New Camera Love + Minor Changes

I just wanted to share with you a few amateur photos I have taken since the new purchase of my Nikon D5100... because I'm slightly obsessed...
 photo f7e29a68-d1da-4804-bbe9-3d195d888f64_zps2e57ae73.jpg
One of our pretty yellow tulips before they died :(
 photo 7d88272e-2e14-4ae0-a7b2-fd0fbe17fb49_zps21254d1b.jpg
A little on-going project I have going on with some Good Will vases and some pink spray paint for an upcoming bridal shower! Reveal of this project coming soon!
 photo 1c476b6c-da0a-415d-a4af-544a78e12405_zpsa7060b77.jpg
Another little "project" that is taking up room in the garage is my vintage champagne coupe glass collection. Can you believe I found these beauties from Good Will?! I'm thinking of cleaning these up and starting a cocktail recipe series here on the bloggity-blog...thoughts?
These were all between $ .50 and $ .99 each! These little coupe style glasses are all the rage at the current moment and the starting price on some of the popular sites are about $5 a piece. {World Market, BHLDN and Crate & Barrel}

And of course, I took some artsy styled photos of my Cinco de Mayo flowers :)
 photo 294745c6-f8e8-468e-8c40-ed175eea0737_zps52f351f9.jpg
 photo 56f4a1cf-7f66-44ea-8913-2ba8ea0e0fce_zps44336dea.jpg
 photo ddaa0037-9c7e-4b92-807a-357cac83a7a9_zps6946fad8.jpg
Pretty right? I'm slowly learning the settings and all the little gizmos on my camera. It's so fun!
So, side note - You may have noticed that I changed up the name of the blog...I've decided to focus on the original content of the blog which is event decor and styling, entertaining, recipes, DIYs and little bits of my life... aka a "Lifestyle" blog... I am still working on my event planning and styling business on the side and am so excited for my upcoming events and my first wedding coordinator client in July. I just have so much going on in my life at the current moment with my full time job {which I am thankful for}, planning my wedding, my event business, family, friends, trying to make my fiance happy and convinced that he made the right decision proposing to me {this job is not too tough ;) }, and trying to stay fit and healthy. Also, throw into the mix, a few of my friends and I are working on starting a business together {more on this soon, I'm very excited about it!}.
I've decided that this year I need to focus on ME. Yes, that sounds very selfish, I know. This is the year I will be getting married to my best friend and the man of my dreams. I want to focus a lot of my extra energy into making sure this event goes off without a hitch. I will continue to blog about wedding inspiration and look forward to posting all about my upcoming nuptials. Perhaps after my wedding, I will refocus my energy back into wedding planning as a business. I do love the wedding industry and continue to be inspired by so many wedding blogs that I can't imagine myself NOT a part of the industry at some point in my life. For now, I will live my life and feel BLESSED to have this life...
That is all...just wanted to keep you guys in the loop!
Thank you all for following along with my personal creative journey!

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  1. Love the changes!

    Isn't learning to use a good camera correctly - fun?! I loved when I first got my hands on one and started learning! It's amazing the difference it makes!


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