Love Sweet Love Bridal Shower

My weekend was consumed with crafting and decorating the house for a close friend's bridal shower. The theme was "Love Sweet Love", so the M.O.H. had the brilliant idea of having a little sweets table. She found the adorable "Love Sweet Love" banner form a shop on etsy and we decided to tie in the colors of red, pink and white through out the shower d├ęcor.
 photo c98a6426-5f71-4586-ba2c-4e1b92f7dd85_zpsb995dec8.jpg
 photo a95a5afd-f4b6-44b1-88c4-e6c8af8878f3_zpsa44fce0b.jpg
 photo f4c03c44-f6a4-423e-8978-bafa80466c55_zpse8615a0a.jpg  
 photo 2058b64d-b715-4629-9eb4-8ff8d9035251_zps2642737c.jpg
 photo b6567e6e-641f-4dda-8230-61b6f721331e_zpsce140887.jpg
 photo fc92a025-44ef-4365-be19-ddf3451781ec_zps0f5169d3.jpg
 {ribbon photo backdrop}
 photo da0f6102-f85c-4d5a-b5ee-2bf372be9cbf_zps48b9084e.jpg
 photo aafd15c5-2fad-4a62-b671-227aeb62c5ce_zps98aeacb0.jpg
 photo 7ce469f5-af7b-4175-8d2a-874fa0c84285_zpsa82d98e7.jpg
 photo 448baeb3-7b24-4764-8f88-9af80b5d4565_zpsdd102b3b.jpg
 photo f239ffb6-ef19-43d6-8465-cb12c354d21d_zpse9b90b79.jpg
{Delicious strawberry cake balls made by the M.O.H.}
 photo 4bcdd6f3-5b4d-4678-9297-ace3a90e1bd0_zps7db094dd.jpg
 photo eb8d6abe-f8b9-4b63-927c-10b3b77f423d_zps04f840e3.jpg  
{the beautiful bride-to-be!}
 photo 80e27004-7e7b-4bb4-9d70-954cee7ebde7_zpsee0b461b.jpg
I had so much fun styling this shower! The bride-to-be was very happy and thankful :)
If you are looking to add a little style to your next bridal shower or event, please contact me at for more information.
Also, I may be selling some of the items from this shower on my etsy shop. More info coming soon!

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  1. what a beautiful shower! i love all the pretty details - great job, lady!! xx

  2. Love every detail!! You all did a great job! The love potion drink looks delicious. I also really like the jar for date night ideas- such a good idea.


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