Friday Cocktail // Champs + Berries

So sorry I was unable to post the DIY tassel garland yesterday like I promised. I was having some technical difficulties with my computer that hopefully have been resolved as of today. I am really excited to share the tassel garland with you because it is something I've wanted to try for a while. I will save it for next week and will group it with a few other little DIY projects I've been working on for the upcoming bridal shower I am co-hosting this weekend. 

For now, I will leave you with a sweet little cocktail in honor of the "Love Sweet Love" red, pink and white themed shower mentioned above. This is what I like to call a K.I.S.S. idea....aka Keep It Simple Silly {I would never call you stupid!}. Sometimes, we go a little over board with the themes and the color coordination and all the gadgets to make a party great and creative. However, sometimes we need to just dumb it down and take on the "less is more" approach. That is what I am doing with today's {and the shower's} cocktail...

It's a simple recipe...find your favorite champs {anyone watch Real Housewives of OC? Heather is my fav!}, add some frozen berries and voilĂ ! You have Champs + Berries! The frozen berries start to melt and their juice starts to mix with the champs in your glass. Plus, the cold berries keep the champs cool! It is refreshing and delicious!

 photo 26462cc4-37a7-4563-86c8-bdc3831fa5bf_zps1325a5ee.jpg

I used frozen strawberries and raspberries here. I think we are going to be using frozen raspberries this weekend. We may even add a splash of pink lemonade to add some color and to go with the red and pink theme.

 photo d83dd438-fdac-4d6a-9616-3cfa9349c94f_zpsc87cadeb.jpg

Hopefully, I will get a post together with photos from the festivities this weekend and will share with you all Monday for a little Weekend Update! 

I've still got some work to do this weekend to get the house ready and finish up some projects...

 photo 81133bc6-875e-45e5-b87b-8ebb92e334f3_zps552cad0a.jpg

Wish me luck! 

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Happy Friday!

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