Weekend Update!

This weekend was pretty relaxing and productive at the same time. Friday was spent on the couch, by the fire, watching TV, playing with my iPad and devouring a bag of Starburst jellybeans (oops!)...Bill joined me in the laziness after his long day of work travels...
 That is Emily Henderson's blog I'm stalking there...does anyone else love her as much as I do?
Saturday was spent at the gym working on my fitness and organizing my closet...

I love that my gym has a movie theatre cardio room...I love catching a movie while I work out!
Definitely have a clutch/small bag obsession...I really need to downsize...well, at least I need to be on a buying freeze...

Saturday night was spent watching my Buckeyes play basketball at a local bar with Bill and friends...We had a fun time playing with my Vine app! Check out my profile {Name: Lindsay Kauffman} to see some funny clips...We are huge dorks...you have been warned!

Sunday, my family, Bill and I celebrated my Grandma's 83rd birthday with brunch at my parents' house.
She had such a lovely birthday and I'm so lucky and thankful to have her here, healthy and happy! She is so independent! She lives on her own, still drives and gets around by herself. I hope to look and feel that great when I am 83! She does have a few kitties that keep her company too :)
Of course, Sunday afternoon/evening was spent cleaning and preparing for the Super Bowl. Bill had a few friends over, so I decided to make 2 types of chili:: BBQ chicken chili and normal chili. Maybe I'll post recipes for both this week? I make them a lot in the winter! Both are so good and easy to make!
What did ya'll think about the half time show? I was SO excited to see DC performing together again! I miss them!

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How was your weekend?
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  1. oh I could maybe, possibly, hopefully get to the gym if I could watch a movie while sweating! :)
    thanks so much for following, I hope you entered the advertising giveaway- its a good one!
    im following back :)
    have a great week!

  2. fun weekend! 1) i love emily henderson too. 2) movie night at the gym? SO smart! 3) love the buckeyes :)
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