10 Months with Bennett!

So, I meant to post an update on Bennett around the 9 month mark and the past month completely flew by! So funny how time just escapes you when you have babies. To be honest, I am in disbelief that our little Bennett is 10 months already! That means we are less than 2 months away from his 1st birthday... This can't be true? Didn't I just have him?!

I absolutely LOVE this stage... He's just starting to crawl, but mostly just army crawls and scoots his way everywhere! He can not sit still. I try to sit him up with some toys and he immediately goes to the ground so he can wiggle his way around. Trying to bottle feed him is getting a bit tricky too because he is constantly squirming and just doesn't seem to have the patience to finish a whole bottle at once. I'm not too worried because boy can he EAT! Bennett is pretty much eating everything we eat now. I've just been breaking up little pieces of our meals or whatever Camden might be eating and he just grabs it and shoves it in his mouth! It is so refreshing to have a baby that likes to eat this way. I hate comparing the 2, but Camden would always gag on any little bits of food when he was a baby so we were always feeding him pureed food and relied heavily on pouches and baby food. Bennett still gets a pouch now and then (and will suck them down on his own!), but he much rather prefers solid foods he can grab with his hands. One easy veggie I've been feeding him is canned peas. They are the perfect size and mushy, so he will just take big handfuls at a time! 

The sleeping part has also gotten a lot better. I'm not going to use the term 'sleeps through the night' because he will still wake up randomly in the middle of the night and just kind of roll around talking to himself. Usually he will put himself back to sleep, but sometimes I have to go to his room to give him his paci or just soothe him a bit before he falls back asleep. But, if he doesn't wake up he will sleep from 7pm to about 6am and I am loving when he does! 

He is usually only fussy when he's sleepy or hungry and is such a LOUD talker! I don't know if it's because Camden is always talking and he feels like it's the only way we will hear him or what?! He's been such a loud baby from the start! He's starting to 'say' a lot of words too. He's been saying the 'dada' sound for a while and just last month started saying 'mama'! And it's so cute when I ask him, 'where is dada?' he will turn to Bill and smile! He does the same with Camden and our dog Charlie! It's so cute when they start to realize everyone's name! 

Bennett is still our chunky monkey, weighing 23.4 pounds at his most recent check up (75th percentile!). His head is in the 97th percentile making it difficult to find hats for him to wear this summer (any suggestions from other mothers with big headed babies welcome!). He's currently wearing 18mo - 24mo clothing and size 5 diapers which is the same size as his older brother! I will say it makes it a whole lot easier trying to buy diapers for them now that they're the same size!

Below is our current schedule for Bennett. It's so nice that the boys are slowly morphing into the same routine!

6 - 6:30am wake, change and bottle (6 oz)
7 - 7:30am breakfast with brother (usually feed him cheerios, some type of cut up fruit and maybe a pouch if he still seems hungry)
8 - 8:30am down for morning nap
9 - 9:30am awake, change and will try to feed him a bottle close to 10am or earlier if we are trying to leave the house.
(This is usually when we will go on an outing of some type if I'm home with the boys. The Park, groceries, etc.)
11:30 - 12pm Lunch time for the boys (I will feed Bennett some fruit, cheerios, maybe some of whatever Camden is eating, a pouch, etc)
12 - 12:30pm down for afternoon nap (I've done a pretty good job of trying to sync their naps and it usually works for at least an hour or so!)
2 - 2:30pm awake, change and bottle (6 oz)
4:30 - 5pm dinner with finger foods, veggies, whatever we are having for dinner
6:30 bath if he needs one, then bedtime bottle (6 oz)
7pm change into pjs, sound machine on, black out curtains shut, into his sleep sack he goes and he is usually asleep by 7:15-7:30.

I am SO excited for this summer with the boys! So many fun things to look forward to! Bennett's first birthday (June 28th!), 4th of July, a family vacation to the outer banks in mid July, taking them to the community pool and so many parks to visit! I'm hoping to do a better job at taking photos of the boys together. They are both so squirmy it's hard to get a good one! But, I also want to try to document this stage of life as much as possible because I know I will look back one day and miss it!

We love you Bennett!!

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  1. he is just too cute!! such a happy baby! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I'm in disbelief that we are planning first birthdays, too! Fastest year of my LIFE! The brother pictures are so so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness he is just too cute! That little curl on top...precious!


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