DIY Tassel Garland {SPD}

I have wanted to try {this DIY} for a while now and I'm so glad I was able to make one for the Love Sweet Love bridal shower I co-hosted this past weekend.

 photo 3b288efd-5cb6-49dc-a2bd-ffb53ed51449_zps1d29fe85.jpg

It is surprisingly not as tough as it may seem. The trick is to find a higher quality tissue paper that is thick enough to not rip or tear while twisting and gluing.

{Materials needed}

3 packs of preferred color of tissue paper
twine or string of choice {make sure it is not too think so you can string it through the tassels}
hot glue gun

 photo 5ed3d757-4a18-43dd-b8c0-a407ba783350_zps0184020e.jpg    
1 // Start with one sheet of tissue paper on a flat surface.
2 // Fold it lengthwise.
3 // Then, fold widthwise.
4 // Then, fold again widthwise.

 photo 9f14a9f0-340d-404c-b754-3294736dcff7_zpsff6e7bf4.jpg

5 // Cut strips into the tissue paper leaving 2 inches of space at the top.
6 // Unfold once and cut down the middle section.
7 // Unfold again and cut so you have 4 separate fringed pieces {one sheet of tissue makes 4 tassels!}
8 // Roll each piece lengthwise. Make sure not to get the fringe tangled. 

 photo b46271e3-64f9-49c4-8929-3843b69c0233_zps3e44ad7f.jpg  
 9 // Twist each tassel in the middle section and bend to create a loop.
10 // Dab a few dots of hot glue to keep loop in place. Hold in place while the glue dries for a few minutes.
11 // Line up tassels in your preferred color order.

Lastly, string and enjoy!

 photo b88e0e40-83a0-4dac-86fb-ba694280a3b5_zpsa9cd043d.jpg

This red, pink and white garland worked perfectly in front of the sweets table at the shower.

 photo 448baeb3-7b24-4764-8f88-9af80b5d4565_zpsdd102b3b.jpg
If you don't have time to make your own, I am selling this tassel as well as other items from the shower on my new and improved Etsy Shop!
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  1. Super cute!!! & I love the theme for that shower!!

  2. Love this garland- how easy and simple but makes such an impact! I need to remember this for the next party I host

  3. so cute! I am hosting a baby shower in two weeks and I am definitely thinking of making one of these in pink, navy & white!

  4. OMG!! I found your blog through the link up and this is by far my favorite craft today! SO cute!! And easy! I need to try this ASAP!

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