have three friends pregnant at the same time. Give me alllll the babies!!


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